Jump Start Challenge 7 day challenge.

  • Hey Ladies,

    So I've been looking for a good challenge to get me back on the wagon, and said, what the hey, why not just start one.

    I really want a quick challenge with a fast turn around. Its for those of us who want to start fresh but in a way that is not too much a knee jerk. Something we can ease into, that wont change our entire lives and schedules, but will point us in the right direction. I'm hoping to promote overall health rather than weight loss.

    This challenge is 3 fold - It's about exercising, eating right, and positive thinking. I feel like these 3 things are what lead to long term success, not necessarily calorie counting, or pound counting (though those are very important aspects of weight loss as well).

    I propose that who ever wants to join be ready to hit the ground Sunday 6/27 morning.

    There are no "yes you can do this" "no you cant do that"s to this challenge. Its all about being honest with yourself and doing the best for your body.

    Challenge Outlines:
    1.) 30 minutes pf physical activity each day (yes even weekends cuz 30 mins is nothing) - running, gym, dancing, even playing with the kids, gardening, or walking the dog count!

    2.) Clean eating. You all know what this means and it means something different for all of us. If you love eating greasy burgers have a sandwich instead. If you love fries, try a baked potato, if you usually eat an entire box of chocolates, have just a couple this week. Baby steps folks, baby steps.

    3.) Positive mantra of the day. Its a quote, or a phrase, or a few words that you let be the THEME OF YOUR DAY. Something that sticks with you, something you'll need to help get you through. Whether it's a hard work week, or you're attemping a new challenge or making new goals, or feeling depressed you'll need something inspiring words in the front of your mind to help you thru. Call it hippie bull**** but it really helps me. Choose a different mantra for each day!

    How about we format it like this:

    3.) "I won't worry my life away".

    If you succeeded that day on a part of the challenge then put in an emoticon and please also put your mantra for the day next to 3.
    If you know you didnt or weren't able to do your best you can leave that space blank but we would really love you to fill it in. Talk about why it was difficult for you today, how you can make it easier tomorrow, how you needed help, and we'll be here to support you.

    The person with the most emotis by Saturday wins the challenge.

    It's a fun silly challenge but it takes hard work and a conscious mind to be healthy and happy and it can all start here. It's all about taking steps towards becoming the healthiest you possible, inside, outside, and mentally.

    Join me please ladies! I need this!
  • I am totally in! I need this as well, for I'm just now starting over again with losing weight. So I think this boost will be very helpful for me!
  • i'll try it out!! i'm going to be gone for 5 of the days so i need something to keep me on track! good ideas!
  • sounds perfect for me! Im in
  • Not sure if anyone else remember about this challenge but today I did well!

    1.) I got my treadmill time done, about 37 minutes right before I went anywhere and did anything today! I thought about having an "easy" exercise, but then I thought, "NO! I want results!" So I walked 1.72 miles with a bit of an incline. THEN me and a friend of mine after church went to the park. Boy, it was hot. I was sweating bad! I possibly burned quite a bit more calories walking around in the heat!

    2.) I did good on this! Woke up, had a shake and 2 very tiny potatoes, with a little bit of butter and cheese. Then lunch, my friend drove to taco bell. Instead of having 2 things from there, I just one item, which is very good for me! Dinner, I just had some homemade chicken adobo and another shake. This is way better than what I usually do! Eating is my weakness in weight loss! It's time to conquer it.

    3.) "The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." - Charles DuBois I know! It's the quote from my status but it is my favorite quote and what I used for today
  • Aaaaah! I am so happy today. I fulfilled one of my life's goals of visiting The Sequoia and King's Canyon national parks and seeing the largest living organism on the planet! - the General Sherman tree! It was a fantastic voyage that I took along and was the perfect beginning to my week, this challenge, and a great eye opener for my entire life.

    1.) Camping so ate like crap.
    2.) Hiking, hiking, hiking -
    3.) So many amazing, and inspirational, and brilliant things were running through my mind on this trip. I met an old man, a John Muir impersonator, 75 if he was a day, on my trip this weekend and he told me something that will remain with me forever, simple and poignant: "Celebrate everything". I will Frank!
  • BTW, homie, you did friggin awesome today. Keep it up! and I love your quote.