IF (Intermittent Fasting) Week Challenge #1 6/27 thru 7/3!

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  • Monique , are you going to create a new thread for the rest of July?
  • Goals for the week:

    1. Keep to my eating window. 10:30-6:30

    2. Do pilates and then zumba 3 times

    3. jog 2x this wkend

    4. LOSE some weight!

    Congrats Fassgal on your exercise goal!


    I hope you're ok.
  • 7.5.11
    Thanks sniperhil

    Meal 1, 10:30 am - 1 bagel w/ scraped off cream cheese, 2 tiny plums and 1 tiny peach (all 3 fruits were small enough to fit in one of my hands at the same time)

    Meal 2, 3:30 pm - 1 Burger King A1 Steakhouse burger, no onions, no mayo

    Workout - 100 minutes. I was not the weakest link on my team; my boss who chided me for being the weakest link week 1 was the weakest link in week 2.
  • ... Hi Everybody!... I'm impressed!...

    So my challenge for july:

    Make a streak of IF days...
    Make a streak of walking/running at least 4 to 5 miles a day...
    Lift weight/do home gym at least 2 times a week
    Avoid simple sugars

    ... until the next +++...
  • Quote: Monique , are you going to create a new thread for the rest of July?
    I guess not
  • 7.6.11
    I hate when people yawn without covering their mouths! Ick! I don't want to smell or feel your hot breath, or look at the tartar on your teeth or see your silver fillings. COVER YOUR MOUTH!!! Unfortunately I'm stuck beside a man who keeps doing that and I want to scream at him. Some folks have no home training, manners, etiquette, whatever word fits insert it here. Disgusting!

    Pigout 9:05 am - sunflower seed bagel (had way too much salt -- never again) with 1 fried egg, tomato and sausage; 1 McD sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle 2/$3 special (I threw the second one away - didn't even unwrap it) with 1 small Mango Pineapple smoothie.
  • How's everyone doing? I've been working out these passed few days...it's been awesome.

    FassGal, we'll keep the thread. We can just create a new one next month.

  • just a check in:

    I've jogged twice this wk, but only done pilates once, and no zumba at all. My husband's going to watch the kids so I can get another jog in tonight. I guess I'll just aim to jog 4 times this week and do pilates twice more. I'm trying to get consistent with my exercise but my kids are sick right now and it's just throwing a wrench into my routine. I normally do zumba or pilates while they play in their room, but since they're sick (my son's actually teething and possibly sick ) they're whiney and absolutely not putting up with me not tending to them! lol!

    My daughter caught this cold (?) at vacation bible school so now I'm scared she'll catch every cold going around when she starts pre-k at the end of august. I sure hope not!

    On the upside, I am doing well with my eating ATM. yay!
  • Aww, sorry about your kids being sick. Great job with the workouts though. Keep it up.

    I'm gonna take it up a notch and workout more days a week myself.

  • Thanks Monique.

    I've completed my 4 jogs for the wk and unless I do pilates today, I only have 1 session under my belt. Oh well. I will be a little bit more broad in my exercise goals next wk so that I don't feel like I didn't accomplish anything. bc in reality, I did have a great exercise wk. And I've been doing pretty well with my eating. Yay
  • Hi guys

    I did my first day of IF today.

    Unfortunately I got called into work at 3 so I had a larger eating window than I had originally intended because I didn't get home and so couldn't eat until 10.

    Apart from that it all went well. Nowhere near as difficult to complete the fast as I had thought.
  • Themanekineko

    Awesome job.

    Goals this wk:

    1. Keep to my IF eating window (10:30-6:30) and gradually move it to 11:30-6:30

    2. Do cardio 4x

    3. Strength train 3x (2x if it's pilates, bc it's twice as long)
  • I'm so pleased to find the IF challenge thread. I've been on a major lifestyle journey for 10 months & have lost 60 plus ponds. I 'm in the last phase of the first year & have decided on IF as a long term, simple solution. Due to a very challenging next 3 weeks my goals are simple.

    Today: Eating window: 8-6
    Eating Hungry to Barely Full
    No head hunger(non-hunger) eating
    64 oz Water

    Rest of Week: As above except eating window 10-6
  • Welcome, so glad you ladies can join us. I love IF!

    Anyway, I've been keeping up with my exercise so I'm proud of myself for that because I hadn't worked out in quite some time before.

    Keep up the great work everyone. Maybe for the month of August we can take it up a notch and try to lose five pounds each that month. It can be done! Haha.