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  • [QUOTE=Crow;4680230]My goal for this week was 172 and today I weighed in at 170.5. Next week's target is 169.5 and a new decade.

    Good job! 160's - here you come.

    This Week's Fat Camp Path Leads to opportunities in the area of "Mindful Eating". An assignment opportunity appears below:

    1. Eat blindfolded (or close your eyes) during one entire meal (hopefully with food that you like). What was the outcome for you?:

    Did you eat more slowly?

    Did you notice the flavors more?

    Did you feel more satisfied after the meal?

    Have a successful week campers!

    Dr Oz: Eat Blindfolded To Lose Weight

    Peter McKenna, a hypnosis expert, explained to Dr. Oz that people who are overweight spend much of their day thinking about food, but then when they eat they tend to just shovel it in without thinking at all. He said there were studies done with results that showed when you wear a blindfold while eating, it will not only slow down the speed at which you eat, but it will also cause you to only think about what you are eating, rather than any other things that might usually distract you while you are at meal time. The biggest benefit from eating more slowly is that your brain will get the message from your stomach that you are full much sooner, which means you will eat less and be able to lose weight!

    NOTE: You can do this a bit more informarly by closing your eyes. Best to do this without other distractions.

  • Way to go,Crow, Jez, Munchey and Sinderelly!!!!

    Jez- Just wanted to thank you for sharing that article! I say, a loss is still a loss!

    Joy- The oyster and beer fest sounds like fun, I would totally be drinking the beer there. I wish I didn't like beer, LOL. It is snowing outside and has been all morning, boo!!! I hope it isn't too bad weather-wise for you up there!

    Munchey- I hope your knee gets to feeling better soon!!

    I weighed in exactly at 169.0 this am so I basically maintained. I guess better than a gain. I did not meet my goal of doing it 3 times a week. Admittedly, I think I will be better with working out once my sister leaves on Tuesday although she is coming back for good in June and possibly gain a new workout buddy!! I have been hanging out with her pretty much all week since she came in town last weekend on the 15th, still not a good excuse, I know.

    Goals for 3/24-3/30:
    1) Work out 3 times a week at least.
    2) Track everything, even the good, bad & ugly!! (maybe I need to start up planning meals/snacks ahead of time again.)
    3) To reach 168.0 and under!

    Let's have a great week, everyone!!!
  • POSITIVE-Well my goal was 3 days of activtrax workout and i got that done
    NEGATIVE- goal of 2 tabata classes, only got 1.
    POSITIVE- got 3 dogwalks in @ 2 miles each.
    NEGATIVE- wasnt on calorie every day but doing much better.
    The scale at the gym is all out of whack! Its the old school slide scale and its not even level with no one on it and ive been putting any extra money on my dd for her bday party instead of getting a scale for me. So, i need to get to a good scale someplace and start tracking again.
    My week could have been better but i am happy with my progress so for the week of
    3/25/13 - 3/31/13
    * 2 tabata classes.
    * 3 activtrax workouts.
    * 3 dogwalks.
    * 1400 cals a day for 5-7 days.
    * at least 1 meal to be eaten blindfolded(eyes closed) and record experience.
  • Sinderelly- im originally from manassas park and now live on the northern neck peninsula .
    Amandie- its not snowing here YET but definitely cold and dreary enough to! Hope you don't get to much snow!
    Munchie- i will give the "blind eating" a try and report my experience.
    the oyster fest went good and i think i did pretty good...
    5 servings of water, 3 bean salad, stewed black beans, baked beans and fish. So lots of fiber and protein. Only bread was the fish breading and they had pastas of all shapes and sizes cooked in every way imaginable abd i didnt have any, not 1 bite! Such a huge accomplishment for me. Oh and no dessert touched my lips (i took sugar free gum) for my sweets. So altho high amounts of sodium im sure otherwise i did good i thinl.
    as for the beer lol im a whiskey girl when i do drink oh and homemade wine and shine lol.

    Have you said something to the gym manager about the scale? A scale is an important tool for a gym to have and to have it functioning properly. They need to be pressured to either get it repaired properly or to get it replaced.
  • Oh, how I despise running! I admire all of you who even try.

    Official weigh in Sunday was 144.2, so down 0.8lbs. I am happy with that, since I don't have much further to go I expected it to slow way down.

    I said when I got to 145 I would get new workout shoes, since I have none at all now. Well, hubby's transmission went out last night and its looking like it makes more sense to buy him a car than fix this one. So no shoes for me, but hopefully soon. We have a Nike outlet close by and I am lusting hard over some neon trainers!

    I think I'm going to order the Slim Series Keep it Up, since its a lot shorter than Level Three Burn it Up. I will let y'all know how it goes!

    I'm going to give eating blindfolded a shot. Sounds like of silly, but if Dr Oz says do it.... Lol.

    Goal for this week: Ride my bike 30 miles. Lose 1 pound. Stay on plan to spite spring break and my ex husband being in town - he always wants to take us out to eat at nice restaurants several times. Stay on plan to spite Easter - and all of the glorious chocolate that will be in the kids' baskets.
  • 1 week til April and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground! How crazy is this?! Kids are out of school and hubby is home from work, like mondays arent chaotic enough for me ive got everyone home under foot. Wont be able to make tabata class today so already behind in goals for the week ugh! Maybe ill start some "spring" cleaning just to keep me busy and give my brain the "spring" feeling maybe? Hope you ladies have a good monday.
  • Hello all!!! About 5 inches of snow and all I can see is white out there this morning! Brrr.

    Joy- Good idea on the springy feeling! I had to google tabata to find out what it is and apparently I stumbled upon an at-home tabata workout that is about 20 minutes. Maybe give it a whirl? Just a thought. Stay warm!!

    Jez- Interesting re: running article. I will definitely try Jonathan (aka that dude)'s running program if I ever decide to take up running. Wishing you the best of luck with that!
  • Snow is gone... rain rain and more rain! What a dreary day. I was able to get my strength training in today (legs) and got called away so no cardio or ab/core. Got my laundryroom cleaned up. The room is also pantry, storage and general catch all and the floor tends to just disappear and i found it and some shelves that were hiding from me lol. So i did at least accomplish that and bagged up a whole bunch of stuff for trash and goodwill. Amandie i actually found a tabata app for my phone and ima try it out 2maro.
    Munchey- i did manage to ask someone to check the scale out cuz it really needs a good overhaul or hauled out. So hopefully something will be done soon. Altho im truly not wild to get on a scale cuz its been almost 2 months but i know i need it to get back to a starting point. Hope yall had a good monday!
  • Mrs. Dash has lots of sodium free delicious seasonings and theres flavored vinegars i make my own dressings/sauces all the time with these things added to canola or olive oils.
  • I don't have much advice for you, Jez in regards to the chicken but I did make an avocado alfredo sauce with lemon pepper chicken the other night using one whole avocado with 2 tbsp cottage cheese, 2 tbsp greek yogurt, 1 tbsp grated parmesan, minced garlic/garlic powder as well as some lemon juice and chicken broth (1/2 cup to 3/4 cup? just enough to thin out as a sauce.) I do plan to try this again but with avocado/lemon/garlic and cauliflower "alfredo" so that may be good for you as far as dairy goes and I think low carb too?? But warning- the cauliflower sauce can be quite gassy, lol.

    Such a nice day with all the sun, the snow is melting away!! I weighed in today and got 167.8! I have started making green smoothies again and I forgot how much I missed them!! I was unable to make any for a long while since I didn't have a blender, I broke mine last year due to me handling it a bit too rough, lol. It is so much easier with the magic bullet! The only clean up is the cup you drink out of and blade attachment.

    Hoping everyone is having a great day/afternoon!
  • I would love to join!

    I just joined the site today after finding a link for it on Fitocracy. I'm really wanting to get back in shape, after 3 pregnancies and 4 kiddos, I think its time to buckle down. I am currently 265. I'm aiming for 140-150. I ultimately want to eat healthier and be active.
  • Ok the snow is gone! Took a friend to do a job today and while she worked i went for a nice brisk walk 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. Ate lots of fruits, whole grains and nuts and drank lots of water.
    Ladies im waiting to hear about an accounting job i applied for so plz say a lil prayer for me as i think this would be an awesome place to work and be for me.
    Jez- vinegar is an awesome meat tenderizer too and with all the flavors now they also make awesome marinades, just use ur imagination and mix it up a little lol.