300 Mile Challenge!

  • Hey chicks!

    I'd like to bring back a challenge I did last year around this time for myself, but invite you all to join me. My 300 mile challenge lasted 2 months. I started out simply walking every day, 5 or 6 miles. If I did 6 miles for a week, I could take a day off. It was HARD at first, but I eventually it was really the best part of my day, and when I got bored walking, I started myself a running program. I completed the 300 miles in 63 days. I kept up the walking/running over the summer and by the fall I was doing runs up mountains and a half marathon. It was awesome.

    Here goes... you have 2 months to complete 300 miles. This can be walking, running, biking, gym equipment, etc. You can do all one way or mix and match.

    So let's get started! You can update daily/weekly/at the end of the challenge or whenever you feel like it. Post a start/end weight if you'd also like to use that as motivation! Who is in with me?

    I'm going out for a walk.
  • See you in 300 miles! count me in!
  • Me too!
    Count me in also. I've been training to run again the past couple of weeks since we bought a treadmill. I did 4 miles today. Right now i do an interval thing: I walk a quarter mile at 3.7 mph then run a quarter at 6.0 mph, I get to 4 at about 53 minutes in so I'll see how much quicker I get by the end of 2 months. Starting weight (as of last Sunday) 166.0
  • I'm in! Walking/running 300 would be super hard, but if we can include biking, I'm up for the challenge!

    3/25/11 = 8 miles walk/jog on treadmill(292 to go)
    3/26/11 = 4 mile easy walk in morning (288 to go)
    3/27/11 = 4 mile walk and talk (with a friend; 284 to go)
    3/29/11 = 4 mile walk/jog (280 to go)
    4/3/11 = 5 mile walk/jog (275 to go)
    4/5/11 = 4 mile walk/job (271 to go)
  • Alright, I just did a 4 mile walk around the block. I'm going to do another 2 mile later to get 6 miles in today. This is going to be a bit more challenging this time around for me, and I'm out of shape because the first 3 months of my pregnancy have been wretched, but now that the sickness and headaches are giving in a bit, I have more energy to get moving.

    Also don't have a gym pass so this means whatever the weather is, I'm walking in it. Haha... I'm glad there are some takers! I'm going to keep track of my walking stats in my signature here.
  • 8 down -- 292 to go! I decided to walk yesterday while I watched a movie... I have a treadmill, which really helps. I got 8 miles in before the movie ended. I may have overdone it a little, but I was inspired by the challenge!
  • Hi y'all. I'm jumpin' in! I don't have the endurance yet to crank out lots of miles a day, but I can for sure get in 2 miles 6 days out of 7. Hey, BTW, I'm just ramping up my exercise routine. Last time I had good success at this I challenged myself to up the number of steps each week, with an increasing portion of steps being super pumped up MP3 steps. Y'all are just what I need just when I need it. Who knew?!?!

    Day 6 is my free-for-all exercise day when I can ramble along as long as I want. Time to explore some new neighborhoods! As long as I can stay in residential areas away from the coffee and bagel streets, I bet I can make it through 3 or 4 miles. Good thing I'm easily distracted - ooh! look at that pine cone! Hey, they're adding a new porch! Whoa, that's one ugly baby! did I say that out loud? Quick, start jogging, momma heard you. Swing a left at the next corner!

    Tomorrow is my Day One. See you on the flip side!
  • Sounds great! Enjoy your walks!
  • Thanks Hope4Balance (great name!) I got 1.9 miles in so far. What a nut - why didn't I check my pedometer before I turned into my apartment? THUNK. I coulda had a V-8!

    Make it a great Monday, everyone....
  • Great work Losing80! And, it looks like you have done even more based on your counter...

    How are the rest of you doing??
  • Hey am I ok to join in too?

    30/03/11 - 5 down, 295 to go!
    31/01/11 - 8 down, 292 to go!
  • Thanks, Hope4 - 9 down, 291 to go! Getting that solid 2 miles a day under my belt is easier than I thought. How's your count going?
    Musical Jess!
  • I'm doing great so far! Keep up the good work, y'all!!