September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Quote: Is anyone else getting nervous about the Labor Day weekend?
    Oh yes, I'm nervous. I made a special trip to the store today to make sure I was stocked up on my favorite on-plan meals so that I won't be tempted by the party food that I know will be around for the weekend. I'm already pysching myself up for the challenge!
  • I'm gonna hop in.

    SW 235
    GW 225

    I also would like to cut back on my drinking. I don't get trashed, but a drink or two 4-5 nights a week adds up. I haven't had a drink in 5 days (very proud of myself!). I'd like to limit my drinking to one day a week, IF I desire it. Haven't been interested in drinking since I've been working out daily.
  • I am jumping in too!

    Starting weight 205
    End of September Goal: 199
    I just want to get under 200!

    Other Goals:
    Exercise 3 times per week
    No regular pop
  • Fitvision, how exciting that you'll be breaking into ONEderland during this challenge!
  • I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm confident because now I'm being held accountable for my weight loss. Thanks for the nudge. I want to lose 9 pounds. That will put me at 159! Whoo hoo.
    sw 170
    cw 168
    sept goal 159
    gw 140
    8-10 glasses of water a day
    exercise 4x a week
    plan my meals for the day
  • Goal List
    September Goal List
    Please let me know if any info is incorrect
    Also let me know when you reach a goal, so we can turn you Red

    Ms Perception: Lose 10 lbs, Track food and weight daily
    Rashomon: Lose 10 lbs, No fast food
    susiemartin: Lose 8 lbs, Weigh daily, Check-in 3X/week
    My Michelle: Lose 10 lbs, Weigh daily, Eat totally clean
    Zinger: Reach 162 lbs
    CardboardCutoutCat: Lose 6 lbs, Cut down on alcohol
    TheBunneh: Reach 173 lbs
    Lewisempire: Lose 8 lbs, Plan food everyday
    VickieLou: Lose 10 lbs, Read Beck Diet Solution
    dancerindenver: Lose 3 lbs
    Aunty Jam: Lose 8 lbs, Quit snacking/Watch calories better, Stop eating at night
    TERAPET: Lose 7 lbs
    dcapulet: Lose 8 lbs
    envelope: Lose 10 lbs, Stay on plan
    Risssa: Lose 10 lbs
    LouisaH: Lose 8 lbs
    onestar: Lose 10 lbs, Drink only milk & water (with occ. adult beverage)
    tamaraj: Reach 165 lbs, Find a fitness routine
    econ nerd: Lose 10 lbs
    nurse2be: Lose 10 lbs
    julie99s: Lose 10 lbs, Cut back on drinking
    FitVision: Reach 199 lbs, No regular pop
    bikini bod: Lose 9 lbs, Drink 8-10 glasses water/day, Plan meals for each day
  • Well, I know it's late, but I finally got the list posted! Here it is ladies...we can totally do this. I know some of you set the bar pretty high for yourself, so let's expect the best for this month. Welcome to all the people who've joined, old and new. This is a great place for support and encouragement! Now that I'll have a little more time, I hope to check-in earlier in the day and cheer everyone on. I know I'll need it in return! Today I was down to 147.4 which was nice since it's progress in the right direction. Food hasn't been 100% OP still but getting better as I get rid of some "naughty" trigger foods from the house. That makes a big difference a lot of times.
    Speaking of the Labor Day temptations, DH decided we should have a grill out party with his family at our house, so I'll be surrounded by the stuff Monday. Moderation will be my word of the day that day! LOL
  • Yay, it's like old home week with familiar faces back! dancerindenver and onestar, good to see you again!

    August felt like a vacation from the diet (not really, because it was still really hard, I just feel lucky I lost anything at all). Now I am ready to reach my goal and begin maintenance. My biggest fear is that I'll get lazy about my calories before I establish a maintenance program. The object of my weight loss this time is to establish maintenance, not reach goal and then stop. As much as I wish this were a race to the finish line, I know that it's really a lifelong marathon. blah blah blah.

    The scales were friendly this morning with a 1.2 pound loss--I'm back to my ticker weight and almost back to the 153.6 pounds I saw last Saturday before I went on a vodka blitzkrieg. I ate over my calories today, but it's been a strenuous week, and my body told me I needed more food. I'm just hoping the scales will agree tomorrow morning.
  • Good morning everyone, TGIF! Is everyone ready to stare down the barrel of Labor Day weekend? I'm planning for success!
  • Wonderful List Ms Perception - Thank-you!
    Good Luck to Everyone!
  • I have not figured out any solid plans for the weekend yet. Of course I will try to be moderate and watch the alcohol but to tell the truth I would really like to stay in my losing place if possible. That is going to require more than moderation. I guess it will be a day at a time. Today there are no special plans but it is Friday so that could change. However, I am going to try to stick to my 1500 calories today and just eat the usual. Tomorrow is both a college football game and going out to dinner. No chicken wings and beer this year. Go Jackets!

    Ms P-Thanks for the list. Now it's official. Git 'er done.
  • Okay, well this is weeeeiiird. I weighed 173.8 this morning. I've heard people talking about "big wooshes" on the scale, but I've never experienced it! Oddness!

    I'm expecting it to go right back up of course, so I'm not considering my goal met. If it doesn't go up within a week or so I'll change my goal to a lower number. I mean I like it when things are easy, but it would be no fun being done three days in!
  • Thebunneh - too funny - same situation here (which is majorly unusual for me) - I weighed in at 165 yesterday, down 2lbs from my 9/1 weight and I never have whooshes usually. Just one more pound to meet goal for the month but like you I will lower my goal if I get there soon. Chalk this one up as a nice problem to have

    Off for a run and to do a bunch of errands prior to guests arriving this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend...
  • The Bunneh: Yay, a woosh! Maybe it's your body telling you to have more confidence and aim higher for yourself. lol.

    MsP: Since you're the hostess at your party, can you request certain foods from the guests (like salad or a bunny platter), so that you can be in charge of some of the the regularly high fat/cal dishes that you might want to eat--like potato salad desserts? Then you can make them a little healthier, or at least make some for yourself with less fat/cals before adding more to the rest. I find that I like hosting better than attending parties for this very reason. Good luck!

    My Michelle: I love the "staring down the barrel of Labor Day" line.

    I, like Terapet, have no solid plans yet, but am sure we will at least grill some meat, which is often enough to make me overeat--it seems ridiculous to grill anything substantial and eat a measly 3 oz., or whatever. I'm fantasizing about a smoked pork shoulder, but that is way too dangerous. I think I could put away a pound of that!

    I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I weighed in at 153.6 today, and worked out for a long enough time to cover my going out to lunch today!
    Happy Friday everyone! Plan well for the weekend and remember that we all have to check in for that accountability, so be good!
  • Dancer, you posted while I was typing, so I didn't see it before I sent. Congrats! Let's hope this is the major trend for the month. Maybe it's like when our TOMs all adjust to the same time--we're all going to drop a bunch of weight this month! lol.