5 Pound Challenge #103!

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  • Great job Krystal!

  • I'm in... this is my first challenge!!!
    SW - 227
    GW - 222
  • Sw:265
  • im ew to dis i will lik to join the 5lbs challenge
  • I'm in!
    Gw -246
  • My first loss in a while!

  • SW: 147.8
    CW: 148.0 +.2
    GW: 142.8

    Not sure what's going on as I'm doing everything I've been doing...hopefully not a plateau at this stage in the game!
  • Lauren, love the new avatar!! Look at you!! Your mind has got to be spinning with the speed of what you have done.

    SW: 195.6
    CW: 195.6 (It stuck! Yeah! New low.)
    GW: 190.6
  • SW: 230.4
    CW: 229.3 (out of the 230's!)
    GW: 225.4
  • congrats!!!!

    SW: 266
    GW: 261

    I'm hoping most of this is just water weight from my trip I just went on....we will see!!

    Lauren: look at that pic!! That is awesome!!! You look amazing!!!!!
  • Lauren, do you have before and after's posted??

    SW: 192.8
    CW: 192
    GW: 187.8
  • SW: 158
    CW: 158
    GW: 153

    No loss yet, but figured out why I was up so much yesterday - TOM has arrived. boo
  • Today's results

    SW- 184.3
    CW- 183.2
    GW- 179.3
  • Congrats to all of you that lost and all of you that are sticking in there!

    I'm still the same today.

    SW: 181
    CW: 181
    CW: 176
  • This is my first post ever. I would like to attempt this challenge
    sw 191.8
    gw 186.8