Fall Challenge! Starts Sept 1

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  • Quote: Today is my official weigh in day. I'm 311.6! Holy crap!! I went over my calories by like 400 this past Tuesday because of my moms birthday (steak house and yummy homemade lemon coconut pound cake...*drool*) and yet I lost 3.4lbs.... I might actually make my goal of 300 by Halloween.
  • Mrs. Snark If I don't eat before 8, I go to bed hungry...for me, no good food decisions are made after 8pm. I'm sure next week your weigh in will be awesome!!


    Down .6lbs since yesterday. Dealing with a VERY needy and fussy baby today. He slept all of 3 hours last night so you can imagine how he is feeling (and how I am feeling!). Still, I am going to hop on my exercise bike if I ever get to put him down!
  • Jeni: You can DEFINITELY make your goal! Congrats on your loss!
  • Thanks y'all!
  • I think all of you are doing awesome.
    Tavvy, jen h and emula Just fantastic weight losses.
    Even if you don't see a change remember just sticking with your plan and posting will make you more accountable to yourself and eventually there will be a change. Keep up the good work. My weigh in tomorrow so hoping for good results.

    All the newbies gottcha on the spread sheet and so glad to have you with us.
  • Weight down to 235.2 so 2.7 this week. I think partially it is water weight because I was holding sodium last week, but a loss is a loss! I will be working midnight tonight and tomorrow so weights posted will be updated on Monday. Have a good weekend and remember take one step at a time.
  • That's a fantastic loss cleancowgirl well done!
  • Congrats everyone on week 1 losses! Today's my official weigh in and I'm down too!

    SW: 208.1
    9/7: 205.2 -2.9
    GW: 193.1
  • SW: 196.0
    GW: 183.0 (-13 lbs)

    9/01: 196.0
    9/08: 193.6

    That looks good, but I lost that weight on 9/02. Since then I've just bounced around. I need the scale to stop bouncing and start moving down. Come on scale, get it together.

    Aayden, welcome to the challenge!

    mzshaunna, welcome to you as well!

    JeniH, you will make your goal! Congrats on your amazing loss.

    patchworkpenguin, I hope you are all better now.

    cleancowgirl, great loss!!

    tavvy, I hope you got to ride your exercise bike.

    SuperHeroTeacher, congrats on the loss!
  • Well, here it is Sept 8 and one week slid by, time to weigh in My starting weight on last Sunday morning, Sept 2 was 256.6 lbs.

    Actually, the week did not just slide by, it was purt rough for the most part. On Monday, the 2nd and second day of this challenge I got up as usual, feeling fine and ready to take on the world. While drinking my morning 12 cup pot of coffee, I played a few games of spades online, read up on all the world news, wrote Obama to keep us da hek outta Syria, did my part for saving the world ya know Then about 10 I could feel tinges of hunger, just enough to let me know I ought to eat something. Had a breakfast of a chicken sandwich made on two slices of whole wheat bread, mayo, lettuce and a slab of grilled chicken, which I thought was about 4 oz, (240 cal) and half a cup of pinto beans with jalapeno. Total calories of 360. But since then I got in the kitchen digital scales which I purchased online for a very reasonable amount. I found out that 4 oz of chicken I thought was really less than 2 oz, 100 calories less.

    Anyway, back to the rough part. I bought some sweetener, Truvia, supposedly made from the best parts of Stevia. I do not drink sodas nor other any sweetened drinks. Tea and coffee for me is sugarless, cannot stand sugar in them. I bought the sweetener to put in home made jamaica so to take a bit from the tart. I actually like it without any sugar to quite a degree, but wanted to remove some of the tart edge off of it. After I finished all of my 12 cup pot of cofee I wanted I switched to jaimica with a little of that Truvia in it. That stuff was supposed to be made from the best parts of Stevia.

    An hour after drinking the jaimica I started getting a head ache, tightness across my shoulders, a type of pain but more just on the bothersome side. And my eyes started hurting and I got VERY drowsy. So I went to take a nap and see if that fixed it. YE GADS got up still with all the symptoms intact. Figured it would pass. Lasted like that all day, plus I just felt crappy.

    Got up the next am, feeling mostly OK. Had my coffee etc, reg morning things. Finally made something to eat, about 300 calories worth. I was OK until I drank about half of a glass of jaimica sweetened with Truvia again. Same thing as the day before. I started to make the association between that and the Truvia, the only thing different that it could be attributed to. And I also felt my blood glucose as not right, and figured that was the reason for my eyes hurting. Tested my blood glucose and nearly fell over, it was over 200, extremely high for me. Got online and googled Truvia. Did not like what I found. It has less than .002 stevia in it, the sweetening part comes from erythritol. Truvia has a long list of side effects, and all of mine were listed, from increasing the glucose level, aching shoulders, headache, drowsiness, and more. On a very long list of postings my symptoms were mentioned countless times. And our FDA approved it???? Coca Cola and Cargill owns Truvia,......... big money..... money talks bull crap walks........... that sorta thing???? whewwwwwwwww ouch

    I ordered some xylitol online which should be here in another week or so............ Anybody know of any complaints about that one? If so please let me know.

    Back to the third day.... The foul aftertaste I had from Truvia bothered me, and once again I had the headache, shoulder pain/tightness, hurting eyes.......... and the blood glucose took most of the week to get almost back to normal. Last night for the first time since drinking some of that Truvia sweetened drink my blood glucose got down to 110.

    That evening I went into town and ate at a Mexican restaurant, a small mom and pop place whose owners are Mexican immigrants who dish out authentic Mexican food. I like and had cheese enchiladas with beans and rice. LOL and had some jaimica drink Twice the usual daily calorie intake that day, but I was desperately trying to get out of those miserable feelings.

    It took all week to get back to near normal. Friday night I relented and bought a quart of Dyers Cherry Vanilla ice cream which was making faces at me in the store and ate half of it as soon as I got home. Turned out to be 1 1/2 quarts, 1660 calories LOL Oh well. And yesterday I finished it off. But I did the calcs and though I went way over the daily calories I aim for, I was still under the amount of maintenence calories so I knew I was still losing weight.

    Well, with a bit of trepidation, I stepped on the scales this morning, the first time since last Sunday morning. I knew from the last time I lost weight for three months the huge variations that are seen in daily or several times a day weighing. I will just take what it says on Sunday mornings. Here it is.


    I was 279 lbs exactly 3 months ago, July 8, when I started this weight loss after a visit to my doctor who told me to lose 10% or 28 lbs.
    I plan on adding more limited exercise this coming week so hopefully it will result in more on the loss side.

    Hope the rest of you had a better week and thanks for being here for me

    B F R
  • BFR-Congrats on the loss after such a rough week! That's good to know about the truvia. I had been using one stevia packet in my coffee, ran out and decided to give it up but lately I've been wanting to buy it again. Have you heard something negative about stevia in the raw?
  • I'm going to keep my weigh-in day of Sunday but change it to a morning weigh-in for better consistency. It's still my highest weight day of the week but evening is kinda crazy and depressing. lol

    9/1:199 (evening)
    9/8:193 (morning, from here on out)
  • Quote: SW: 196.0
    GW: 183.0 (-13 lbs)

    9/01: 196.0
    9/08: 193.6

    That looks good, but I lost that weight on 9/02. Since then I've just bounced around. I need the scale to stop bouncing and start moving down. Come on scale, get it together.

    Weight buddies! Hehe
  • bfr- I did some research on truvia and there have been countless episodes of fatigue muscle pain. I always thought truvia was stevia but saw it is not. Recently I started buying stevia in the raw and found my sugar spike cravings are not there like they were with truvia. Just let me know what you want your starting weight to be and I can make the adjustment. Hope you are feeling better.

    Great job everyone on the weight losses.
  • Thought I'd check in. I'm not sure what I got but I had alternating fever and chills for two days, and just didn't want to eat anything, Hubby came home and now I feel better but still not 100%.

    Hope you guys are well.