5 pound Challenge # 98!!!!

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  • Everyone is welcome to join. Just post your starting weight (SW) and your Goal Weight (GW). Log in as often as you like and post your Current Weight (CW). The first person to reach their 5 LB Goal Weight wins and gets to start the next thread for the next 5 LB Challenge. Good Luck Everyone!

    SW 234.2
    GW 229.2

    OMG!!! I finally have gotten back on track. I am at a new low and love it. Thank you Body Bugg!!!!

    :c arrot:
  • Whoa Jello!! I was surprised to find a winner this morning! Good for you!!

    SW: 200
    CW: 200
    GW: 195

    I always like to see my new goal weight.
  • Jellofer2 on winning the 5 LB Challenge!

    SW: 232
    GW: 227
  • I am in again, and for many more times I hope.

    SW: 221 (no the ticker is not correct. I will change it.. soon.)
    GW: 216 (and boy will I be happy)
  • Great job Jellofer2!!! That was fast and amazing!!! Congrats!!

    SW: 275
    GW: 270

    I will be happy to almost be out of the 70's!!!!! Disco isn't my thing..The 60's are much more appealing!
    I will come post my weigh in in a few for start weight...I STARTED TOM So I hate to even look at what I weigh this morning! LOL
  • Congrats to Jellofer - great win!!!

    I'm sticking in the challenge, but wow, I lose so slowwwwwww.....

    SW 197.5
    CW 197.5

    Thanks for the congrats everyone Cheers me up to see how far I've come and not dwell on where I sit (and sit, and sit) now.

    Good luck all!!!
  • Woo hoo, Jello!!!

    Here we go again... c'mon, 160s...
    SW: 171.8
    CW: 171.8
    GW: 166.8
  • OK I'm in. After 2 years
    SW 145lbs
    GW 140lbs
  • Congrats jellofer!!

    kuchick - I absolutely LOVE your avatar!! Hilarious!! LOL!

    I haven't been in this challenge (nor on this board) for a while. Fell off the wagon, but determined to get back moving and finish this journey. So here goes:

    SW: 213.50
    CW: 213.50
    GW: 208.50
  • Congrats Jellofer! Way to go!

    I'm up from the last challenge, had a bad holiday weekend. But I should be back at my ticker weight in no time!

    SW: 215.8
    GW: 210.8
  • Congrats jellofer!! That's so awesome!!

    CW: 198.8
    GW: 193.8 (oh, how cool!!!)
  • congrats!!!!

    SW 243
    GW 238
  • I'm in
    This is my first 5 pound challenge
  • OK back with weight
    Sw 164.4(not as bad As I thought it would be since it is TOM)
    Gw 159.4