October Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Fall is here, so let's watch the pounds fall off!!

    The rules of this thread are simple. We are here to provide each other some accountability along the path to weight loss. So, you just set your weight loss related goal(s) and it gets added to a goal list. When you reach your goal, it gets turned Red. We have a sister thread for exercise related goals. Here's the link: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/chic...challenge.html . We love to hear about your success, as well as your challenges throughout the month. We're here to support and encourage each other to be our best. So, let's get started!
  • I'm shooting for 10 again, bringing me down to 223. Here's hoping I can do it this month.
    Also would like to be sure I'm logging my food every day. Even those "taste tests" when I am cooking.
  • My goal is to lose 5 lbs and not eat within 2 hours of bedtime. Go October!!
  • For this month my goal will be to make an eating plan for each week and stick to it, stay accountable on the thread. Lose 5 lbs.
  • I don't know what to set as my goal at since I have never reached a weightloss goal makes me nervous to set one again LOL, so here goes.

    6lbs for October
  • Uhm, hi! Can I join? I only maintained during the summer and even though I've been pretending to be back on track for the past two weeks, I've been lying.;p I really, really need a kick in the butt!

    So, here goes: My goal is to lose 10 pounds and complete C25K.
  • I'm in.

    171 -> 166
  • eating goal > get down to average 1300 a day,
    workout goal> 19 days when im working out /31
    weight goal >get down to 168, which is to loose 6lbs (excluding water weight)

    additional goal is to change my eating habits and approach to dieting.
  • Let's Go!
    Count me in

    My goal is daily weighing & to lose 10lbs.
    I chose a bigger weight loss this month because I think I'm still holding mucho water from my September eating adventures

    SW: 228.6

    Here's to a wonderful October!
  • New Month, New Goal. I am aiming to hit a new decade this month so my goal is to get to 139. That would be so exciting.
  • Ok I was so pleased to do the September exercise challenge-it was a really motivational tool-that I will try this. I am pretty steadily losing a pound a week on the Sonoma plan but I will try for a 5 lb goal in October. That will put me at 199 First time below 200 in 10 years.

    I usually only record weight once a week so I will start with Sunday the 3rd and record 5 Sundays. MY exercise goal for the month is 50 miles plus some video exercise.

    Oct 3 204
    Oct 10 203
    Oct 17 203
    Oct 24 201
    Oct 31 200

    Close enough to feel successful but did not make goal. Only a matter of time though
  • Count me in for 10 pounds this month!
    "WE CAN DO THIS!!!!"
  • Guys! A nsv for me! I am sick and just lounging around, and I noticed my arms... There's definition! I keep looking over and stroking my upper arms. I am such a dork. Pretty fascinating though consindering I didn't lose hardly anything last month.

    I wish I was up for working out now.
  • Can I joinstarting back up not sure of my start weight . I've got to go get a scale today but I'll aim for 5lbs
  • September was a bust for me- so October is it! I hope to lose 5lbs.