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  • My due date is the 23rd. It is a girl her name will be Virginia Robin (Ginni). ummm anything else I am missing... yes I am ready to be done. I think that covers it.

    I am hoping in next couple of weeks to not gain any more maybe only a pound or two. I know last week I was eating a lot of sweets and not drinking enough water so that was that problem.
  • Hi Ladies.
    I am having a **** of a time lately. This morning I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my left hand.
    No weight lifting, no push ups, no fighting (I am really pissed about that one) for at least 2 to 3 weeks, maybe longer. Can my life get worse?!?
  • Good afternoon all,

    mrsaugie-I love your name choice. Glad to hear you are having a little girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice. My own daughter set me back big time for work clothes yesterday but man does she look stunning.

    I wore myself out already but have more to do. I rode my bike to the Y this morning for a step class then returned home to clean up and then off to the dentist. After the dentist, I stopped at the wine shop and grocery store. (I know, shame on me for the wine store stop.) Next, home again to put away groceries and have lunch with husband and two kids home from college. Last, I just got back from a short walk with the dogs. I really don't miss work at all anymore but I do need to replace the paycheck. The news is full of reports about the latest college tuition increase. Ouch.

    Today Oprah has a show on weight loss. Something about the magic bullet! Ha-Ha. I am planning to watch it anyway. So far today I am okay with the calories. I bought some healthy stuff at the store so I think I will do better than last week. Lots of fruits and vegetables and no chocolate cookies this time!
  • knobhdy-Sorry to hear about the tendinitis. I would be disappointed too except I would not miss push ups! You must be very strong. Will you be able to do cardio in the meanwhile or is that even something that interests you? In any case, I hope it gets better soon so you can get back at it.
  • Hey everyone! I hate to be a Debbie downer...but I'm having such an off day. I'm on plan with food and all, but I feel so tired and drained...probably cause TOM is here.

    I am officially DONE with my bachelor's degree. I graduate Saturday the 15th. So, I can't use school as an excuse anymore. Also, I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went very well.....so hopefully in August I will have my very own classroom.

    I'm excited about all that.....Today I'm attempting to get my house cleaned up. I am focusing on my kitchen and living room today.

    I have also edited my plan a bit. I have decided to focus on 3 pounds a week...only weighing weekly...1600 calories a day and moving as much as possible.

    Well...better get back to work on the living room and kitchen.
  • Terapet -- Thanks for your good thoughts. I like cardio, but I broke a toe a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't been walking or running. I will be going back to it now though. I should at least be able to walk, if not run for a while.
    I can also work on my one handed fighting on the PEL (punching bag) and I do need to work on the basics, so it isn't all bad. I am just really angry to be missing so much.

    Melissa -- Congratulations on your graduation. I have my fingers crossed for you and that classroom. You have more guts than I. Several years ago, I faced the choice of getting my teaching license or going back to school for something else. Now I have a couple of degrees in art history and museum studies and I work in IT. I love the students, I couldn't handle the parents.
  • Congrats Melissa! Degree and serious job possibility! That is super awesome. Don't be down. This weight stuff, it is just another part of everyday life. Keep working on it and don't give up but don't let it define you either. You are a great wife and mother and hopefully soon a great teacher too. That's what life is really about. Hope I haven't overstepped my bounds here but I am happy for you and I want you to be happy about it too!!!!! Woo Hoo Girl!!
  • Im still here. Been hiking my butt off. Last evening we hiked almost 9 miles got back after dark. we saw lots of deer. The sun set was awesome!! I really like the hiking on the trails.

    McMomma~ congrats!!!!! Way to go!!

    MrsAugie~a little girl!! Thats soooooo sweet Pretty name

    knobhdy That sucks! Hope it heals soon

    Terapet~Tessa~Dandimae Hi!!!!
  • Well, my husband left for Florida today for a guys golf weekend. I can't say that I'm not jealous. Boo on him. But I've been really good food-wise since he's been gone, so I've got that going for me.

    My friend has challenged me to exercise (walk, run, or elliptical) 50 miles by July, so I've accepted her challenge. This should be motivating.

    I love that name! I wish you a super speedy, painless labor and delivery!
  • alright so I lied I am watching the scale. I was the same yesterday as the week before on more week I would love to stay the same again this next Friday at my next appt. focus-focus- focus on what i am eating and drinking more how much is a better way to put it.
  • Happy Sunday,

    It is another beautiful day. I just cannot decide what to do with it yet. I might actually go to a park and enjoy the outdoors but my basement is calling me to clean it up. If I clean today, my husband can help, but after that he is traveling for the entire week.

    Anyway, the scale has hardly budged in the last two weeks. I am exercising like crazy but have not changed my food habits. This week I am going to start my food journal again. I am tired of food journals but it does often work for me.

    All this exercise feels GREAT. I love riding my bike and I am starting to up my weights in my body sculpting classes. I am so glad I have time for yoga again. Not only do I gain a ton in flexibility it is just so soothing mentally.

    mrsaugie-Won't be long now. I am so excited for you. Eat healthy!

    dandiemae-I love the fifty mile challenge. What is your favorite mode of exercise?

    Dixiemae-Your hike sounds lovely. Where do you go to hike? Do you hike with friends or family?
  • Hi everyone. I'm still here. Too busy lately to keep up with everything. I'm just going to try and keep from gaining. I'm 2 weeks away from moving to TN. I've got half my house packed.
  • Greetings All,

    I ended up hiking up Kennesaw Mtn yesterday. It is only a one mile one way trip to the top but it turned out to be a bit steep for me. I made it up but I walked very slowly. I think some of it was just anxiety. Whenever I was getting out of breath I started worrying I was overdoing it and felt like I might end up with a panic attack. I think if I would take off some of this weight, it would be an easier climb. Hopefully I can do it again in a while and have a better experience.

    Today I have to focus on the job search and eating right. I have nothing else planned until this evening when I go to the Y for step class and yoga. So far I had a strawberry, banana and yogurt smoothie. Delicious.

    sprklemajik-It was nice of you to pop in. Good luck with your move.
  • Good Morning Chicks,

    My weight was down a smidgen this morning. Yeah! I added a ticker to my signature. I have always meant to do that. I am really enjoying my sudden time windfall although I am not enjoying the job search aspects. I really have to get over that. Today I plan to spend some time with my daughter this morning and then force myself to work on my dull, boring resume this afternoon. I am going to have to find my inner warrior and just attack it!
  • Hi everyone~Today was the big day. I met my new Doctor. She seems ok. today has been a mixed bag of emotions.

    Today was lab work day at the doctors office. The good news is I weighed in at 152. Almost goal, I was happy for that. My doctor has left for a better position. Now I have to break in a new doctor. It has been over shadowed by stress that I have no control over.

    My precious sister is in the hospital with some sort of bug. She is very dehydrated. she started hullcinating. The doctor wants to keep her for a few more hours to make sure she is rehydrated and urinating before letting her go home. For some odd ball reason our younger sister is angry about the whole thing. There are 5 sisters :-/ I will call her this evening to see how she is doing.