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Yet another sleepless night. Hubby was stuffy, so his snoring kept me up most of the night. I finally got up and rest most of the Hunger Games, finished it off this morning. I liked the charaters but can't say I enjoyed the book.

From Catheís Slow and Heavy I did the Back and Core section about 30min total. Although Iíve had S&H for almost 6 years I didnít realize that you could do just one body part section, as opposed to the pre-programmed workouts, I knew about the exercise chapters but didnít realize the sections were Ďpremixedí also. Then added on KCMís Quick Fix Cardioís Drills workout ~ 30min. IĒm still not crazy aobut this one but liked it better the second try. I keep conparing it to her Plyo workout, which I love.
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For no particular reason, I ate a bunch of cookies after lunch today. Boo! But then I went for a jog, so I felt better about myself. I'm not hungry so there's no reason for me to eat dinner. Do you hear that, me?

My thigh still hurts but jogging/walking/using my mini stepper doesn't bother it, so I can at least do some exercise. I'd like to get back to my recumbent bike but I don't want to set myself back. I think I'll try tomorrow, at a low level of resistance.

I hope everyone ends the month on a good note!
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Last check in for this month! I've still got one exam next monday, and then the exam week will be over. I will be gladly joining next month as well.

On TOM I gained weight and it seemed unavoidable, but it all went away as soon as it was over. I even lost 1 pound more after that for being OP!

I haven't been following the forum that much due to the exams, but I hope you all had a good month. I'm happy that I've reached my goal of 52 kg this month. Can't wait for the next one!
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I got a good sleep last night. Hubby's not feeling well so we didn't go to Church {he's still sleeping}. I'm sore from my Back workout; I did it first then did the cardio afterwords, I tried to concentrate on the arm movements in the cardio to see if that would help with the soreness. I'm a little sore today but not painful so maybe that helped. Will have to experiment with that. Today is supposed to be a rest day.

Without getting too graphic my eating hasn't been great this week, I've eaten something that hasn't agreed with me but I can't find what it is, so I've been eating different things each day trying to narrow it down, but no luck. I feel good today but I also haven't had anything but water since about 8pm yesterday. The good news is I'm finally getting hungry again.
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I guess this is the last day we check in for September. It was a total pleasure chatting with everyone! I hope we can all get together in October.
Thanks for having this challenge, GettinFit!
Lots of hugs to everyone,
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Sorry guys for being MIA. I didn't mean to post so randomly, but that's what happened. I guess I failed on the daily posting part.

It's the last day of September. It has been a good month (apart from the posting bit) - stayed on plan throughout it, so that makes me happy. Gotta keep it going in October.

Wishing everyone all the best!
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Hello ladies,

So far it's been a good day for me. I was tempted to buy some nuts today when I was in Walmart because I was hungry but instead I bought an orange to eat.

Tyla - I've enjoyed posting this month too and I will start a thread for Oct. I have completed 3 full month of being OP. I'm hoping to make it 4 months.

Steph - Great job on the jog!

Silly Rabbit - Congrats on your OP month.

Smoo - Hope your test goes well.
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Hey everyone. I hope your weekends are all going well. In conclusion for September in terms of weight I did not meet my goal, nowhere close actually, I ended the month weighing exactly with what I started. But I feel like I am learning an important lesson this month...this has been a really stressful and difficult month for me, and instead of putting myself down and being my #1 critic I've realized I need to be gentle with myself and be my #1 supporter and lover. I mean I am sure as heck not gonna get very far with all this negative self talk. I need to work on that. I think I strayed off plan with my eating the last week because I felt really bad about myself and guilty that the scale wasn't budging ... I need to work on just sticking with it for good health and not have put all the importance on the scale. I am worth more than I give myself credit for, and I am going to make my next goal to give myself credit for all I have achieved and how close to my goals I am. I mean I have 10 dang lbs left!

Whew! I sure hope October moves a little smoother than September. Have a good night ladies, hugs all around
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