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  • Are you ready to start working on some goals? Documenting them helps keep you accountable.


    Anyone can check into Fat Camp. Check-in day is Sunday**. Set weekly goals (Sunday thru Saturday) and set long-term goals. Set goals in accordance with your current physical condition: weight loss, weight maintenance, aerobic exercise, workout goals.

    **NOTE: The weekly weigh-in is designated as Sunday, but you can join in at any time and designate a different weigh-in day if it works for you.

    Join in with other camp participants and get and give each other support.
  • Last Sunday I weighed 293.6. My goal is to lose 3 lbs by this coming Sunday.
    Short term goal is 50 lbs by June 13.

  • livelaughlovesunshin
    Welcome to camp!

    Good luck with your goals this week.
  • I'm in!!

    My goal for this week by Sunday to lose at least 1lb as in being 168.0 or lower!

    Short term goals- 15 lbs by June which would put me around 154 from 169. Get back to working out, I think I may start with walking first.
    Long term goal- to be less than 140lbs by Thanksgiving in time for my 28th birthday.
  • Good luck to you, Livelaughlovesunshin with your goals!!

    What about you, Munchey? Thanks so much for setting this up!
  • Count me in too! Great idea Munchey.

    I aim to lose a modest 1lb a week (I'm breastfeeding) so this Sunday 17th I aim to be 173lbs.

    Long term I want to be 165lbs by April 28th -- a big family occasion. I'll set a new goal then.
  • I am definitely in! This kind of reminds me of True Life's I'm Going to Fat Camp. Anyways great idea, let's keep this going!

    Weight as of last Sunday: 240
    Goal for this Sunday is to have lost 2 pounds.

    By my birthday in June, I would like to be as close to Onderland as possible (209-200)

  • Hi Everyone! I had some trouble getting onto the site earlier today, but here I am. Welcome everyone! Here are the goals I'm working on reaching by Sunday.

    My goals for the week 3-10-13 thru 3-16-13 are:

    Current Weight: 229
    Weight loss Goal= 2 lbs.
    Walking Goal = 25 miles
    Exercise Body Parts = DVD's - One 30 minute session a day

    Mid-term goal: Get to one-der-land by 6-30-13 (199 or less)
    Long-term goal: 140 lbs.


    Continue to work on getting up earlier in the morning - Target time 6:00 a.m
    Sleep target - 8 hours of quality sleep (no more)
    Improve my timing on doing things at the best time of day
    Continue to work on getting this metabolism jump started!
    Ration computer time - exercise comes first



    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You can do this! Do you have some Winter depression going on or is it situational. Do you have some healthy/low calorie snacks available? Sometimes having some satisfying snacks to have occasionaly can ward off a binge.

    I see a Birthday in Wonderland in your future!

    Let's get you ready for that event on April 28th!

    Walking is a good start! I have knee problems, so I spend a lot of time walking my hyperactive dog.

    This week is moving fast & the weekend will be here soon. I'm going to catch a movie this afternoon with a friend and then go out to dinner. I plan to bring my own salad dressing with me. I wish restaurants offered more options for reduced calorie dressings. We may be going to a Mexican restaurant - my mantra will be "no chips, no chips, no chips".

    Have a good day everyone!
  • I love that pic of the sexy pig in the black lingerie!

    Naughty- Ah, the mexican restaurants and their endless chips/salsa. Sometimes I ask them not to bring it to our table or move it over to the other side because I know I cannot resist, lol. Sending you some to resist the chips!! Sounds like you'll have a nice afternoon, enjoy the movie!
    PS- Thanks! I just need to get a dog so that would encourage me to start walking more. Though I am concerned because a few times when I have driven by in my neighborhood, I have seen some dogs in their yard without a leash so I get worried about getting attacked especially since I am completely deaf in both ears so I would not know if they were coming after me, ick. Still figuring that part out.

    Not much is up today, just have tons and tons of laundry to get done and get the house clean before my sister comes in town on Saturday. I am thinking I want an easy dinner tonight- leftover chicken and spinach alfredo on tortilla wraps then topped with cheese then baked as pizza or maybe as "quesadillas."

    Hope everyone else has a good day as well!
  • I weighed today and I am now 111.4 Pounds...
    So staying and plan and continue drinking by water Yeah!

  • Fat Camp never sounded so fun!
    I'm definitely in!
    SW: 248
    CW: 242

    Sunday goal: 239

    Short-term goal 04/16/2013- 228 (-20 lbs!)
  • Quote: I am definitely in! This kind of reminds me of True Life's I'm Going to Fat Camp. Anyways great idea, let's keep this going!

    Weight as of last Sunday: 240
    Goal for this Sunday is to have lost 2 pounds.

    By my birthday in June, I would like to be as close to Onderland as possible (209-200)
    I never saw TL's I'm going to Fat Camp. I've only seen TL's I used to be Fat and actually watched it almost everytime I worked out on the ellipitcal. Love that show.

    Good luck to you on your goals!!! Let's get it done.

    Welcome to others that joined in recently! Good luck to you all on goals!

  • TGIF CAMPERS! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

    Let's keep moving and stay on our food plans

    Welcome Roo & Foreverfaye

    Thanks for the willpower dust. I took a double dose and ended up having a salad that was healthy for the most part. I put salsa on it instead of salad dressing.