September Weight Loss Challenge

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  • eh....sooo...goal for this month...
    a week and a half left...lets see....

    I'm 236... and almost I'll go for 230. 6 lbs..... how's it going everybody? hitting the tracks? The scary months are coming....I see Halloween sneaking up on me.
  • Hi, I am here and it's really late :P
    The last few days have been really crazy and nothing has gone according to plan food wise. I weighed myself this morning and even though I am down for the week, it's by less than a pound. I guess I should count myself luck that I didn't gain after the crazy eating of the past few days.

    Tomorrow things should be more normal, so I will be back and do personal and catch up with you all.
  • Had to look up my origina post. I'm down 3 lbs and getting in a bit of exercise everyday so woo-hoo for that! Just 7 lbs for my goal for the's gonna be close but I think I can do it!
  • Check In Time
    Yesterday was OP.

    My weight is down a little morning

    Planning for another OP day today.

    Hope your day is a good one!
  • I am off to DC this morning. Unfortunately the scale was up two pounds today. I am not sure why but I am a bit disappointed to be going on a vacation on that note. Goodness knows what my weight will be when I get back. However, I am excited to be going to DC so I will just have to get past it.

    Have a great weekend all.
  • September Goal List
    Please let me know if any info is incorrect
    Also let me know when you reach a goal, so we can turn you Red

    Ms Perception: Lose 10 lbs, Track food and weight daily
    Rashomon: Lose 10 lbs, No fast food
    susiemartin: Check in daily and Reach 223 lbs
    My Michelle: Lose 10 lbs, Weigh daily, Eat totally clean
    Zinger: Reach 162 lbs
    CardboardCutoutCat: Lose 6 lbs, Cut down on alcohol
    TheBunneh: Reach 173 lbs
    Lewisempire: Lose 8 lbs, Plan food everyday
    VickieLou: Lose 10 lbs, Read Beck Diet Solution
    dancerindenver: Lose 3 lbs
    Aunty Jam: Lose 5 lbs, Quit snacking/Watch calories better, Stop eating at night
    TERAPET: Lose 7 lbs
    dcapulet: Lose 8 lbs
    envelope: Lose 10 lbs, Stay on plan
    Risssa: Lose 10 lbs
    LouisaH: Lose 8 lbs
    onestar: Lose 10 lbs, Drink only milk & water (with occ. adult beverage)
    tamaraj: Reach 165 lbs, Find a fitness routine
    econ nerd: Lose 10 lbs
    nurse2be: Lose 10 lbs
    julie99s: Lose 10 lbs, Cut back on drinking
    FitVision: Reach 199 lbs, No regular pop
    bikini bod: Lose 9 lbs, Drink 8-10 glasses water/day, Plan meals for each day
    Newshinyme: Face the scale, Make a plan, Stay accountable on 3FC
    MaryOjo: Lose 8 lbs
    roxannestags: Be a continuous poster (5 days/wk), Follow diet plan all month
    Avezy44: Reach 175 lbs
    mystical: Check in 3-4x/week
    NightAngel26: Reach 230 lbs
  • NightAngel- You're on the list! So glad to have you back and know that you are welcome here. Weight loss is rarely an easy, straight road, but when you take the trip with people who care and support you that winding road is a lot more pleasant!

    NSM-'s today going for you? If you need a hand up back on the wagon, I'm here for ya! I've been having a lot of those crazy streaks of days where food was totally not what I planned. One or 2 good OP days can get you right back on track though.

    nurse2be-I'm glad you checked in and let us know how it's going. Yay on the keeping active! I'm also hoping for a tremendous end to the month to get my 6 more pounds off. I've stalled since week 1, but here's to finishing strong!

    susiemartin- Excellent return to OP days! You'll be sure to reach your goal as you keep up this renewed motivation.

    TERAPET-I can't remember if you said you'll be checking in while you're gone, but I hope your trip is great and (relatively) healthy! LOL I'm jealous and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    I almost forgot to post my update. Yesterday was day #2 OP and this morning I was back down within a couple tenths of my ticker weight. Tomorrow I would like to start seeing fresh, lower numbers. I'm off to run errands and then get a bunch of organizing done around home. Should keep me too busy to snack! Have a great day, ladies!!
  • I am so not reaching my 10 lb goal this month. I haven't lost a dang pound! I keep fluctuating between 235 and 237. I think the 233 weigh in must have been a lucky day. And after all the work I've put in at the gym! I seriously think the staff there would worry about me if I didn't show up one day lol.

    Oh well, at least the not drinking has gone well. I've noticed my body seems to metabolize it different now. I don't know if it's from exercise or just that I'm not used to it anymore, but after 1/2 a drink I feel it and don't want any more.

    Who knows, maybe 20 lbs next month lol
  • Same here The scale is not moving and I'm having a really hard time sticking to my eating plans. I also missed my run yesterday since I was showing an out of town coworker around and was tired and foot sore when I got home. I'll have to go some extra distance today but I know that won't make up the missed run. I hate missing my run! I sleep like carp when I don't run and wake up in the middle of the night (or 3:30am like last night).
  • Thank you Ms. P. So far it's been fine today, but I've only had breakfast so far LOL. Glad to hear you're getting back OP as well.

    I finally got to organizing a plan for the week last night thinking I would go shopping right after. Problem is, I didn't, by the time DH got home, it was close to 9 PM and we both were too tired.
    I hope the nice weather holds up today so I can walk to the store and buy what I need for the rest of the day.

    Sorry to hear about your scale woes julie and AuntyJam, I am sending you good scale vibes.

    Have fun in DC Terapet!

    NightAngel26: Very nice to meet you!

    Talk to you soon!
  • Well today at work was very busy and I am so tired but I am going to the gym no matter what. I usually workout (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat) but this week I had to trade Tue for Thur that means 4 days in a row at the gym.

    I do have a dilema though. I work at a Chocolate Factory in quality and I have to do taste test everyday. I am so scared that all those extra calories are really going to add up..... not to mention how sometimes just that taste makes you want more. Any suggestion on how to handle this issue?
  • I guess I am living the "if at first you don'tsucceed... try, try again" saga.
    I ended up having some trouble at the mexican food, the other night. I was doing good, had eaten no chips, but then the food order got delayed, so to compensate they brought out fresh hot chips, and I caved....but I did order the kids plat as planned. I will have to stay away from those kind of temptations for a while.
    I do have my day already planned for tomorrow. I know that if I give up, I will never succeed. So I will keep trying. Ok I am off to bed now....
  • Quote: I know that if I give up, I will never succeed. So I will keep trying.
    Couldn't say it any better

    Yesterday was OP, but my weight is up a little. Probably due to the full moon, humid weather & salt

    Planning for another OP day today.

    Hope your day is a good one!
  • Good morning all getting ready for work and I am still hanging in at 202 can't seem to break that mark this week but I am going to the gym and Friday is my workout with my trainer so hopefully by Saturday that will change. Have a wonderful day everyone
  • Hello everyone! I felt everyone else's rollercoaster feelings as I read through the posts from yesterday and today. I was so excited to come and say I'm finally down to my low for the month...sadly still only halfway to my goal for the month. I was even a little naughty yesterday with a candy bar, but I was within calories, so it all was fine overall. Now to do some quick personals before bed:

    julie99s-Do you know why you're not losing weight? Too many calories or too few? Not enough sleep or water? Just wondering. Other than an occasional stall when I was first losing, I think I've always know why I wasn't losing weight (usually by eating naughty/too much! LOL).

    Aunty Jam-Hope you're able to get back on your normal run schedule. I know it stinks when a routine is messed up when you're a routine kinda person. As you know, this month is just a blip on the bigger weightloss picture. You're slowing forming the good habits and routines to get you to the healthy person you want to be!

    NSM-Did you get to the store? The gorcery budget is a little tight here this month, so it's been an added challenge to not buy too much, but still keep the meals healthy. Good thing I love a good challenge!

    LE-Mmmmm...warm chips and salsa! YUM! Another reason I don't go out for Mexican very often. It's just too dang delicious! Good for you for sticking to the kid's meal, though. I'm not sure I could've done it. So, it's back to day 1 OP, no biggie. It just takes that one day to get headed back in the right direction! You got this!

    susiemartin-Glad you had another OP day, you're doing it! Forget the scale. You know you're doing the right things!

    Mystical-WOW! You're knocking on Onederland's door! I'm so excited for you. As in all things wonderful, patience is required, but it's coming soon! As far as the work have you handled it up 'til now? You seem to be doing just fine. I guess I would say do what you have to do tasting the chocolate, but maybe brush your teeth after ward or somehow "cleanse your palette" so you don't have that lingering taste in your mouth causing you to crave more sweets. IMO a "taste" shouldn't have significant calories to impact your diet, so I wouldn't even worry about it if you can keep to just the necessary amount for work purposes.