September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Good morning!
    The day has come and today is the first day of my back to health plan. I was trying to make a plan ahead for the whole week but I kept putting it off until last night. Of course I couldn't get very far, but at least I got all of today figured out. Haven't been grocery shopping yet, which is a must do today.
    I am feeling excited about eating healthy again and feeling energized and more self confidence.

    Congratulations to terapet, Zinger for doing so well.

    TheBunneh: So sorry about your kitty. How was the official weigh in?

    LouisaH: Thanks for the welcome. Wow, 60 lbs in 8 months is pretty amazing. How did you do it?

    dcapulet: , maybe I'll race you for those 8 lbs.?

    Ms.P.: Glad you are feeling better already. DH just got sick, I need to stay far away from him.

    susiemartin Congrats on making your goal, and good luck with the next one!

    My Michelle
    : You are doing great! I know what you mean by wanting to get the weight off faster, but in my book, any loss is a good loss

    julie99: Hope you enjoyed your day off. I only weigh in once a week, sometimes I would peek more often than that, but always mindful of not taking it seriously.

    Aunty Jam :hugs: to you. LOL on the treadmill thing though.

    Ok ladies, off to do something nice and productive...or not...

    Talk to you later.
  • Quote: Ug... I am not doing well I haven't lost anything, it's a struggle just to get moving these days. I've been really depressed, I mostly post in the depression forum, I've been trying to branch out. I did get one piece of good news... my MIL finally dug out the manual for the treadmill she gave us and discovered it IS in miles and not in km as she told me. I couldn't figure out why I could run 5k outside but could only run "3k" on the mill. Yeesh. So I'm thinking of starting a new running program... maybe a schedule will keep me motivated somewhat.

    I'm sorry you are struggling with depression, been there. I think a running program with a schedule might help you and create some endorphins. It's gerat that you can run a 5k, maybe you can look for an interesting race in your area and have something fun to look forward to!
  • msP - glad you're feeling better!
    LouisaH - great job on the continued whooshes!
    newshinyme - (I love your name, btw) good luck on all the meal-planning. It takes a bunch of time and effort but really seems to pay off in results.
    AuntyJam - good for you for running - it can really help lift your mood. I read an interesting book a while back and it said that it can help your mood and self-image to work on really short term goals - say, for four days. Can you pick something you could stick to for four days that would allow you to celebrate a success? Like staying on plan for 4 days or 4 days without chocolate (or whatever your personal challenge is)? Anyway, hang in there and come tell us about how you're doing.

    My houseguests left yesterday and I'm getting back into normal life. Headed out for a walk with a friend after work and hoping to get in a run Wednesday. Hope everyone's doing great!
  • I pretty much haven't had a day on plan for a week, but I feel like I'm enjoying life and am able to do so without getting out of hand in my eating. I may not be eating for weight loss, but I could maintain like this. It's good practice. The problem is that I have nothing but difficult eating/drinking situations in my near future...

    My Michelle: I think I wrote that same post about wanting to lose faster a number of months ago! I remember when I was rolling right along, but so wanted to just BE THERE already. Now, eight plus months in, Newshinyme points out that I've lost 60 pounds in eight months, and it made me say Wow! So I know if I can do this, everyone else can, and soon enough, you'll be there, so just keep doing what you're doing! I think having the attitude of wanting to be there faster actually might have gotten me there faster. When I started, I lost 10 pounds the first month, and had seen others here on 3FC lose that amount consistently until they reached their goals. That was unrealistic for me, but looking back, who cares! Every pound is one pound closer and in the end my average was pretty good, and I'm soooo happy to be where I am.

    Newshinyme: I count calories (1200 net per day, meaning I exercise like a madwoman in order to get more calories to eat!), and I do circuit training DVDs, and zumba (on YouTube), and other cardio/aerobic stuff, all at home. I eat only real food (nothing processed, nothing "light", never fast food). I run a local combined Community Supported Agriculture and have access to all the fresh produce in season year round, so I'm totally lucky and spoiled.

    Dancer: thanks, but the whooshes got chased off by (over) eating and drinking. Good luck to you for getting back on plan. I have house guests tomorrow night, which means dinner out...

    MsP: Good work! Keep it up and grab that goal by the, um, horns!

    Aunty Jam: welcome and good luck! Hopefully some new, inspirational cheerleaders will help you with motivation and fighting depression. Whatever you do, stick with it, because there's nothing more motivating than success.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone.
  • Hi Loisa, Thanks! I think what you just wrote to My michelle was inspiring. We've all felt the way you described, but its nice to know you aren't alone. My goal is 30 lbs and I know I can do it if I stay on plan, and get up and move!

    i'm not weighing in today, I know that its a a bad day for that. Not because I've gone off plan, but b/c I feel bloated and have major cramps. I don't want to see whats going on with the scale right now. But the good thing is, if I wait two days to get back on I might see a good number!

    have a great day everyone.
  • I love this challenge so i'm in.
    Current Wt as at Sept 8: 178
    September Goal: lose 8pounds by Sept 30
  • Check In Time

    I weigh 223.0 this morning.

    I'm going out of town until next Tuesday. I'll be in NYC living in a hotel & eating out 3X a day and will have little or no control over my menu

    I'm planning on doing the best I can, but I'm worried I'm going to gain unless I can find a way to eat steak & salad for every meal (not likely).
    Wish me luck & I'll see you all early next week.
  • Good Morning Girls,

    I have been a bit under the weather lately. I haven't been to the Y since Sunday and end up taking naps instead! Haven't lost my appetite though. I am going to have to be extra careful with the calories until I get up and moving again.
  • Hey everyone... thanks for the boosts. I had a pretty good run last night but I also ate a mini blizzard I told my husband no more! They're just to packed with calories and I don't think I burn them all during my run.

    I've decided to train for a 10k. I can't enter any races right now but there's one next year I'll probably be able to do... after that, who knows.

    I haven't weighed myself lately... it's to close to that TOM.. ick. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or happy about that treadmill thing - LoL.
  • Hi everybody!
    No time for personals today, but hopefully tomorrow. Thanks LouisaH for the info, you must be so proud of yourself.
    Yesterday and today the eating has been good, I am counting calories and am aiming for around 1500/day. I under ate yesterday, I just can't seem to come up with enough calories to eat when I am filling my plate with healthy stuff like tons and tons of veggies, I also skipped my AM snack. I have to get better at remembering that it is OK to eat.

    Have a great day everyone. Oh and welcome to MaryOjo!
  • Good evening ladies! The day got away from me today, so this is my first chance to catch up on posts and say "howdy!"


    NewShinyMe-I was about to call you out. I hadn't seen you post since that first one and I was looking forward to hearing more from you, so I'm thrilled that you'e here and had a plan for at least 1 day. 1 day at a time works! It is SO time consuming to plan meals and count calories, etc. Just make sure you come on here so we can enjoy your company too!

    julie99s-The "how long?" is hard to say about my running. Here's the long and short of it: Did Leslie Sansone walking DVD's while first losing weight (winter '08/'09), Did C25K program after that (spring '09), Found a couple good 5k training programs on the same sight as the C25K and did those (summer/fall '09), Went back the Leslie Sansone DVD's again when the weather kept me inside (winter '09/'10), Re-did the 5K training (winter/spring '10), Started marathon training (spring/summer '10). I guess the Reader's Digest answer is that it took me about a year and a half, but it was a winding road, ya know? This marathon program took me from running 5-6 miles MAX to the 15 miles I hit Monday. I'm supposed to do 20 on my next long run since it's my last long run before the actual race. I'm not gonna lie...I'M NERVOUS!

    I'm happy to report that I'm down another pound or so today. Yesterday was probably the closest thing I've had to an OP day that I've had in a good month or so. It felt good to be in control of my food and have meals planned and not just eat whatever I see. Today has gone simalarly well, though I did sneak a treat after supper to curb a sweet craving. This weekend we're going out of town for a family tradition/get-together at a Rodeo. It's a great time, but food while we're on our way there and back is where I have to watch out. The food there isn't too bad. We all contribute and the same people bring pretty much the same things every year, so I know what to expect. I'm gonna go online tomorrow and figure out where we'll be at mealtimes on the trip and figure out my best food options in those towns. I don't want to undo progress, but I know it won't be my usual fare, so I most likely will stay off the scale for a couple days after the trip to give me time to detox! LOL Keep moving forward!
  • September Goal List
    Please let me know if any info is incorrect
    Also let me know when you reach a goal, so we can turn you Red

    Ms Perception: Lose 10 lbs, Track food and weight daily
    Rashomon: Lose 10 lbs, No fast food
    susiemartin: Lose 8 lbs, Weigh daily, Check-in 3X/week
    My Michelle: Lose 10 lbs, Weigh daily, Eat totally clean
    Zinger: Reach 162 lbs
    CardboardCutoutCat: Lose 6 lbs, Cut down on alcohol
    TheBunneh: Reach 173 lbs
    Lewisempire: Lose 8 lbs, Plan food everyday
    VickieLou: Lose 10 lbs, Read Beck Diet Solution
    dancerindenver: Lose 3 lbs
    Aunty Jam: Lose 8 lbs, Quit snacking/Watch calories better, Stop eating at night
    TERAPET: Lose 7 lbs
    dcapulet: Lose 8 lbs
    envelope: Lose 10 lbs, Stay on plan
    Risssa: Lose 10 lbs
    LouisaH: Lose 8 lbs
    onestar: Lose 10 lbs, Drink only milk & water (with occ. adult beverage)
    tamaraj: Reach 165 lbs, Find a fitness routine
    econ nerd: Lose 10 lbs
    nurse2be: Lose 10 lbs
    julie99s: Lose 10 lbs, Cut back on drinking
    FitVision: Reach 199 lbs, No regular pop
    bikini bod: Lose 9 lbs, Drink 8-10 glasses water/day, Plan meals for each day
    Newshinyme: Face the scale, Make a plan, Stay accountable on 3FC
    MaryOjo: Lose 8 lbs
  • I was on-plan and exercised today (yay!), but it was a challenge. I was surrounded by people offering food all day, ugh, I hate that. And it was all junky junk. I'm so glad I managed to keep it all together.

    Louisa, your progress is so inspirational, and you're right. Every pound is a pound in the right direction! Thanks for helping me focus on what's important!

    Welcome MaryOjo!

    Terapet, I hope you're feeling better, sometimes my appetite goes crazy when I'm sick, yuck! Hang in there!

    AuntyJam, Planning for a race will be great, how nice that you'll have it to look forward to!

    Ms.Perception, Congrats on the loss! I'm sure with some planning and a little bit of iron will you can stay in check over the fun weekend to come! You can do it!

    SusieMartin, You have an extreme challenge in front of you, HANG IN THERE! Don't be afraid to be pushy about ordering food that is on-plan for you, it is worth it!

    Zinger, I'm sending you some scale mojo for your next weigh-in in 2 days, maybe you'll get an awesome whoosh as a payoff for your patience!
  • Quote: I'm supposed to do 20 on my next long run since it's my last long run before the actual race. I'm not gonna lie...I'M NERVOUS!
    I'm nervous just READING about running 20 miles! All at once. In a row. With the same legs. That seems... well... super-human! You're so awesome!
  • Quote: I am feeling excited about eating healthy again and feeling energized and more self confidence.
    Isn't that a GREAT feeling! I think one oft he tricks is to maintain that sense of excitement throughout the whole process and into maintenance! It is a grand adventure, and we're all going on it! I hope you had a wonderful first day!