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  • @ Sparks

    I do agree re the internet.
    It was my own fault and i will not even try and deny it.
    Thank you for the suggestion.


    That was my thought exactly...atleast it is not up!!
    I realize my concentration was not on my food last week, but I started this week well and I will conitnue to do so..Im feeling good!!

    I planned to go do Taebo with my sister tonight, but I have a friend ( cousin) in need, so I will be listening to her heart break stories tonight...that then means I will have to work harder tomorrow evening, but that is ok.

    My consumptions for today:

    Breakfast: Butternut soup with 2 slices toast (264cals according to MFP)
    1 Lemon and honey tea (50cals according to MFP)
    Lunch: Chicken and Broccoli soup 2 cups (452cal according to MFP)
    I am not sure if i will have bread or not...im thinking not...dont need the starch.

    Dinner: TBC
  • SW: 250
    GW by October 18: 215

    Week's Goal: 248
  • I need to check in here everyday. This is a good thread, and I still haven't got it together. Thanks ladies!
  • Weighed in this morning at 247.2, my goal for the week was to reach 248 so I met my goal!

    SW for challenge: 250
    Goal by October: 215
    CW: 247.2


    Sorry I've been MIA. I've had a bit of a problem with insomnia and stress. I had a little project I was working on and was a little overwhelmed by it.

    My battle with "all or nothing" is still something I have to keep working on. Best to post something, even if I don't have time for personals.

    I'll try and catch up on things over the weekend, but may just need to pick up from here and carry on. I know I ate too much during the Mother's Day celebration at my Parents house, but I didn't expect to gain 4 pounds last week. I'm a little afraid to weigh in on Sunday, but it is what it is. Sleep has been better this week and I'm hoping I will be fully back on track this next week and get my 2 pound loss a week pace back and my time managed better.

  • Quote: Hellloooo PRETTY ladies!!!!!

    Man alive I have missed coming to this thread every day...ummmm my boss saw nI was kinda addicted to it and logged in alot on a daily basis and this site is now blocked for me from work...and when I get home, and workout and cook, all I want to do is take a bath and be in bed by atleast 9pm. And also I have been working late last week, so I was pretty shattered.

    I am so freakn bummed she blocked it, but I suppose I was wrong to log in so much

    ANyways, so now I wont be logging my food everyday..... I dont know if i should just make the effort and do it??? what would you guys do?
    Do you have email at work? I used to record my personal progress stuff on some software that is available at work. It could be Word or a generic text base windows file like Wordpad. You can type the info/progress in this form. If you can email it to yourself at a home email address from work email, you can do that. If you can use a thumb drive at work, you can save a file to that.

    If you can save data my any of these means, all you have to do is copy and paste it into a post when you get home. If you have a smartphone, you can view posts that way during the day and if you want to respond to any, you could make notes on that as well.

    Maybe some of this might work for you. These threads can become addictive and I discovered on my own that I needed to be more careful at work before I got nailed for the same issue, lol.
  • I just noticed that we probably need to start a new thread, we've reached our posting limit.

    Please come over there and post. If you want, you can copy and paste your most recent posts there, or just start fresh.