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  • Came in at under 1500 cals yesterday. Excellent. Didn't get my windows/screens done because I had to go out but will get them done today.

    W -- yep
    E -- going on the treadmill soon; dog walk; cleaning
    E -- Had Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast . . . sweetened twigs? Blech. Don't know about lunch/dinner yet but I'll figure it out. Sounds like a plan, huh? lol
    D -- get the damn windows/screens done!
  • I'm in. A little slow to post my week 1 start weight, but better late than never. I was up a little this week after a 10-day vacation to visit my daughter, son-in-law and grandson (stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC). My goal for this challenge would be to get below 230.

    Week 1: 247.4

    W: At least 48 ounces of water
    E: Minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week
    E: Calories within 1400-1600
    D: Work on my grandson's scrapbook and continue organizing my craft room (it's a never ending project).
  • Emily~hot for you in PA, cold for us here in WA. This weather is creeping me out: hail, snow, wind, rain. . .O don't forget the blue sky. . .Ah April is here.

    Lts~I hope you're eating more than 700 cals for a day. I know its tempting to cut it all out, but you will lose more steadily if you eat more.

    MM~Keep it together, get in that walk!! You can do it!!

    Popcorn~ I'm glad to see you. Get back on the WEED with us!!

    Pink~ I'm glad you remembered us.

    I'm not sure if I feel better today or not. I'm stiff and sore (probably from laying in bed all day yesterday. I'm a little woozy too, but not too bad.

    Makenna made it 40 minutes before she wanted to quit at swimming last night. Monday it was 35. I think she will be ready for swim team next month.

    Tommy's swim class is tonight. I was so proud of him on Tuesday he did such a great job, I'm glad he wasn't able to get in the upper level class.

    This weeks journaling has opened my eyes quite a bit. I've really relaxed on my food intake. Mon~1650 Tues~1320 Wed~2420 (I cant believe how high comfort foods end up being.)

    W 80 oz
    E 35 elliptical interval/10 row/ 15 strength. I hope I can make it through.
    E 1500 cals.
    D shop for good healthy foods that are quick to cook.
  • Sooo I never got to laundry...tonight though!

    W- Shooting for 8 glasses
    E- Going to do stretch/strength for 30-45 minutes
    E- Still on Atkins...down 11 pounds since the 3rd, having bowel issues though but do not want to get laxis...blah maybe up the veggies
    D- laundry, bank, doctor and gas....and work
  • Kris~I didn't realize we posted at the same time How was your visit? I'm glad you came back and found us.

    Lts~I don't know alot about Atkins, but my sister did it for a while. Can you ad some powdered fiber into your diet? When do you get to start adding in your fruits?

    I took it easy for my workout today. I ended up running 35 minutes 3.15 miles. I didn't interval run today, but I did a bell curve run. then 10 minutes on the weights and I was done. I hope I shake this before tomorrow. (I start my long work week).
  • My goal for this challenge is to weigh 159 or less.

    W: 64 oz.
    E: wrkout 5xs a wk 27 mins to an hr a day
    E: Stick with my calorie shifting diet
    D: Keep track of my cals and the food I eat every bite
  • Jeni - thanks for the welcome back. My visit was AWESOME - but 10 days with my (16 month old) grandbaby would be great no matter what else we did. Went to the beach a couple of times, did a little sightseeing and had a baby shower for my daughter while I was there (she's due the first of July with another boy). I enjoyed every minute. While I was there my grandson started calling me "Ma" (for grandma), which totally melted my heart - even more than he already does. I was not able to get online much, but I checked in when I could, tried to watch what I was eating and managed to get in a few workouts while I was there. I gained a few pounds (around 2.5-4), but am already back down about 2.5 pounds since Tuesday. I took Tuesday off from working out (I was exhausted after getting in very late Monday night), but got right back on plan and yesterday back in the exercise routine. Had some good blood test results this week (my A1C is down to 7.5 from 12.1), am happy to be seeing the positive results of my hard work. My diabetic doctor was thrilled and today my regular family doctor called to congratulate me after he got my test results via fax yesterday.

    During this challenge I would like to get below 130 and plan to step up the exercise intensity (am looking for a zumba class to try). Keep up the good work everyone - I love 3FC and the wonderful support here.
  • Didn't get the dog walk in . . . ran out of time. Did finish the screens and windows and am just now (2:15pm) getting a shower. Have to run the boy down to get new glasses. I ate lunch too late and was too hungry . . I've eaten 1,000 cals so far and still have dinner to do. Did get done the tm workout -- 1/2 hr; 2.2 miles. Gotta run!
  • mjluva~

    Kris~I'm glad you had a good time. Great job on getting back into the swing of things. and great test results ~

    Anne~I hate it when I let myself get too hungry. Thats when I way over-eat. Normally I eat 6-8 times per day. small things.

    I'm not quite back to 100% I sat down after grocery shopping and fell asleep. I'm so glad that Tommy is a good boy. He snuggled me and watched TV for 35 minutes while I rested.

    Makenna's teacher signed her up for Young Authors (she was one of 15 kids from the kindergarten class last year). She forgot to tell us though, so we have to get her story together this weekend. She is a wonderful story writer, I have a few of my favorites. She wrote one story about a princess on a hill picking flowers. . . . she was taken by a witch and saved by a handsome prince.
  • Good morning. My work week begins today. Not to thrilled with it either. I didn't sleep well at all even though I'm exhausted.

    Tommy did great at swimming last night. This teacher is really going to push him hard. (although he likes to flirt with her)

    W 64 oz
    E 35 minutes
    E 1500 cals
    D watch my cals
  • Morning. Sounds like everyone is doing well!

    So glad it's Friday!

    W 100
    E not sure, definitely a walk again, maybe some elliptical time?
    E OP
    D Just taking things one at a time.
  • So I ate too many cals yesterday -- came in between 1600-1800 -- because I let myself get too hungry for lunch. I should have stopped what I was doing and eaten around noon but noooo, I figured I could knock out the screens and windows in like 1/2 hour. Took way longer than that and getting too hungry does set you up to just over eat. I didn't eat the house but ate more cals than I wanted. Today is a much quieter day and I will stay on plan.

    W -- always
    E -- going to go lift weights nwo and will walk the dog later
    E -- just ate a cheese round; eggs and grapefruit after I'm doing working out; lunch will be a veggie and cheese whole grain wrap (that I'll make); dinner ... not sure yet. Aiming for 1400 cals today.
    D -- take down the back door winter drapes and put up the vertical blinds; kill some weeds; possibly continue power washing the patio. Catch up on Grey's and Flashforward!
  • Yesterday was a bust again with the laundry...trying again for tonight. In fact it has to be done tonight because I have no more clean work shirts and need one for the AM lol

    I am going to go into phase two the start of May, and I am not going to lie...I am a little scared because I know I am going to gain some weight....eeeek

    Yesterday was so busy and crazy I literally only had about 350 calories, which is way too low. I am not sure how I functioned through work.

    W- Drink 2 44oz cups throughout the day, I learned that having it all in one bug cup, keeps me drinking it
    E- Tennis and strength
    E- Atkins, try to get in a decent amount of calories
    D- Laundry, laundry, laundry
  • Morning. Last night I went to the local Y and signed up for a free 14-day pass (I won't be able to afford to join after the 14 days so I'm gonna cram in as much as I possibly can). I did a one-hour Zumba class last night. It was fun, but so difficult. I really have no rhythm but there weren't many people there that were actually good dancers. I hung in there the entire hour and sweated buckets - so that's what counts. This morning I got up to go to a Cardio Kickboxing class but when I got up my blood sugar was only 59. Sucks that I had to eat 200 calories before my day really got started. I managed to get to class on time but only did 20 minutes. I was still a little shaky and was really lost with the moves. I will try again. I stayed well within my calorie range yesterday and drank tons of water.
  • i've been really on point this week (having 3 days off helps). planning to go out to dinner tonight so I've worked my exercise in to accomodate. I don't believe in "cheating", all about a lifestyle change not a diet...

    W: shooting for 64 ounces, doing much better this week
    E: on plan during day, will be splitting dinner out tonight to resist temptation to overeat
    E: swim today, my least favorite. Went for a 4 mile run yesterday and powered through some stomach cramps. Crummy time overall but good experience pushing through discomfort.
    D: positive attitude for the swim, being stressed about it just makes it harder