September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • My Michelle-I noticed your weight was down today. WooHoo! Eating right works!

    dcapulet-you are saucy! Good for you putting in your time with the exercise after a long day.

    My Michelle-I am happy to see the weekend arrive also. I am a big college football fan so that means GAMES! I am going to miss my TV snack of choice- wine and Cheezits - but I won't miss being heavier. (my dog misses the Cheezits also )
  • I am so going to fail this challange Bleh! I haven't lost a single pound.
  • terapet I'm right there with you on those college football games, though probably different teams College football season is the most wonderful time of year. When I go to the Y tomorrow afternoon I have every intention of turning the TV on in front of the eliptical and jumping on. That ought to keep me away from standard football yummies

    Although I was planning on weighing in today, I am postponing until next week when I get a new scale. I jumped on today. 5 times in a row. I got 4 different readings. Not small variations either. They ranged from 234 to 237. Stupid thing.
  • Quote: I am so going to fail this challange Bleh! I haven't lost a single pound.
    There's still 20 days left. Hold your head up and keep going! You can do this!
  • Quote: I am so going to fail this challange Bleh! I haven't lost a single pound.
    Weight isn't always a steady thing. Just cause you haven't seen any results so far doesn't mean you don't have a chance. Don't let yourself panic! That's my biggest problem. I start to think like "well I know I can't get there now, it's all ruined, I can't fix this" etc. It's a very suffocating feeling. Even if you don't make your entire goal, if you keep going it is not a fail. Just get as close as you possibly can without berating yourself about the rest. You've lost so much already outside of this one challenge! Don't forget that.
  • Good day everyone!

    So far so good on my end . This is definitely much easier when you have a plan...who knew? (please note the sarcasm here).

    Ms.P.: No worries, you are not getting rid of me so easily this time around. I might not be as highly visible as in the olden days yet, but I am around and keeping on. I know you are gone now, but have fun at the Rodeo and good luck with all the meals.

    dcapulet: I am so looking forward to getting rid of my current "favourite" pants. Good for you! You are saucy, and that's what I call commitment.

    julie99s: Congrats on the inch

    : I love your attitude. It's great to keep positive even when the scale does the funny ups and downs.

    econ_nerd: Good luck with WW.

    LE: Hi girly! Glad to see you're still around here. It sure is nice to see you. Too bad you lost your witty post. Where did your Mojo go? c'mon my friend you can pull through!

    roxannestags and avezy44: Welcome!

    MyMichelle: LOL. The weekend is here again, so enjoy! I hear you on the scale. Funny how it can go from being our best friend to being the most hated thing in the world in a matter of days. Keep on keeping on and you'll see progress though.

    Aunty Jam: You are not losing any challenges. Sometimes things don't go the way we expect/want them to, but as long as we keep on plan, that's a success on itself. I totally agree with what TheBunneh said.

    Weekends are usually the hardest days for me with all the socializing and relaxing of the routines and such. Sunday we are hoping to have the family over and that might get a little tricky, maybe I will just make them eat the same thing I am eating hehe.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Hi girls,
    Ugh, it is almost the weekend, I too have the biggest challenge on weekends. Especially when it is my weekend to work. It is a big challenge not to just stop at a fast food joint. Plus, I feel some PMS cravings coming on.... YIKES! BUT, I have my snacks packed, and vow not to leave home without them!

    Aunty Jam, I too agree with Thebunneh. You only lose if you give up! Part of the game is to keep trying til you get it right! So don't give up!

    Newshinyme- thanks for the encouragment, congrats on having and working
    the plan! it does make it so much easier! Happy weekend!

    Decapulet-I am glad someone found my mojo, and put it to good use! Now hopefully, it will be well trained when I get it back! LOL Keep up the great work!!

    Julies99-Hope you find a new scale quick. (And, it keeps the lowest weight for you)
  • A few notes: Hello to everyone, Hi NSM – Nice to meet you, I’m fairly new, but welcome back. I had the same problem, avoiding the scale. Then one day I just got on there because I knew the wt was up, and wanted to know how much. A health plan is a great idea, keep it up!

    HI Loisa, DCap – you rock!,

    Ms. P (Glad you’re feeling better),

    SusieMartin – Hi, congrats on making the mini goal,

    My Michelle – A Big WhooHoo for you, WTG!

    Aunty Jam, don’t be so hard on yourself, look at the long term goals, and try not to focus on the small ones. I Wish weight loss was as easy as weight gain.

    Julie – Terepet, I’m watching college football too. I have a crowd of friends who will be enjoying one of the big games live today, and I wish I was there too. Instead I’ll be working on a term paper. Ugh. BUT, I will munch air popped popcorn and add something healthy to drink, so if I look at the calories I’m saving by NOT going to the game – tailgating, and drinking – its okay. LOL

    To everyone else – hello hello! Enjoy your weekend!

    Here's my zinger – I’m down 1lb from last weigh in! Yesssss!
    September Challenge
    Sw: 168.2
    Cw: 167.0
    Gw: 163.2
  • Zinger-AND you are getting your paper done! Good for you. Just be careful if you end up celebrating when hopefully your team wins (and/or your paper is complete)! Are you in college now? I am both a big Georgia Tech and Florida State fan because I have kids at both schools.

    Lewisempire-Hope you make it through the weekend on plan. Just take it an hour at a time if need be! PMS cravings are the worst. Good for you for planning your food ahead of time.
  • The scale is finally being nicer to me this morning, I was starting to wondering if this week was going to see no change whatsoever!

    Zinger: Congrats on the loss!

    Terapet: I'm thrilled that it is football season again, but like you, I miss the snacks. I need to come up with good alternatives! I particularly miss wine, which I haven't felt brave enough to add back in yet. Maybe someday!

    LewisE: I think weekends are really tough on all of us, but checking in here always helps me keep my focus so that I won't want to shoot myself come Monday morning. You can do it!

    Newshiny: Hope you have a great time with the family tomorrow, you are strong enough to stay on plan! I have a family BBQ tonight I'm dreading a little, I'll probably actually eat before I go to forestall overeating the off-plan food there!
  • Happy Saturday everyone! I'm battling the urge I always get to go off plan on the weekend because "it's special." Though I don't know what's so special about something that comes around every week! I think it's just having my husband home in the morning breaks my routine. I wanted pancakes for breakfast but couldn't get past the you're really going to have few hunks of white bread with liquid sugar poured on top? thoughts. So I still had a couple pancakes, but I mixed old fashioned oats into the batter and ate them with bit honey instead of syrup. Much more satisfying than regular ones and no guilt!

    LE - Good luck this weekend!

    My Michelle - Yay for the scale being nicer!

    Zinger - Congrats on the loss!!

    Newshinyme - Hope the weekend goes well and you enjoy the family visit and stay OP!

    And welcome to all the new people!

    (I think I've discovered an obsession with exclamation points. )
  • Quote: you're really going to have few hunks of white bread with liquid sugar poured on top?
    Now I really want hunks of white bread with sugar, lol. Sounds delicious.

    Good job making a healthier version, go you!
  • Hello ladies I know I have been out for awhile with starting back to work just a couple of months ago, vacation to PA just last week. That was especially good got to see my daughter and my beautiful little grandsons our new little grandson will be arriving in mid Dec. Things have been going pretty well for me I have not only been back in the gym but I just started with a personal trainer once a week, and she has put me on a eating plan designed just for me so I am off to the store today to get everything I need. 8 small meals a day YIKES!!!! that is going to be hard for me to get use to but I am going to give it my all. Since starting work I have lost around 15lbs I am so excited.
  • Check in time: I was on plan yesterday and I exercised, too. The toughest part of the weekend is now past and I breath a small sigh of relief!

    Mystical: wow, 8 meals a day! You will be a champion planner after getting used to that schedule!

    Have a great Sunday everyone!
  • Hey Chicklets, love all the chatter and cheerleading going on here. Just have time for a quick check-in to say all is going well with my "scary" weekend. I've had TOM riding piggy back all weekend, which has sucked, but I'm moving enough and eating little enough to have gotten back down to 152.4 today. So I am down three with five to go for this month's challenge (and quite possibly my Goal--that definitely deserves a capital G).

    NSV: I'm working an art fair all weekend, and for the first time ever I tried on a darling little dress handmade from vintage material at an artist's booth. It's labeled medium and it fit--I bought it! This calls for a celebration of sushi tonight...