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Yay! Lost 2 pounds this week which is great because I've been stuck in the two-teens awhile. Was "stuck" in the 230's like forever, the 220's just "melted" off (yay!), and now the two-teens have been going very slowly. But you can't fail if you don't quit!

1. I will cross at least three things off my to-do list every day.
I'm out-of-town but that doesn't mean I can't do stuff ... so need to recommit to this.

2. I will exercise at least 5 days per week, even if it means just going for a walk. Today will be in NYC and walking a lot!

3. I will not eat after dinner is finished ... the kitchen is closed. Doing very well with not eating after dinner.

4. I will plan each day's food in CalorieKing ... doesn't mean I can't change it, but it will be a good blueprint
Nope ... being out of town, I'm not planning so well, but I am recording everything which has helped tremendously. It is so easy to eat more calories than you think you are if you don't track them.

5. I will do an unplanned kindness each day. HotWings if you think I am an aggressive driver, you should see my NY sweetie! Oh my goodness! Ok, I'm going to be very nice to everyone in the City today.

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Hey Chicklets,

I'm sick and feeling icky, but I still feel great and am still losing consistently. I'm at 181.8 and ready to be in my next decade. I am loving my new wardrobe of clothes from my closet, many I have hardly or never worn. It all adds to the incentive to keep going. Although I feel that I have abandoned a number of my five things to change, I think the two that I did change--not expecting to see a loss every time I step on the scale, and changing my attitude because being uptight and miserable about the weight loss wasn't working for me--have made all the difference in the world. I still am wanting to incorporate yoga into my workouts, and I got my friend's DVD, but it isn't an intense enough workout, so I haven't done it more than once.

HotWings: Well? What was your loss? If you're gonna cheat, you at least have to share! lol.

Glad to see everyone is doing well! Keep up the good work, and like my blood type, B positive!
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