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S/C/G: 151/137/129

Height: 5'4


Joy, thanks for starting the thread! Better late than not at all..,

I have had a heavy weekend and put on 4llb since Friday so my goals for November are:

No no no alcohol midweek and min two weekends with no drinking
Complete month two of insanity (v nervous putting this in writing!)
Less than 1750 cal av per week (am defs eating more with insanity ATM)
Write more personals!!!

So, here's my stats:

Start weight 139
Goal weight 132

Nov 1 138
Nov 2 DNW
Nov 3 141

Good luck everyone and great to see all the new people. In the roll up to Xmas I know I need big of support to get me to my goal - 9.5stone for my northers wedding on dec 21st. No mince pies this December for me!
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S/C/G: 200/170/130

Height: 5' 5"


Down another half pound this morning…

SW: 140.0
GW: 135.0

11/1: DNW
11/2: 139.5
11/3: 139.0

Turtle: You’re hanging on to those 155’s…good for you!

Jacqui: I hope you shed that water weight quickly!

Joy: Good way to start off the month.

183StGB: Great attitude…and thanks for explaining Brezels!

Sue: Way to go…keep up the good work!

boatingmommy: You certainly demonstrated plenty of willpower at your sausage dinner…good for you. I hope the scales reward you in the morning!

Woodstock: Way to stay below 150…

soon2beskinny: Nice start to the month!

Minney & Rhiko: Welcome back and good luck to both of you in November!
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Posts: 3,946

S/C/G: 206/143 on my scale/143

Height: 5'3 1/2"


Nov 1 - 165.7
Nov 2 - 166.1
Nov 3 - 167.1 - happy birthday to me!
Nov 4 - 167.2

Nov 30 - goal 160.7

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S/C/G: 235/ticker/150

Height: 5' 5"



This thread is exactly what I need right now to get my butt in gear! I ate a pint of cookie dough/brownie ice cream today and I need to quit eating all these cheat foods if I'm going to make the scale go in the correct direction.

Starting Weight 161 lbs
Goal Weight: 154 lbs
Target Weight Loss: 7 lbs

I have to remember not to get too comfortable here. My goal is just around the corner! You better work B****!
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S/C/G: 240/ticker/153

Height: 1,73m


yesterday's weigh-in: 80,1kg (176.5lbs)
yesterday's calories: 2500
yesterday's exercise: --
today's weigh-in: 80,3kg (177lbs)
change: +0,2kg (+.5lbs)

Good Morning

yeah, I really need to knock my bad eating off I don't remember struggling with this earlier in the year. It's dumb, but it's better when I don't have the bad stuff lying around at school.
Anyways, I'm getting my other two wisdom teeth removed later, and fingers crossed it goes as smoothly as last time

Jacqui_D I understand what you mean struggling to get water in when it's cold. I don't have a lot of smartass advice other than making sure the water is at room temperature... it helps me. Also, I read room temperature makes you feel more full that cold water, and is easier to digest for the body.

boatingmommy I want to try the world's best sour kraut!! It's a very low cal, filling, nutritious dish. Well, if it's done right!! I tend to pour an entire bottle of cheap champagne over it, kinda defeats the purpose

Minneey I like your goals!! Good luck

Tuscany Well done on the drop!

kelijpa happy late birthday to you!! that pound will be gone in no time!!

Learning 2 Live hi! You can do this! good luck.

have a good start into the week everyone!

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S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


Well I had to get up super early to get the hubby out to go hunting. I'm hoping thats why I had this jump this morning. The 165-166 range was soooo difficult for me, I'm really hoping the 155-156 isn't the same. ugh

Happy Monday

SW (Oct 31) 156
GW 151

Nov 1: 156.0
Nov 2: 155.6
Nov 3: 155.4
Nov 4: 156.4
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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Posts: 6,121

S/C/G: 185/167.2/122

Height: 5'3"


I am looking for The Whoosh Fairy, anyone has seen her lately? Please tell her to stop by at my house!

Sw 149
Gw 143

11/01: 149.8
11/02: 150.8
11/03: 150.6
11/04: 150.4
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Sue finding inner song
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Location: Port St. Lucie FL
Posts: 4,192

S/C/G: 313.4/298.2/160

Height: 5' 4" 3/4


SUM I will send her... as I think she is done with me for a week or 2! Waive at her and she will stop!

SW 249.6
11/2 248 (-1.6) Hooray!!!!!!! Like the way this is starting!
11/3 247.6 (-2.0) already.. I am amazed.. .I am off my whoosh week (shhhhhhh, Sue, I need to NOT jinx myself)!!!
11/4 248.4 Well I JINXED! boo

GW 242.6
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motivational guru wannabe
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Illinois - Very close to St. Louis, MO
Posts: 740

S/C/G: 201.1/190/185 for June 2018

Height: 5'4"


SW - 162
11/1 - 162
11/2 - 162
11/3 - 162
11/4 - 164 Welcome TOM - Time for the bloat! Grrrr!!!
GW - 156
Don't have time to post more...on my way to dentist appointment. I have the first time slot available this morning. Everyone have a great day, and I'll check back in later.
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Location: USA
Posts: 115

S/C/G: 290/see ticker/150

Height: 5'1


Sw: 285
Cw: 273G
Gw: 270

11/1 - 275
11/2 - 275
11/3 - 274
11/4 - 273
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Green Tomatoes
Thread Starter
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Location: Kirkwood, Missouri
Posts: 8,043

Height: 5'9"


Welcome, Minneey and Learning_2_Live! Happy to have you here!

Rated: 5 lbs
Mori_M: 15 lbs
Jacqui_D: 6 lbs
mygirlvj: 6 lbs
cincorn: 5.8 lbs
Campana: 8 lbs
marymo: 4.2 lbs
tefrey: 10.1 lbs
nitrus29: ONEderland!
Sum38: 6 lbs
Turtle11: 5 lbs
nlauah: 3.6 lbs
therecoveringfatchic: 10 lbs
MrsKevin: 6 lbs
Woodstock: 5 lbs
stilettolife: 5 lbs
Tuscany: 5 lbs
SouthernBell02: 6 lbs
183StGB: 2.2 kgs
wannaskipandlaugh: 7 lbs
boatingmommy: 6 lbs
Psav: 7 lbs
Only_Believe: 10 lbs
gardenerjoy: 1.5 lbs
watchoutforthatcar: 11.4 lbs
Rsadler126: 7.4 lbs
twish: 20 lbs
Big_Fat_Rooster: 10 lbs
keljipa: 5 lbs
highcidity: 9 lbs
soon2beskinnyCarma: 9.6 lbs
Jbhigdon: 9.8 lbs
LfChanges: 13.4 lbs
Rhiko: 0.7 kgs
Minneey: 7 lbs
Learning_2_Live: 7 lbs
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Green Tomatoes
Thread Starter
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Location: Kirkwood, Missouri
Posts: 8,043

Height: 5'9"


Soy sauce last night and I'm back to my start weight! There's soy sauce in tonight's meal, too. I should probably quit scheduling these two meals back to back. Oh well, it sets me up for a whoosh later in the week. I love the drama.

SW: 76.2 kgs
CW: 76.2 kgs (+0.2 kgs)
GW: 75.5 kgs

kelijpa: Happy Birthday!
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Getting smaller everyday
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Location: Louisville, Ky
Posts: 477

S/C/G: HW: 393/IP: 347/CW: 198/GW:175

Height: 5'6


Sw: 310.4
Cw: 308.2 (-2.2)
Gw: 299
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Location: Ohio, USA
Posts: 4,508

S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Good, 1.5 lbs on my way back down!

SW: 183
GW: 177
CW: 185.5

11/1: 181.5
11/2: 183.5 Cheat Day
11/3: 185.5
11/4: 184

Kelijpa, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic time yesterday!

Rhiko, woohoo, there you are! If you don't lose pounds because you are building muscle, that's works!

Minneey, yay! Great to see you back! The Weight Devil must have been visiting both of us because I also put on 4 lbs after Friday!

Tuscany, your weight loss continues to amaze me! Great job!

Dear Whoosh Fairy, you are wanted at Sum's house! Please report in immediately!

LfChanges, Sounds like a good plan!

Learning_2_Live, Now step away from the ice cream! You can do this!

183, that's a great suggestion. It comes out of my water cooler chilled but if I start alternating two refillable bottles, I can work it out so I always have one on hand at room temp ready to go. Thanks!

Turtle, The fluctuation up may indeed be just because you weighed earlier today. Let's hope so!

Wannaskip, darn that jinx! It will drop away soon enough!

Joy, you love the drama, that made me laugh! What a great way of looking at it!

Boatingmommy, the good news is you surely have an end-of-TOM whoosh around the corner!

Soon2be, yay! Congrats on the drop!

Stiletto, great job! Keep it going!

Watchout, woohoo, nice drop!

Woodstock, keep at it!

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Posts: 87

S/C/G: 315.1/Ticker/160

Height: 5' 7"


Am I the only one that does this? .I'm one weight for a couple days and then loose a large amount. Followed by a standstill or a gain.... so strange!
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