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layddi 10-18-2010 12:49 PM

Good morning ladies!
I've been MIA for awhile, had to go out of town on Family Emergency, was not OP but didnt do that bad (So I'm thinking) just got back to work today, will report my weight tomorrow morning "YIKES."
Looks like everybody doing pretty good, keep up the good work.

2Bees 10-18-2010 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by 2Bees (Post 3503896)
Ok I was so pleased to do the September exercise challenge-it was a really motivational tool-that I will try this. I am pretty steadily losing a pound a week on the Sonoma plan but I will try for a 5 lb goal in October. That will put me at 199 First time below 200 in 10 years.

I usually only record weight once a week so I will start with Sunday the 3rd and record 5 Sundays. MY exercise goal for the month is 50 miles plus some video exercise.

Oct 3 204
Oct 10 203

I'm up to 44 miles on exercise and down to 201 on weight-goooo October:carrot:

Ms Perception 10-18-2010 03:54 PM

Quiet day today! I'm doing okay but lots going on, so I can't post much. I'm NOT losing weight and should probably get more exercise and eat better. Will get on that ASAP. ;)

LouisaH 10-18-2010 07:43 PM

Hiya Chicklets, I've been away from the computer most of the weekend, so haven't gotten to check in. I had dinner out at friends' houses both Saturday and Sunday nights, plus friends in town on Friday, so I've been eating away from home for most of my meals and the scales are reflecting it, dang it! I've been working out like a banshee, so I know I'm keeping it in check, but gosh golly darnit (I think that's the PC version of what I'm really thinking, someone correct me if I'm wrong), I am ready to beat feet out of the 150s and just can't make myself stick to the plan long enough to do it. But I have looked at my past three months of weigh ins (I have an Excel spreadsheet), and I'm essentially down a pound each month, so I should be to goal in a year, lol.

MsP: I hear ya. I am not losing weight and need to get on that ASAP to give myself a buffer for the holidays!

LE: thank goodness you're back! I thought we'd lost you! Remember to come back HERE to de-stress!

2Bees: that's fantastic! You might make nearly double your goal for October, and will be well into Onederland by the 31st. Wahoo!

layddi: welcome back, hope everything is okay and you get back to the swing of things quickly and painlessly.

Marniadec: I'm with you. I sometimes get so far behind on this forum that I only have time to read, but not post, because I want to do personals, but as long as we keep coming back, we'll be fine. Congrats on the 4 pound loss.

susiemartin: you're back full steam on those on-plan days, good for you! Doesn't it feel better? Now how'd you do it? lol.

My Michelle: good work on the 50 pounds. What an achievement, and I will be celebrating New Year's with the same happy attitude as you this year--go us!

candy love: I'm an at-home zumba junky. Go to You Tube and download some Zumba in Hickory NC videos to give yourself a little practice before Wednesday, and look at a lot of the people in the back who aren't afraid to look uncoordinated in public because nobody cares and nobody is judging you--everyone is just there to get some exercise and have fun! Enjoy it.

I weighed in at 153.2 today, up 1.4 from yesterday, but the meal last night was worth it (Moroccan bastilla). All the wine, not so much. This season of cooking and eating is going to do me in! Okay, now I've blathered enough to make up for the days I missed. Have a good week everyone.

TERAPET 10-18-2010 10:13 PM

Hi Ladies,

I had a great time at Parents Weekend. Definitely had too much to eat but now I am back on the wagon. I also made it to the Y after work today. I didn't have the energy for my former two classes on Mondays, but it was great to get on a new schedule that includes my classes.

This weekend my dear brother-in-law had a bad heart attack. He is only 52. Thankfully he is okay and already home and working on recovery. However, it just shows how important it is to take our diet and exercise seriously. I am sure my b-i-law will get in shape now but it would be far better to lose the weight before anything like a heart attack.

LouisaH-Sounds like a fun food weekend. Good for you for holding the line by upping the exercise.

2Bees-You are almost there!

MsP-I am struggling with the weight loss lately also. Hopefully we will get past it soon.

layddi 10-19-2010 11:03 AM

Good Morning Chickies, unfortunatly it's not a good one for me. I had a bad day yesturday, you know one of those days that you start off good, then you eat something bad and it all goes down hill from there.....? will it's TOM n wanted something salty will I did and some
"ALL NIGHT LONG!" Whaaaaa-haaaa"

MsP-I've gained 4 pounds! whaaaa-haaa, I guess put me down for 12.
LouisaH-I feel your fustration, I'm with you girl!
Tearapet-Sorry about your B in-law, but your right, we must look after our health.

I'm hoping it's because I havnt really been drinking all my water. I'm hanging on by a thread (to Onderland) But today is a new day and as the song goes "I will survive!"
Ok that was a bit cheesey.
Hope all of you are doing better.

My Michelle 10-19-2010 03:37 PM

This month seems to be flying by at the same time as it is dragging on forevvvvvvver!! My aura must be all outta whack or something!

Layddi - I'm sorry you had such a rough day! TOM always brings with it the strong cravings, it is such a trial! Put the day behind you and keep marching forward!

TERAPET - Glad you had fun at parents' weekend! I'm sorry to hear about your BIL, it does make you stop and think about how important it is to make healthy choices for my than just aesthetics!

LouisaH - Down is down, so a pound a month is really more like being down -20 for not gaining! If you beat feet outta of the 150s maybe I can finalllly move into them! I want to be in the lower end of the 150s by the end of the year, so SHOO! ;)

Marniadec - congrats on those 4 pounds, whoo hoo!That is awesome, a whoosh like that is just incredible! LOVE IT!

MsP - Hope your recuperation is going well!

arethachick 10-19-2010 03:42 PM

The past is over. Don't let past failings get you down.

LouisaH 10-20-2010 12:31 PM

I've worked really hard at being slightly under my cals and working out hard to get back down from the weekend of gourmet eating, and the scales today must not have gotten the memo because I 'm still up even more than two days ago. Perseverance.

TERAPET: My goodness, that is scary news about your brother in law. Thank goodness he was given a second chance to make positive changes in his life.

My Michelle: You will definitely reach the 150s before I get out of them! Come on, catch up; at my rate we'll be getting into the 140s together. It'll be a party.

layddi: that water will help when you find that you've started and can't stop. Drink a big glass and your stomach will feel full, so there's only so much more you can eat. You're likely retaining a ton of water from all that salt too, so drink lots of water today, and it will go away quickly. Don't fret, you can do it!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

starbrite 10-21-2010 02:40 AM

Morning ladies :dancer:
Ms Perception please turn my goal red! 10.1 lbs lost this month :)

My Michelle 10-21-2010 07:50 AM

Wow Starbrite, CONGRATULATIONS! Great job, you should be so proud of yourself! :bravo:

susiemartin 10-21-2010 08:49 AM

Congratulations Starbrite :carrot: You're doing it!!

Last couple of days haven't been 100% OP :(
I've been in the Halloween candy :devil: and haven't walked for 3 days. I need to check and tighten up my attitude and motivation or I won't make my New Year's Day Goal.

I'm planning an OP day today wit a nice long walk. I really need to see the scale start moving under 225.

Hope your day is a good one :)

layddi 10-21-2010 11:04 AM

Way to go!
I'm trying to stay OP, but I'm begining to think, I'm a Self-Sabotager" because once someone says "Hey..your losing weight..." then I say to my self "really" then I just start going nuts on food...... what's that all about... but I know this....

Susiemartin- I know what you mean, for me... every year it starts in October, when everyone around the office starts bringing candy, cake, cupcakes, muffins and not to mention chocolates, all up until New Years. Of course when everyone decides to go on a diet for the New Year....uuuhhhh...

Ok, (deep breath) I will not give in this year "I am a Chick In Control"
Hope everyone is doing fine and staying OP... Good luck ladies!

Marniadec 10-21-2010 12:12 PM

Congratulations, Starbrite!:congrat: You're doing great!

layddi, I know how you feel! The first thing that crosses my mind when I somehow realize that I've lost, the first thing that crosses my mind is food! When I weigh myself in the morning it's fine, because I'm always in a hurry to have breakfast and go to class, so then I have the chance to either change my mind until lunch or adjust my plan to include a hamburger and fries, or whatever it is that I want. But if like, a friend makes a comment about my pants, or something and to me it translates as "you are free to eat half the pizzas that are made in Thessalonki in a month for dinner and a waffle with ice-cream for dessert" that's harder. Now, I usually distract myself and then I walk really fast until I get home. If by then, I've settled down to something specific that I want to eat and it's not leaving my mind, I plan it in. As time goes by, it becomes easier not to give in.

Hi guys, I'm skipping college!:carrot: I also met my goal for this month!:cheer2: I actually lost 11 pounds, but I always round up for some reason, so it looks like I lost 10, whatever.:p

layddi 10-21-2010 01:29 PM

you just gave me an idea "Statagies!"
The scale has never been my friend so I'm not an everyday weigher...
Maybe I should make it my friend and weigh myself every morning??? maybe that will keep me on track, so I'll no where I'm at...
I'm gonna try it for a week.

As they say "Keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER" -LOL

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