5 pound Challenge # 98!!!!

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  • Thanks!

    No change today.
    Sw: 200
    Cw: 198.8
    Gw: 195
  • Sw 279.8
    Cw 279.8
    Gw 274.8
  • Sw: 275
    Cw: 272 (-3)
    Gw: 270
  • I lied. I'm back here b/c I can't get myself on track. I'm really struggling and I need the daily accountabillity.

    SW: 136.4
    GW: 131.4
  • SW: 221
    CW: 220
    GW: 216

    Still chugging away.
  • sw 210
    cw 210
    gw 205
  • And Boy was it a good morning:

    SW: 221
    GW: 216
  • SW: 157.6
    CW: 157 (+.6)
    GW: 152.6

    Whoever said the last 10 lbs were the hardest to lose really knew what they were talking about. Ugh!
  • SW: 171.8
    CW: 174.2 eek!
    GW: 166.8

    I had an iffy Sunday followed by an iffier Monday: time to get back to work.
  • No change again. Somehow it's easier sitting UNDER 200 than over.

    Sw: 200
    Cw: 198.8
    Gw: 195
  • LBLAZY-I'm the spokesperson for "Trouble with Losing the Last 10 Pounds" I think! Some trouble was of my own making, but some has just been my body's refusal to let it go!!

    SW: 136.4
    CW: 135.6
    GW: 131.4
  • I am in been off track way too long

    SW: 213
    CW: 213
    GW: 208

    Good luck!
  • I'd like to join, too! 5 lbs will put me in the 150's where I cannot wait to be. It's also my goal for 1st day of spring challenge, so this is perfect!

    SW: 164.5
    GW: 159.5
  • Ok......Here is one for all of your that are struggling out there.

    I hit this 5 pound challenge at my lowest weight yet 234.4. So that is my starting weight. TOM came and went. It was my weekend off from work, so I did slip a little bit.

    Saturday was 240.0 Nice huh?

    Today 236.6 So, that is better. Moving in the right direction.

    SW 234.4
    CW 236.0
    GW 229.4

    Gotta stay focused.
  • Okay, my scale and I have reached a tentative truce. I bought a younger, sleeker model of scale, but that little snot weighed me 2 lbs higher than old faithful, so back to the store it went But now the trust is gone, and I'm sure that my old scale will find some way to exact revenge. Anyway, I'm back down after a water-retention, nasty virus, whine-inducing weekend.

    SW 197.5
    CW 197.0
    GW 192.5

    Good luck all!!!