May Wii Challenge!

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  • did my 60 min today so i'm 60/420
  • It was even hotter today but I got my yoga and strength routine in plus a tiny bit of obstacle course in to bring my total for the month (so far) to twice what my original goal was.

    I can definitely feel improvement in my routine - my form is better, I can stretch further, and don't wobble as much. This challenge has been good for me.

    I see jskinner is making up for lost time! I'd love to hear how the rest of you guys are doing!
  • I made it to 400 minutes, just 100 to go.

    Vlad-you kicked some major butt in this challenge!!!!
  • i'm at 121/420
  • 182/420
  • 304/420
  • Well, i only managed 16 minutes today but i did finally finish the advanced level of the obstacle course so that was very satisfying. The obstacle course and the game where you're wearing a bird suit and have to flap your arms really wear me out.
  • 365/420
  • Wow! You are really rocking that Wii!
  • me? what about you! you've done more time past your goal then i'll be doing total. lol! you're the one rocking the wii! awesome job!!!
  • If you'd joined this group at the beginning of the month just think what your number would be!

    I'm very torn right now. The Wii is at work (an hour away). Normally I go in on Monday's but this week our Monday meeting is on Wednesday. Still, I could go in and do work that needs doing today and bring home the Wii. I don't really want to go in but I do want the Wii...
  • Hello Ladies,
    I LOVE the Wii Fit... is anyone planning on doing this again in June?
  • 455 is my finishing number
  • I haven't managed to rack up my Wii minutes. I started P90X in mid-May, and it just wiped me out. Hopefully the challenge will be going on in June, so I can redeem myself there. I should probably select a more reasonable goal too, lol. I think aiming for 1200 (after initially starting late in the month) was a mistake. To everyone else who completed their minutes for the month, congratulations!
  • I just finished out my 500 minutes tonight. I didnt want to have just a few minutes left and not finish. Congrats to everyone that set a goal and succeeded.