September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Hey girls,

    Ok weird but I've had a little whoosh too! Have been 175 for the past two days. Hope it keeps going down! Putting it down to the extra exercise I've been doing and cutting out the junk this week.
  • I sure hope the whooshiness is contagious, I wouldn't complain about a big dose of some of that!

    Congrats to you all whooshers!
  • Hi, remember me? I see a couple of familiar faces still around and a lot of ladies I have not met before.
    I used to be a part of this wonderful group about a year ago, then I started struggling and stopped coming around. Now, all of the weight I had lost has come back (not sure exactly how much because I've been avoiding the scale).
    I cannot keep gaining weight, my clothes don't fit anymore and I feel really crappy. It's time to get back to the healthier lifestyle I had adopted, I just felt so much better.
    Anyway, here I am once more. I still don't have a defined plan of action yet, but I will work on it on the weekend and post it here. For now, my goal is to face the scale, come up with a plan and become accountable daily with you.
  • Hey all! Woke up with the flu at 3 a.m., so just here to report that I'll be lying in bed foa day or 2. On the upside, I have absolutely NO appetite. Not exactly the way I wanted to lose!

    Welcome back, NSM! We've missed you!!
  • Quote: Fitvision, how exciting that you'll be breaking into ONEderland during this challenge!
    Thanks! I sure hope to be able to do that!
  • MsP: Get better soon! The flu is definitely no fun to deal with.

    And yay for all the other wooshes! I do hope this is a trend for Sept.

    I just got back from a doctor appointment, and lunch at the Olive Garden with hubby. I knoooooow I shouldn't have, but oh well I just won't have any treats for a while.

    We got a referral to a neurologist and they'll probably do an EEG to make sure everything is okay and that I'm not likely to have another seizure. And I'm not allowed to drive for three months, which I'm fine with since I have been putting off getting my license anyway.

    Oh, and I also just found out one of the cats back home either got hit by a car or attacked by dogs and will probably need to be put down.
  • Check In Time
    Ms.P - Hope you feel better soon!

    Yesterday was OP. Planning for another today.
    Hope your day is a good one
  • The Bunneh-I am sorry to hear about your kitty. Sounds like good news from the doc though.

    MsP-I had the flu earlier this summer and lost like 5 pounds. Not a pleasant way to do it though. Get lots of rest.

    I went hiking in the heat yesterday and got overheated and dehydrated near the top of a small mountain. What a dumb move on my part. Thankfully another hiker helped me get to the nearest road where my son met me with a car. I feel so bad for not making better decisions. I did about everything wrong except I did take a fair amount of water with me, I should have drank more before the hike among other things. Lessons learned though.

    Have a great day chicks!
  • MsP: I'm sorry to hear you're feeling yucky, that sucks! Flu in the summer is awful!

    Terapet: I'm so glad you're OK, dehydration/heat exhaustion can really knock you out!

    Bunneh: I'm so sorry to hear about the kitty, that's awful! I hope you'll be seizure-free from now on!

    I was on-plan yesterday but didn't see any movement in the scale this morning. I'm hoping to drop just a tad more before my "official" Monday weigh-in!

    Have a good, on-plan Saturday all!
  • Thank you all for your sympathies on the kitty. They did put him down last night because his injuries were too extensive. And he was, after all, 14 years old. Which I guess is pretty good for a cat (especially one that insisted on going outside). I just hate that he had to suffer.

    Terapet: Glad you're okay!

    Congrats to those OP yesterday.

    I was up to 174.8 this morning, which I'm actually pretty pleased with considering my unexpected woosh down and eating at Olive Garden yesterday. I'm going to keep an eye on fluctuations and reassess my goal sometime next week. Once I'm through 173 I'm in all brand new progress on the scale, and it would feel great to be there by my birthday (Sept 25th). It's the big Two-One. Can you say margarita? lol
  • Ms. P.: Thanks, I've missed you too. Feel better soon
  • MsP: feeling any better yet? Hope recovery comes quickly and with lots of weight loss!

    TheBunneh: Sorry about kitty. My fourteen-year-old cat vanished two years ago and I'm still not over it. Hope the neurologist gets you taken care of.

    NSM: I wasn't here when you were last--I started coming in January--but I'm glad you are back and being accountable to yourself. We're all cheering you on to get that weight back off and feel better again!

    TERAPET: My goodness, you be careful and get lots of rest!

    My Michelle and susiemartin: way to stay on plan!

    I woke up to another 1.2 pound loss this morning, so the scales and I are now BFFN (best friends for now), lol. Seeing 152.4 on the scale sure felt good, and put me over 60 pounds lost since starting Jan. 1. woot woot! I'm fantasizing about Moroccan food and am planning a yummy dinner--at least when I make it I can account for what's in it and track it properly. Let's hope it's not so delicious that I can't stop eating it!
  • Check In Time
    Yesterday was OP - planning another today.
  • I was on-plan yesterday, and I've worked out every day in September and eaten clean every day so far. Monday's are my official weigh-in, so far I'm down 4 for the week, so that is a great week for me.

    LouisaH: Great job, congrats on over 60 pounds lost this year, that is just incredible! I hope your Moroccan dinner was delicious!
  • LouisaH-Awesome job on the 60 pounds kicked to the curb! You are so close to your goal. Good for you!

    MyMichelle & susiemartin-Congrats on sticking to your plan. Way to go.

    I had a great day yesterday. I had Williamson's BBQ for lunch, went to the Georgia Tech football game (nosebleed section), and then dinner at Marietta Square with friends. According to my very unscientific calorie counting, I stayed within my calorie range but I wouldn't expect to eat like that everyday and lose weight. Yesterday also included my weekly alcohol ration so that means more calories dedicated to food today. We are planning to have a small family get together for low country boil. Yum.