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Days Go By So Quickly
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Location: NY
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S/C/G: 194.4/174.2/160

Height: 5'6"


8/2: 179.6
8/6: 178.6
8/7: 177.8

Looks like everyone is doing so well so far!! I do have. Bit of a random question... yesterday i was exausted but i dragged my *** to the gym but today I was so exausted i just turned over and went back to bed. Anyone have any tips on thoes days where your bed seems like a much better idea than working out?
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S/C/G: 200/170/130

Height: 5' 5"


BleuMaus: Is it possible for you to go to the gym later in the day? If so, perhaps make later your regular time (if you often have this problem). Or just go later on those days when you don't go first thing. Perhaps if your mind knows that, by staying in bed, you're just postponing the issue, not eliminating it, you'll make yourself get up!
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Stay Strong!
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Good morning everyone! I weighed twice because I could not believe my eyes.

8/7: 249.8
GW: 247.6

Lene, Leah, BleuMaus, Tray, Pixi (keeping my fingers crossed for you today, too), Joy, Wolfgirl, and Tuscany congrats on your losses!!!

June WTG on 53+ inches lost! Fantastic!!!

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S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


It seems to be sticking!

bg - congrats on the new decade. I know It feels absurdly good

Leah - congrats on the job! I LOVE Christmas. I don't do too much decorating for the other holidays, but I go nuts at Christmas. I must have 6 huge bins of stuff. I might even think I wouldn't get sick of listening to Christmas music all the time.

Lene - you'll be in 160s soon, I bet you have a whoosh right around the corner.

Bleu - awesome job on the scales, they are moving right along! I prefer morning workouts. I used to get up, get on the elliptical, half asleep, and by the time I was fully awake I would be 3/4 of the way done with the workout. Now the getting up part is the tough one. After a few days of getting up I think your body gets used to the change, maybe tell yourself, just a couple more days and it'll be easier?

Tray - dodgeball is great. You have to stay really alert the whole time, I bet it burns a decent amount of calories.

pixi - congrats on the interview and GL, I'm sure you'll rock it Ross has good stuff, you just have to look. I actually got a cute Calvin Klein suit there a few months ago that was cheap.

Garden - new lows are awesome, you are so close to goal!

Tuscany - you just keep inching along, and it adds up so quick. I hope you aren't getting any finger cramps, because I can tell you've been keeping them crossed.

Wolf - awesome steady rate of losing!

SW (July 31): 172
GW: 165

August 1: 171
August 2: 171
August 3: 171
August 4: 170.2
August 5: 170.0
August 6: 169.8
August 7: 168.8
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Green Tomatoes
Thread Starter
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Location: Kirkwood, Missouri
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Height: 5'9"


No change today but I'm happy with that since we had the dish with soy sauce for supper again last night.

SW: 79.6kgs
CW: 79
GW: 78

Yay, bg124, for the 240s!
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From Lazy to Light!
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Location: Minnesota
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S/C/G: 215/Ticker/170

Height: 5'6"


8/1 - 163.5
8/2 - 162.5
8/3 - 162.5
8/4 - 163
8/5 - 162
8/6 - 161
8/7 - 160

Have I seriously lost 3.5 pounds in a week?! Plateau is FINALLY broken!!!! I also lost another inch off my waist!

It's kinda corny but because my my scale is kept under our vanity I weigh myself naked in front of the mirror and so I've started saying "Hey hottie, rock that body!" It makes me laugh!
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Posts: 185

Height: 5'4"


Woo, dodgeball was extra sweaty last night. Really got my heart rate up!

Another loss today, it's nice to just see steady declines.

SW: 177.6
GW: 167.6

8/1: 177.6
8/2: 176.8
8/3: 175.6
8/4: 176.8
8/5: 177
8/6: 176.4
8/7: 175.6
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Location: DFW Metroplex
Posts: 1,677

S/C/G: 295/see ticker/150

Height: 5'9


TuscanyThere you go again! see your body just needed a breather!

Bleumaus sometime your body really just does need some extra rest. are you usually consistantly able to get up and go? if so I wouldn't worry about a day here or there when it doesn't happen. If it is an everyday struggle... IDK, is there another time that you could go? after work or something? If not than maybe set more than one alarm only a minute or two apart, that has worked for me in the past, forced me to wake up enough that good intentions over-ruled the comfy bed.

BG CONGRATS! and I made it too! woot *high fives*

Turtle a full pound all in one go! awesome! keep it up

Gardener drat that soy sauce! make sure to get in LOTS of water today to flush the system

Leah apparently you have! while plateaus suck, when you make it through to the other side the steady drop is awesome to watch

Tray dodgeball sounds fun, where do you do it? I wonder if there is anything around my area...

Thanks for all the well wishes on the interview, I think it went really well. She said that she should know by Monday so I have a few days to wait it out lol The other job still hasn't gotten back to me to schedule an interview, it is kind of making me wary about management there :s meh

Today has been a good one so far for weight loss. saw 249.4 (hooray!) then I went for my walk which I do on my non-gym days (5k) as I was finishing my walk my DH called, he left his badge at home so I ran it up to him, his work is only a couple miles from my gym and I was already in my workout clothes so I went in and did a workout anyways since I was there. So now I am exhausted but feel accomplished which is good.

8/1: 251.4
8/2: 250.6
8/3: 250.2
8/4: 251.4
8/5: 251.6
8/6: 250.6
8/7: 249.4
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Posts: 185

Height: 5'4"


PixiKat, so much fun! I found it through a co-worker of mine. I know there are groups all over the country, maybe just searching google to see if there's one in your area? At mine everyone is super nice and just having fun, which helps since I still struggle with keeping up with the game.
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: PA
Posts: 279

S/C/G: 183/160/148

Height: 5'6"


Start weight- 171.1
Goal weight- 165

Aug 1- 171.1
Aug 2- 171.2 (+.1) TOM
Aug 3- 172.8 (+.6)
Aug 4- 172.8 (.0)
Aug 5- 172.5 (-.3)
Aug 6- 171.9 (-.6)
Aug 7- 170.8 (-1.1)

Thankfully ending TOM so now I feel like I have a new beginning. My girlfriends and I are having a spa day at the end of the month when all the babes go back to school. I was just thinking how cool would it be to be down another 5lbs and firmly in the 160's?

Everyone looks like they are doing super!

Tuscany, you are going to look super for your trip next month! How exciting to have a daughter getting her PhD. You must be incredibly proud!

Turtle, another pound? You make this look too easy

Leah, "hey hottie, rock that body"<<< love it! I think things like that too when the scale is happy with me. If I'm bloated its more like "hey wannabe hottie, cover that body (preferably in sweatpants)". LOL

Pixikat, way to get that extra workout in!
Have a great day everyone!
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Location: Ohio, USA
Posts: 4,508

S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Yay! After 40 hours down, the hotel internet is back up and running! How did we ever survive before the internet? Even here at the beach with all kinds of things to do, I missed it! But hey, I didn't misbehave even if I couldn't get to 3FC to report in, and I'm still holding at 201, which isn't bad during TOM!

Leah, CONGRATS!!! And great job on the weight loss too!

Tray, I'm glad you are learning more about your eating habits. That's definitely key to successful weight loss. Yay on the loss!

Sum, keep going! One dinner won't stick. You'll be back down in no time!

Joy, good for you! Keep it up!

Bg, congrats on the big loss!

Pixikat, I hope you get the job you want! Way to go on the exercise and weight loss!

Tuscany, your body just needed a minute to catch up with all your losses, and now you're at it again! Wow!

Turtle, woohoo! Congrats on hitting the 160's!

Lene, yay on the drop! Keep that scale moving!

Bleu, way to go! Keep up the weight loss! As for your question, we all have days like that. Don't burn yourself out; however, working out takes discipline. If you just don't want to, but there's no physical reason why you shouldn't, do your best to pull yourself out of bed. It's work, no doubt, but it's important and it's worth it.

Wolfgirl, look at you go! Woohoo!

junebug, maintaining is not gaining! Good job!
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From Lazy to Light!
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Location: Minnesota
Posts: 688

S/C/G: 215/Ticker/170

Height: 5'6"


Tomorrow I'm going shopping for new work clothes. I'm excited because I know I've lost weight but I still have that bit of anxiety that shopping always brings. Also I'm going out to eat with my mom afterwards. I know where we're going and I'm making plans for what I'll eat but I'm still a little nervous. Not so much about the calories (though I do have some concerns) but because I have a very wacky digestive system and I haven't been able to quite figure out what triggers some rather TMI-type issues. I don't want that the day before my first day of work!!! I know I can't do high fat since my gall bladder was removed a year ago but that's the only solid trigger I know. The other triggers are alluding me and since I don't have solid insurance right now I can't simply go get a food sensitivity testing. Right now it's just trial and error. I seem to do better with higher fiber and less meat (not a strong option tomorrow since we're going to a soup and breadsticks joint).

But I will survive and I will rock my hot body is some new work clothes. <--- Does anyone else find that statement to be an oxymoron: hot work clothes?
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Posts: 734

S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


Morning ladies, dropped a little more this morning. I think the beginning of the month is really good for me I've been sleeping pretty badly lately. Last night I woke up so many times thinking bugs were crawling all over me Anyone know if that has anything to do with weight loss?

SW (July 31): 172
GW: 165

August 1: 171
August 2: 171
August 3: 171
August 4: 170.2
August 5: 170.0
August 6: 169.8
August 7: 168.8
August 8: 168.4
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Location: California (southern), United States
Posts: 433

S/C/G: 175.6/173/135 & Fit

Height: 5ft8


Sw: 176
Gw: 165

8/1: 176
8/2: 175
8/3: 175
8/4: 174.4
8/5: 174
8/6: 173.6
8/7: 173
8/8: 173

Okay I didn't lose because I binged late last night. UGH. But whatever weight loss has it's ups and downs. It's not easy.
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Fall 7 times, stand up 8
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Location: Texas
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S/C/G: 248/tracker/158

Height: 5'7"


Good grief, I GAINED 1.2 lb.s this morning and I have no explanation for it other than having a high sodium day. I ate chinese food, Kung Pao Tofu, for lunch. I actually had an appetite yesterday so I ate more than I have since being ill. I figured about 1400 calories rather than the 800 I've been eating. I think I'm retaining fluid too. Oh, well!
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