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mothermavis 11-26-2010 05:49 AM

W.O.W. Healthy thru the Holidays~Christmas!
It is so hard to lose during the Holidays. This challenge is to help us support each other during those tough times. This challenge will be broken down into three segments: 1. Thanksgiving 2. Christmas 3. New Year.

Welcome to part 2 of this challenge!

For any newbies, the traditional copy and paste:

Women on... WHAT??

Okay, let me explain that "Women on WEED" is not what you might be thinking. During previous challenges, a group of us formed a great bond, and we've been challenge buddies ever since. We use the word "WEED" as a mnemonic device to set daily goals, an easy and very specific way to remind yourself during your day to take care of your body, and to nurture your Mind, Mouth and Muscles... it really does help. After all, we are all taking this a day at a time, right?

If you join this challenge, you will see it often - and you are encouraged to give it a try. Here's what it stands for:

W - Water intake. Set a daily goal for how much water you're going to drink. Although there is conflicting research as to how much to actually consume in a day, we all agree it is important to drink lots to stay healthy. So make it a goal!

E - Exercise. Efficient, healthy weight loss isn't going to happen unless you incorporate some kind of physical activity in your life. Everyone does it differently; some go to the gym, some work out at home, and some find ways to sneak in little bits of exercise all throughout the day. Set yourself a goal, even if it's small. Little bits done often WILL add up over time!

E - Eats. Being that we all have different eating plans and weight loss philosophies, this is sort of a wild card. Whatever plan you're on, set yourself a plan-appropriate daily eating goal for the day. Don't forget to make it specific!

D - Daily goal/Daily affirmation. This is another wild card. It doesn't even have to be weight-loss related! This is the spot where you list something you want to get accomplished. Or, you can use "D" for a a daily affirmation - it's an opportunity to say something good and positive about yourself. Sometimes, when we fall short - and we ALL do sometime - we are tempted to berate ourselves. Although it's good to recognize when we don't reach our goals, it's also good to remind ourselves of the awesome parts of ourselves. So go ahead and remind yourself of that in the "D" part of WEED.

Well here it is! Jump right in, tell us about yourselves, your goals, your home lives, your healthy plan, etc. We LOVE newbies! And we LOVE our regulars! Welcome back

mothermavis 11-26-2010 05:53 AM

Starting the new thread for Jeni!

Happy Black Friday! Going shopping later, but there was really nothing in the flyers that made me say, oh, I have to go fight thru crowds of people at 3 AM. So here I am instead!

Scale this AM, gained .4 yesterday, I'll take it. I was a little off plan, but not horribly and I can certainly get rid of that today.

W 100
E Video, I ran yesterday, so that was good.
D Breathe!

zoochick777 11-26-2010 11:14 AM

I couldn't weigh in this morning due to a broken scale, but I'm sure I gained a good bit from yesterday. I did pretty good with the actual food, but then ate way too many sweets. I also didn't drink much water yesterday or exercise because I was really sore. I already did 40 minutes of Zumba this morning and burned about 315 calories. I plan on going to the store for a new scale tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

jcatron243 11-27-2010 08:58 AM

Good morning everyone.

Thanks MM for starting the thread.

I had a good shopping day yesterday. I was able to get everything I wanted for the kids which is really good. I have 2 toys left to buy for them, then an outfit for each then Jammies. :) I still have my nephews and nieces to buy for though.

Thanksgiving food was really good. I didn't over eat anything, but the soda I drank still has me bloated.
Tommy had a bit of an accident on Thursday night. We were at my moms house and he decided to turn on the treadmill. he fell and went through the wall. Ok he only dented the wall, but he has road rash on his back shoulder to shoulder. Poor guy. We may have to skip swimming tuesday for him to heal.
W 80 oz
E 35 minutes heading to my moms today.
E 1300 cals.
D don't stress out. Will has is CDL drive test today and if he doesnt pass he will lose his job. I'm not worried about his driving, but the pre-check part of the drive is intense.

jcatron243 11-27-2010 03:37 PM

:) Will passed his test :) now I can enjoy the weekend.

zoochick777 11-28-2010 10:41 AM

Good morning all. I bought a new scale yesterday. It's one of the ones that's supposed to measure your hydration and body fat. It's a really nice one, the only thing is it is 0.6 lbs higher than my old scale :( I'm about half way done with my paper that's due by 11 pm tomorrow. I'm hoping I'll finish by 3ish this afternoon so I can start my other project that's due by 5 pm Tuesday. So much work to do, so little time!!! I can't wait until the Christmas holiday. I'll have a REAL break for 2 weeks!

WEED for today:
W - 80 oz
E - hopefully Zumba tonight before bed, depends on if I finish my paper or not
E - 1200-1600 calories
D - To not get too stressed out over school!

Nixmom 11-28-2010 06:52 PM

Hey ladies
Just wanted to pop in and say hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I fell off the face of the planet again and will be back shortly. I swear I have a kid magnet in my butt and can't get 4 freakin seconds to do anything for me lately. Some small 2 legged or 4 legged creature is constantly on me. Typing as fast I can before the 9 year old decides he wants to come read over my shoulder!

Miss you all so much. Gearing up to get back before the new year. Have a great Sunday night!


mothermavis 11-28-2010 09:12 PM

:dancer: Kris!!! Miss you

jcatron243 11-29-2010 12:57 PM

Hi Kris. Hi MM.

I'm just leaving this thread for week 1 of the christmas challenge. I hope there are no objections.

Just had my last PT appt. I'm sad because my regular PT lost her baby. she was 22 weeks along. I had a feeling because of the way my last appt was canceled.

No workout today because i have to take miss Makenna in for a filling. :( but I will be back to my regular workouts soon enough.

MamaP 11-29-2010 01:01 PM

Still totally not focused. Made it to the gym this morning for the first time in over a month. I guess that's a step in the right direction. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

emiloots 11-29-2010 03:53 PM

Hey ladies -

Just popping in before I pick up the boys - hope everyone had a great holiday. I for one ate too much and the scale reflected it this morning, but back to normal eating for the rest of the week and we'll see what I weigh friday.

NurseMichelle 11-30-2010 03:28 AM

Hi girls!!! Nice to see my old chums are still running this thread. :hug:

I swear it is harder to break a food addiction than it is to get sober from drugs and alcohol. Not that what I went through almost two years ago was easy, but wow....still feeding the disease with the garbage I eat. I feel like it is just terrible to start back on the "d" word right before the holidays but ****, if I want to be able to WEAR anything on Christmas, I better do something before then.

So much to tell you all....I am back to work! I am almost back to my all time high weight again :( Kids are great, hubby is great, we're all ready for the holidays, house is decorated. Wish I had more time to elaborate....

I'll call the "official" weigh in 285....that is my weight at the gym weigh in for this biggest loser contest that I entered (for the millionth time, its gotta stick one of these times right?!) and make my goal 270 by Christmas morning. I think its doable bc I usually lose the first 10 pretty easily, esp since most of it is just sodium/water gain. Will make a ticker later...who knows what my current ticker will say, hahaa.

Glad to be back, happy to see you all, will catch up next time. Lots of love, Michelle xoxoxoxoxo

mothermavis 11-30-2010 06:31 AM

Jeni, hugs for your PT. That is devastating.

Michelle!!!!!!!!!! Missed you & Kris, so hope you both are back to play with us soon!!

I have to get my sh&& together, good for the actual Thanksgiving, should have thrown out the leftover and YS B'day cake though.

W 100
E Back to running slowly.
E Sticking to my plan, getting rid of the crap
D Love me!

emiloots 11-30-2010 03:41 PM

Hey ladies -

I can't believe that Connor is 4 years old today - where has the time gone? We're cooking pasta and meatballs tonight (as per the birthday boy's request) and I got him some ice cream cupcakes from Maggie Moos for our little mini family celebration. Scale went down almost a pound today so I'm optimistic that it's a lot of water weight, I didn't drink much water while away so I'm chugging it every chance I get. Hope everyone has a great day!

Jeni - that's devestating for your PT, sending prayers her way

Michelle - welcome back, congrats on the job!!!

Mavis - I hear you on throwing out leftovers, cause guess who eats them!

WillsAngel 11-30-2010 05:05 PM

Hellooooo -

I am fighthing depression so I may not be posting much, this bout is particularily hard this time. I made it through the holidays only becasue i spent Thanksgiving day home alone. So after all is said and done that was a good thing. Adjusting to new work schedule and trying to get back in the gym - i have not been motivated at all. keep up the good work everyone!!!

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