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tavvy 12-29-2011 09:44 PM

Onederland for Summer 2012!
This challenge is easily summed up in the title!

I am getting pretty tired of seeing that "2" on the scale and I am sure there are some others who feel the same! I would love to have a group of women all working towards this same goal with me throughout the new year!

How will we do this?
  1. Determine how much you need to lose to get to Onederland
  2. Choose your deadline (anytime between May and August is acceptable IMO)
  3. Establish and write out how you plan to accomplish this goal
  4. If you are comfortable doing so, please tell us what is motivating your weight loss!
  5. Check in as often as you need to, sharing struggles and successes!!

I am SO ready for this...
So who is with me??

tavvy 12-29-2011 09:51 PM

SO! Me first::

1. I need to lose about 65 lbs to be comfortably in Onderland.

2. My deadline for this loss is going to be July 1st!

3. I plan to accomplish this with a hybrid diet (the wendie plan with low but reasonable carbs), and some type of activity everyday (some days it may just be playing on the wii fit...it is still better than sitting on my bum!)

4. My motivation is two-fold...one is vain and the other is not so much! For one thing, my hubby and I are going on our overdue honeymoon in October and I want to be comfy in a swim suit (for the first time since...ever). Secondly, after the honeymoon (and during), we are going to begin trying to conceive our first child! I DEFINITELY want to be healthy for that!

omgzitsmiranda 12-29-2011 10:04 PM

1. I need to lose 61 pounds to be in Onederland.
2. I'm going to try my absolute best to reach this by the 3/4 of May 2012.
3. 1200 cals daily with at LEAST 5x a week 30 mins. of exercise.
4. health really & also feeling better inside and out.

ClaireBear92 12-29-2011 11:48 PM

1. i need to lose 25.4 pounds to be in onderland!
2. i actually hope to reach this goal by my birthday (which is February 21st) but would love to be in this challenge regardless! I know how awful it is being in the 200's!
3. I am now on the Dukan Diet and things are going great so far! I am extremely motivated and will stick to the diet to the T and I work out at least once a day for an hour.
4. I am in love with my best friend and finally want him to notice me the way i notice him (lame i know)


mom2threebratz 12-30-2011 12:06 AM

i'm in i'm new well not so new...but new account, new me.

1. i need to lose 30lbs. to be in wonderland (i've gone back and forth so many times i can't remember them all)
2. i am choosing june1 for a couple reasons...i know i'm giving myself plenty of time but a couple weeks ago i lost my grandma and i was not over losing my grandpa yet who died in april. so i am an emotional wreck and want to take things slow.
3. i'm gonna start with exercise, i've already joined the y and plan on going there as often as possible with my husband. and basically watching what i'm eating but not sure what plan i'm following yet.
4. motivation would be my health...both my grandparents had heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and died in early 80's i don't want to see myself end up on that same road

CaliforniaDreamer 12-30-2011 02:44 AM

I'm in!

1. I need to lose 80 lbs to be at onederland.
2. I hope to be there by June 1st. I usually lose pretty fast.
3. I'm going to exercise & pay close attention to my portion sizes & calories. I already have cleaned up my eating so that's not a problem.
4. My motivation is definitely being healthy, also for vanity lol. I hate shopping now but when I was at a healthy weight I LOVED it because everything was so easy to find. My dad also wants to take me to Bodega next summer and I really want to just have fun without being self conscious.

tavvy 12-30-2011 08:40 AM

Welcome, Welcome Everyone!!

I am so glad to have some like minded ladies around!

Miranda-Looks like we have nearly identical goals! I look forward to watching both of our tickers drop :)

Claire-You are an awesome example of the results we all can achieve through hard work and dedication! Keep up the good work!!

Mom2Three- I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents :( I know how hard it can be to lose someone who watched and helped you grow up! Avoiding illness is a good reason to get in shape. Those same heart problems are prevalent in my family tree and yet ANOTHER reason for me to be fit!

Dreamer- I really really HATE shopping for clothes...it's a pretty desperate situation because I refuse to buy more than I absolutely NEED. It isn't as though we can't afford clothes...but nothing (not even the expensive women's clothing) looks really nice on me!

I'm going to be starting over on the 1st. Currently I'm doing low calories but not low carb and haven't worked out much at all...doesn't help I currently have a stomach virus :( Hopefully it will be all cleared up so I can get a running start in the new year!

Matilda08 12-30-2011 09:26 AM

Hey I would love to join in as well, Ive struggled to get to onderland and the struggle continues. This year I gained about 25lbs my lowest was 217 and I need to get back on the ball for 2012. I would like to be in onderland by 7/30 that would be great. My start weight is 243 as of yesterday. My sisters wedding in JUNE 1 and I want to lose as much weight as possible by that date.

I am a calorie counter I plan to eat between 1200-1600 each day mostly on the high end of my budget. Good luck everyone!!

VickieLou 12-30-2011 11:10 AM

I would like to weigh 199 by June 1st. I figured if I lose 10 LBS in January and 8.5 LBS February, March, April and May I can reach my goal. I gained weight this year too. Good Luck, Everyone! SW: 248 for January 1st. So I will need to lose 10 LBS in January and 9 LBS the next four months. Good Luck, Everyone!

tavvy 12-30-2011 01:16 PM

Welcome Matilda and Vickie!

We can do this :)

It really helps me to think of each day as an individual success. If I am able to stay on plan for one day I will be successful in the long term! Certainly keeps me from getting overwhelmed to think of it that way!

ilovemo 12-30-2011 03:09 PM

So ready for this!


1) I need to lose 60 pounds to get to onederland.
2) The end of 2012 is my deadline, but Id love to lose the first forty by my 21st bday.. 06/18/2012
3) I want to accomplish these goals by starting intense HIIT workouts and by eating low carb and mostly organic.
4) What motivates me to lose weight is that Im really into fashion.. and I feel like if I lose weight, I can finally wear the clothes I want to wear and feel confident in them. I also want to be healthy for life and live a healthy life style.. and I would also love to look more fit for my bf :)

WannaBaSkinnybride 12-30-2011 07:09 PM

I'm in!

1) I need to lose 20lbs to be in onderland.

2) I hope to be there by May 1st at the latest but hopefully by March 8th(Its my BFs 21st bday and I'm taking him to New Orleans to celebrate!)

3) Following my weight watchers(on my own) and doing JM's 30 day shred. Plus visiting the gym on campus

4) My BF and I will be getting engaged when we hit our weight goals. He's met his weight goal(he wanted to gain) and I'm still trying! Also, I want to be able to buy cute clothes damn it!

packgirl 12-30-2011 07:09 PM

  1. not exactly onderland, but i think it will be fairly close. size 14/16 is my goal
  2. deadline is June 1
  3. Exercise, tracking foods, generally being more active.
    • gym five days per week
    • being accountable for what i eat through fitday
    • taking this one day at a time
  4. I want to be healthy. I want to live. I want to be able to open jars, fold clothes without my arms burning from exertion, to look the way I always imagine I look, I want to be able to cross my legs.... I could go on. And on

tavvy 12-30-2011 08:41 PM

Ilove, wannabe and pack:: WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!

Here's to a new year and new bodies!!

ClaireBear92 12-31-2011 01:31 PM

Ok, so i started the Dukan Diet earlier this week, and i believe the pure protein attack phase is ment for people who havnt been dieting, so their body goes into shock...

well i have been losing...so my body got sick and hated it and i actually gained 0.6 lbs because of it! So the last time i weighed myself i was at 225.2 lbs.

I am setting a goal for myself this week (since i am back to counting those good old calories) I would like to be 223 even or lower when i get on that scale on monday. I would love to be at 222, but who knows!

My goal for going back to school (January 9th) is to be out of the 220s! I have a little over one week and I think those 5 pounds are completely possible =] if I could see 219 or lower on the scale when i wake up on Monday January 9th, I would feel like my break was a success! that would mean I lost 10 + pounds since December 9th when we got out for break! Onerland is calling my name ladies!!! =]

Oh and shopping is so much fun now! I went from a size 18 (at my heaviest 255) to a size 13! and now i am no longer a plus size! i fit in larges of everything! even Juniors clothing (which i love) and you ladies will all get there! Its the biggest gift you can get for yourself, set mini goals and allow yourself to buy something for that new body every time you attain it! I just bought a new jacket in a size MEDIUM! for christmas, to reward myself for finally losing those first 25lbs!

you go ladies!

here is the jacket!


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