October Weightloss Challenge

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  • I know I am starting this a little early but I was pretty late jumping on the September Bandwagon and I want to make a pretty strong goal! So anyone interested in joining, Just post your SW/CW/GW and get to it!


    LBS TO GO: 11

    Total Goal Loss: 15lbs
  • I would love to join the challenge, I will take all the motivation I can get!
    CW: 276
    GW: 260

    16 lbs by Halloween AND 2x each week for working out

    Weigh ins and record of weekly work out!
    October 4. well this week did not go well, op, but up 3.5 lbs. doc says constipation and water retention... So hopefully next week better.
    October 11 down 5.5 lbs! And discovered down two pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes!!!!
    October 18
    October 25
    October 31
  • I Love A Challenge
    I would love to join....I'm new to this site sooooo wish me luck

  • Im definitely in!
    My new scale will be here tomorrow. I will update with numbers then. I havent weighed in a week, but i know im hoping for at least a 15 lb loss in October
    alright scale is here! Im currently 226.6
    will update weights and goal at the end of the month.
  • Count me in!

    SW: 253
    CW: 253
    GW: 243

    Smallish goal, but I will be on vacation for half of October, I don't want to get my hopes up!
  • I'm going to hop in too! I hate coming in on something when it's halfway done, so this is perfect.

    SW: 150.2
    CW: 150.2
    GW: 139

    I have to be into the 130s by November 17th (metal concert with super old friends, haha)... But I'm going to try to knock it out before then. But I do have an October birthday to attend so I don't want to put too big of a goal.

    Good luck everyone! What are your plans for the month of October?
  • Hoping to reach my first mini goal!!

    CW: 171
    GW: 160

    I will then, reach the weigh on my Driver's License!! hahahaha
  • I will add in weights on September 30th.

  • SW:175
    GW: 163 (would be really awesome to make to 160 but I think that it too optimistic - maybe though since I have some of Sept. left also)

    Total Goal Loss: 12lbs (Stretch Goal 15 lbs)
  • I'm in!

    SW: Will weigh-in on Oct 1st. I'm hoping to lose a few until then!
    CW: > 146
    GW: 138
  • I'm in!
    current weight as of sunday 22nd -72.5 kg
    Goal weight by the end of October - 68 kg
    Sounds good, all I have to do is do it now
  • Awesome guys!!! Good luck to all of you! TOM should be over at the start of Oct. so hopefully I'll have a great whoosh of progress
  • SW: 229
    GW: 223

    Goal loss = 6 pounds
  • Count me in!

    SW - 173.8
    10/01: 173.8
    10/02: 173.6
    GW - 164 (normal BMI!!!)
  • 178 would be 60 lbs lost!!