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TERAPET 10-11-2010 08:16 AM

I truly appreciate your kind responses to Jingle's passing. It really is very healing.

I have to go clothes shopping today for something to wear to work. My past job was very casual and besides everything was size 16. I am still getting used to the idea of returning to work tomorrow. Yikes!

susiemartin-Sorry to hear about the binging obstacle. Your past weight loss is a testament to your fortitude. Stay the course and you will get there. I hope you have some lovely fall weather to accompany your long walk today.

candylove-I smiled when I read chippy tea in your post and then I had to google it. What a cute name but sounds like a difficult place to keep the calories down-but yummy!

msperception-How is the shin? I hope it is getting better everyday. It must be difficult for you not to be running. In the meanwhile, hopefully it will be nice for you to focus on the eating plan.

WinterJinx-I hope the scale was kind today. Good for you for following your plans this week.

LouisaH-Ocktoberfest-WooHoo! Did you drink a lot of beer? Alas, my high volume drinking days are behind me-my poor tummy will not allow it! Sounds like fun though.

starbrite 10-11-2010 10:48 AM

Hi all. 4lbs gone, another 6 to go this month !
Terapet - suh a terrible thing to lose a furry friend. I have two choccy lab that I adore - I can't bear to think about losing one of them. Stay strong x

WinterJinx 10-11-2010 11:42 AM

You're never fully dressed without a smile...
I'm so jazzed I got on the scale this morning and found that I lost three pounds. I just might actually make it to my goal this month. I haven't been making it to any of my goals in the past couple of months.
:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

I really think it was this forum that made all the difference because I had a group to account to....so oodles of thank yous to everyone. :hug:

:m: http://www.3fatchicks.net/img/bar-pu...lb/0/16/3/.png:m:

dollypie 10-11-2010 12:13 PM

All right 4lbs down!!!! I did really good at the festival on Saturday so i got my pedicure and I feel great. Even made it to the gym this morning. Okay so now I need to get a salad for lunch...going to eat Mexican food so no enchiladas for me!

My Michelle 10-11-2010 03:05 PM

Terapet: I'm so sorry for your loss, I've been thinking about you both.

TERAPET 10-11-2010 05:05 PM

starbrite-thank you for the kind thoughts. I still have Jingle's litter mate. Her name is Belle. She is handling things well but I kind of expected that because she is a very independent thing who loves the outdoors. Jingle was my cuddly, sweetie pie. Now we all keep trying to shower Belle with attention and she is a bit perplexed about the fuss.

MyMichelle-I appreciate your thinking of me. It was really, really terrible. Today I can actually manage to think about him a little bit without crying. I miss him so much but I try to keep really busy and be a grown up about it. It is the only way through it. But it was so nice of all of you to prop me up during the last sad and awful week.

TERAPET 10-12-2010 08:34 PM

Woah-a little quiet around here. I started my new job today. It was pretty cool so far. Time will tell. Ended up downing a couple of glasses of wine after work though. That and no exercise is not going to work. This will take a while to get used to.

Ms Perception 10-12-2010 10:52 PM

October Goal List
Please let me know if any info is incorrect
Also let me know when you reach a goal, so we can turn you Red :)

julie99s-Lose 10 lbs, Log food daily
Ms Perception-Lose 5 lbs, Don't eat within 2 hours of bedtime
Newshinyme-Make eating plan each week & stick to it, Stay accountable on the thread, Lose 5 lbs
mystical-Lose 6 lbs
Marniadec-Lose 10 lbs
CardboardCutoutCat-Loe 5 lbs
freethetoys-Get down to 1300 cal/day, Reach 168 lbs, Change eating habits and approach to dieting
susiemartin-Weigh daily, Reach 220 lbs
TERAPET-Reach 139 lbs
2Bees-Lose 5 lbs
layddi-Lose 10 lbs
fld20-Lose 5 lbs
dcapulet-Lose 5 lbs
raznt-Lose 10 lbs, Stay on plan
My Michelle-Eat totally clean, Lose 8 lbs
ma26-Reach 161.4 lbs
VickieLou-Lose 10 lbs
starbrite-Lose 10 lbs
NightAngel26-Lose 15 lbs
luckymommy- Lose 10 lbs
RevampingSoul- Lose 10 lbs, Drink 64 oz water daily
AngelD-Lose 10 lbs
annputation-Lose 10 lbs
WinterJinx- Lose 5 lbs
JasonsLea-Lose 5 lbs
excitedtolose-Lose 10-15 lbs
LouisaH-Lose 5.6 lbs/Reach 147
dollypie-Lose 8 lbs
pinkflower-Lose 6 lbs/Weigh 145 or less
candy love-Get out of the 200's, Stay under 1300 cals/day, Drink 6 glasses of water (or other approved beverage) daily, Only eat btw 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Rosinante-Lose 7 lbs
lindalee9-Lose 7 lbs

Ms Perception 10-12-2010 10:56 PM

Woke up at 4 a.m. yesterday with flu type symptoms...nausea, feverish, etc. It eased as the day went on, but got no exercise...ate better though. Today I felt better and went for over a 2 mile walk this morning and my shin wasn't thrilled with it, but it wasn't terrible either. I managed a set of sit-ups and push-ups, so at least I wasn't a slug today! Ate fine also...got food planned for the rest of the week....PROGRESS!

LouisaH 10-12-2010 11:39 PM

MsP: Good work on keeping things moving delicately.

TERAPET: Congrats on starting the new job. You'll get in the swing of things soon. I'm still sending you happy thoughts to move you through the grieving. I still can cry waaay too easily about my cat of 14 years who disappeared two years ago, and I am not a particularly sappy person.

starbrite, WinterJinx and dollypie: Wowza chicklets, you are rockin' it! Good for you; how inspiring!

susiemartin: how's it going? Are the sugar and carbs calling to you or have you been able to turn your back on them?

I didn't exercise yesterday. Needed a break. I did okay yesterday and today on eating, and am on my way back down to the 150.6 number that peeked out from the scale last month--it was like groundhog day. But the trend is going downward, so I hope to be out of the the 150s before long. It sounds so unreal to me. I think I was 14 years old and two inches shorter when I weighed in the 140s before.

susiemartin 10-13-2010 07:39 AM

Better- But Still Not 100% OP
Check In Time
Ms. P Could you please change my weight goal to 220 for October? I think that's a realistic and doable goal at this point.

My weight is down this morning but I'm still not 100% OP & can't claim a non binge day yet. I'm making progress though.

Planning for an OP day today.

Hope your day is a good one

Ms Perception 10-13-2010 11:13 AM

Good morning all!

I have a full day of house cleaning/organizing and more yardwork to do. We put in more grass seed over the weekend and since we aren't getting rain, I have to actually water it. We were so blessed with rain in the spring, we had very little work to do in terms of watering...not so fortunate this time around. Have a healthy happy day, ladies! Treat yourself right!! I'm trying to do the same. ;)

candy love 10-13-2010 01:41 PM

hey all, haven't posted in a few days, I've been lurking more than anything :/ I think I've developed some sort of fear of the scale, finding it really hard to lose anything because I'm on the bc jab, I know it's more self control than anything but it just seems like an endless pit of doom sometimes, so I'm setting a new short term goal to pick up the courage to weight myself...

On another note I've stuck to my goals all week, still don't feel like I've lost anything but it's a start :D I still need to find the energy to exercise though, all the motivations there just need to find a new diet plan that'll give me more energy but still stick to my calorie intake, so I'm off to do some research and see if I have time to write up a weekly diet plan :)

Hope everyone is well :D

My Michelle 10-14-2010 03:20 PM

We must all be pensive right now, it is so quiet! I finally hit the 50 pound loss mark today, so I'm happy about that!

JasonsLea 10-14-2010 06:21 PM

:wave: everyone!

I'm without my laptop temporarily and I totally forgot to post my WI from last Friday which was -5 lbs....which was my goal for October....so yeah. I hit it. :D

New mini semester starts on Monday. All computer courses for me so easy-peasy. I got into it with my landlord so I have to find another place to live next month. I'm actually relieved. Ready for my own space again.

Hoping for another loss tomorrow! :crossed:

Congrats on 50 lbs gone forever My Michelle!


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