March Exercise Challenge

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  • Spring is around the corner and it's MARCH! Where ever does the time go? Let's not have it go by with us being less than our most fabulous selves!

    To those of you who would like to join in....please feel free. All are welcome and we are here to post our minutes/goals, ambitions and to hold ourselves accountable and to help support and encourage one another.

    We all have various goals and different fitness levels, there is no wrong or right here, whether it be 10 min. a day or walk 3x a week, etc. right up to some really heavy lifting and marathon training, we do it all around here. But the most important thing is that we all started somewhere.

    Exercise goals will be listed listed here, while weight loss goals, etc. will be listed in our sister thread, "March Weight Loss Challenge".
  • Thanks, tummygirl!

    For March, I'm going for 1550 minutes.
  • I am in again... I am shooting for 1200 minutes hopefully March will be the first time I meet my goal.

    I am sick right now but going to be better quick and step it up!! I have a lot coming up - college graduation in May, family reunion in June, and beach vacation in July so I want to feel good and look good!!

    Woo Hoo here is to March ladies!!
  • Thanks Tummy! I'm in for 1400 mins! Here we go again
  • Alright, my exercise goal for March is to run 50 miles.....I'm probably going to hate myself for posting this goal, but I really need to step it up!
  • Well, I'm so glad I finally met a goal last month. This month is time for me to get back to some more variety and work up my miles running.

    1. Run 3-4x/wk
    2. Swim 1x/wk
    3. Strength 1x/wk

    These are my minimums to get ready for races and keeping myself strong for the long haul. Whatever else I do is just for fun!
  • hmmm an exercise thread... let's see...
    well I've never done an exercise thread....

    ok so maybe go for 1,500 minutes of total exercise for the month and somewhere in there needs to be walking approximately 20 miles (on purpose!!). That should do it.
  • Well, seeing as I've fallen off the wagon with exercise lately (I'm totally blaming it on the loss of routine = no exercise) I'm going to give myself a little boot camp kick here.

    Curves Workouts: 13 (That's 3x per week but if I slack off at least this way I can force myself to go every day to make it to the number.)

    I'm also restarting the C25K since I've been out of running and I've never been happy with how slow I run. I'll start this March 8 soooo
    C25K: Through week 3 and at least 1x in week 4.

    Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.
  • Modest goal this month:

    Work out at least 3X a week

    Sad isn't? Of course I'll be shooting for more, but I don't want to get all gung-ho only to fall short again.

    Dang...I need some sunshine and warm weather so I can get out and RUN again!!!!
  • Okay, my first exercise challenge.

    I want to start doing yoga this month--the 30DS and Jackie Warner videos are making me feel like I need yoga!

    I want to work out 5-6 days per week, so 22-26 days.
  • Oppsy I forgot to post mine and Jessicado, we missed you!! And Sandye I'm glad to see you back and more challenge ladies too, I'm thrilled!

    Well, for me, hmmmm, I'm going to try out running a bit more but it's completely dependent on the weather and my legs since it is not comfortable to run on the treadmill and feels fine on the road. This week should be official marathon training beginning for my June 20 date but once again, I'll take it slow and see how things go. And then I've sort of fallen in love with strength training again and have really been enjoying that more too.

    I guess I will commit to exercising 6 days a week and that will give me the freedom to mix and match without feeling irritated if I have to change my running.
  • Exercise goal for the month:

    50 miles (WALK/RUN) on the treadmill!
  • My goal is 50 miles in March. Last year I logged miles, and it really kept me motivated. I count my miles as any purposeful walking/jogging, and nordic track. I know results happen quickly when we move!!!! Good luck all!
  • 03/01 - 35 mins elliptical 35 mins yoga
    03/02 -
    03/03 -
    03/04 -
    03/05 -
    03/06 -
    03/07 -

    Week 1 - 70 mins

    March total - 70/1400
  • This is my first exercise challenge and boy do I have some big goals. Seeing that the triathlon is now less 3 1/2 months away I need to make some big gains again.

    Swimming 35 laps with 1 60 second break. Any strokes.

    Running greater than 2 consectutive miles on the treadmill. at 5mph pace

    Biking add 2 miles/week right now I am at 5 miles per sitting.

    My plan is to workout 6 days per week. That should do it. Need to rest here and there.