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Default Evening binges

Is anyone worse in the evenings?

I did so well yesterday and then hubby went out and I completely binged... I'm beginning to think this is impossible now.

I've tried so hard all week and 2 evenings out of the 4, I've binged and ruined all my hard work.

I wasn't hungry, I wasn't fed up, I was maybe a little bit bored but that's it - I just wanted to eat and eat because I could.

I think I need to get a couple of books or something as I really can't see that I can do this by myself...
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No, no, is never impossible!!!

Yes, I am far worse in the evening than during the day. Especially if I am home with nothing to do or go out to eat. I think you'll find that many here can relate to this...there's just something about that time of night.

However, the only way you lose is if you let this one slip up or "binge" bring you down completely. The one thing that I have learned is that I have to give myself credit for getting up the next morning and getting right back on track. Do you have any idea how many times I've COMPLETELY blown it at night?? I've still lost weight. The key is to keep pushing forward even if you feel guilty and like crap the next day.

Beating yourself up is the worst thing to do...just put it in the past and give yourself a pat on the back for continuing your efforts. You CAN do this.
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THinknPretty, you are so right! You can't let one mistake undo all your hard work. I am the worst in the evenings. Just give yourself a nice talk and a mental hug, and keep going. We're only human and we deserve credit for trying.
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ThicknPretty said it just right: you can completely blow it occasionally and still lose weight. The trick is to do well the rest of the time. That is life, reality, and for many people: maintenance! Don't worry about it or throw in the towel. Just consider it a day in the life of you. Sometimes you feel snacky, sometimes you keep it under control. It might help you feel more in control if you can allow yourself a bingey night once a week or something. That way you won't feel defeated and give up when it happens because you planned for it. Just work on balancing your good days with the bad and you will still lose and still be on plan.

I save most of my calories for the evening because that is when I NEED too eat. Some nights I cut back and back on dinner so I can eat something sweet. When I need my sugar, I NEED my sugar. But it's everything in moderation now, and it has to fit within my calories for the day. You have to set yourself limitations, but don't be so strict on yourself that you'll find it impossible and give up.

You can rest assured that pretty much every single person on this forum knows what you're talking about, and look at the success that so many have achieved. You absolutely CAN do this. The only thing holding you back is your mind. And you don't have to do this by yourself--that's why we're all HERE!
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You are def not alone with this! I have the same night even if I'm not hungry I always crave something (usually sweet). I have good nights and bad but like the ladies said you have to get up and try again the next day.Now if I could only stop the night eating all together lol
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i do the exact same thing >.< it makes me really mad maybe going to bed at a little earlier time would help if possible I know the last time I did it I was tired and did good all day but I just kept staying up for a few hours and then at 11pm I blew it with some crap lol so maybe make sure to go to bed a little earlier if you can.
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