5lb Challenge #108!

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  • Let's go ladies/gents. It's time for a new challenge. Post your starting weight (SW), current weight (CW) and goal weight (GW). Post as often as you'd like. The first person to reach their 5 LB Goal Weight wins and gets to start the next thread for the next 5 LB Challenge. Good Luck Everyone!

    SW: 262
    GW: 257

    I guess not eating that Dairy Queen and deep dish pizza last night my family had really paid off!!!
  • Sw: 238
    Gw: 233
  • Sw 194
    Gw 189
  • I think I'll hop in on this one. Way to go Farn--you're almost at 50 lbs. lost, wahoo!

    SW: 178.2
    GW: 173.2
  • Sw 159
    Gw 154
  • Ashley for winning the 5 LB Challenge!

    SW: 241.4
    GW: 236.4
  • Congrats farn00a57!

    SW: 203.4
    CW: 203.4
    GW: 198
  • Congrats Farn

    SW- 170.8
    GW- 165.8
  • Congrats!!

    SW: 192.4
    GW: 187.4
  • Count me in. Now that I'm nearing goal, I'm worried I'll sabotage myself.

    SW: 138
    GW: 133
  • Way to go Ashley!!!

    SW: 138.4
    GW: 135

    (I know it's not the full 5 lbs, but I don't plan to get any lower than 135, and at the rate I lose now-a-days someone else will win anyway! )
  • Woo hoo . . . hit the 20 lb mark today (my two month 3FC/weight loss journey anniversary).

    Sw: 238
    Cw: 236.5
    Gw: 233
  • thanks everyone!!!

    No change today, as I expected...

    SW: 262
    CW: 262
    GW: 257
  • I tried to sign up yesterday, but the site was down for me. I'd like to use that SW, but I'll use today's weight and give myself the added challenge (since I'm down a pound from yesterday's blip up)!

    SW: 133.2
    GW: 128.2

    MamaP-Congrats and happy anniversary !
  • Yay Ashley! Congrats!!

    For once I'm starting on an up day! Maybe I'll actually have a chance. Probably not! LOL!

    SW: 184.4
    GW: 179.4