G2010 Love The Skin I'm In Challenge (thru Feb. 14)

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  • Well, I am happy to report a good on plan day today so far!
    I had a good breakfast, snack, and lunch! I plan on having another snack in a couple of hours, and I have chicken thawing for supper! I'm thinking grilled chicken and some veggies!

    I'm working on my first bottle of water still but I plan on getting down at least 2 - 3 bottles today.

    I have done 25 minutes of wii active (which it said I had burned 220 calories) and I danced my butt off playing Just Dance for about 30 minutes.

    I absolutely LOVE my wii! I never imagined you could exercise and have this much fun!!! Well that is my update for now....I'm off to work on the mini challenges for the next challenge like I said I would earlier!
  • I am working on TODAY's exercise now, lol. WATP. I need to get my water in, my food plan is already shot. I can't seem to get that in order. But I am determined not to give up. I need to make a plan, and follow it, say NO more often, and find ways of cutting more calories every day.

    Olympics Tomorrow!
  • Hi everyone! I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend. I can't wait to watch the Olympics. No BL, no Brothers & Sisters, lol, but the olympics are great. Thank you Canada for hosting it.

    Melissa has great things in store, so be sure and come back for the next part of the challenge. It will be posted on Sunday morning ready to go. I'll still put the week's results on this thread though.

    Melissa has motivated me to carry on, sometimes we all need a little extra boost.

    Now to get working on my exercise, water and food plan for today.
  • Well....what happened to everyone? Did I run everyone off?
  • Quote: Well....what happened to everyone? Did I run everyone off?
    lol, I'm still around. I lurk a heck of a lot on 3FC, way more than I post so I'm always watching you guys and analysing your posts j/k

    So, this week has been alright. I think I may have gained slightly this week because although I haven't been particulary bad I haven't been really good either. Oh well, I'll have to see wat happens tomorrow. I'll be happy as long as I stay 146.8 or under because then at least I will have successfully completed this challenge. Yesterday I weighed myself and was 146.6 which is a bit annoying as that's a 0.6lb gain since last weeks weigh in. Oh well, I'll just have to see what the scale says tomorrow morning, the last day of the challenge! Well done to everyone for sticking it through by the way. I just love this challenge and I love everyone who has been taking part - I can't wait until the next part of the challenge gets posted.

    So, on to other things, what's everyone doing for valentines day? My fiance has agreed not to buy me chocolates which is a good and bad thing, lol. He's already bought me some gorgeous flowers though. We're planning to do dinner and a film tomorrow - we're going to go and see The Wolfman. Not the most romantic of movies I know but I love fantasy horror/thriller and so does my fiance so I'm really looking forward to it. And I'm going to be slightly naughty tomorrow. I'm telling you all now to get it off my chest but I am going to have a tub of popcorn at the movies, lol. I never eat popcorn at the movies but I've decided that I'm going to treat myself (or get my fiance to treat me should I say). Dinner should be okay - I'm going to be sensible.

    Anyone else have plans?
  • Happy Valentines Day everyone and congrats on completing this section of the challenge!!!! Whooo-hoooo! Everyone must spend the day letting their men spoil them and pamper them as a reward for all their hard work in the last six weeks.

    Well, I'm thrilled! I didn't gain this week like I thought I had - I lost! YAY! I lost 0.8lb this week and my weight now stands at 145.2lb! I made goal on this challenge with an excess of 1.6lb!

    See you all in the next challenge thread!
  • Hi everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day!

    I lost "Lucky 13" -- yup, 13 pounds since Jan. 1. I can hardly believe it. I'm very happy even though I didn't make my goal of 216 (which was overly ambitious, but that's okay). I made 219 and I am delighted with that.

    So, reporting in for the final time on this challenge. I did *finally* get into the two-teens just this a.m., yay yay yay!!!
    I only needed one pound to do it, but that pound took for frackalackin' ever!

  • Quote: I lost "Lucky 13" -- yup, 13 pounds since Jan. 1. I can hardly believe it. I'm very happy even though I didn't make my goal of 216 (which was overly ambitious, but that's okay). I made 219 and I am delighted with that.
    WOW! That is so awesome! I'm so proud of you!!!

    Now just think about what your gonna add to it with this next challenge!

    What plan are you following as far as diet/exercise?

    I gained again this week....which I though was kinda weird cause I put in quite a bit of exercise....but on the other hand I ate like crap!!!! Food is gonna be a big thing that I work on for this next challenge. I did lose 8 pounds over all so not too bad! I'm ready to add to it!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day! See you on the new thread!
  • Congrats on making it to the 2 teens CJZee !!! I got my big woosh this week after tOM left so I'm setting at 174 today which s great not quite the 6lbs I wanted but I'll take 4lbs . Happy Valentines Day everyone !!
  • Quote: What plan are you following as far as diet/exercise?
    Hi McKenziesmomma -- I am following a whole foods (only "real" food) low-carb plan AND also calorie-counting. No potatoes, breads, rice, etc., although I do very occasionally use Mama Lupe's low-carb tortillas. I keep my carbs low, between 20 and 50 net carbs a day, and my calories normally below 1500, but I allow myself to go above 1500 in the calorie department if I feel like it. I think 2300 or 2400 is the highest I have gone, though, and then very rarely.

    In fact, this last pound has been hanging on for a while and my calories have been on the low side for some weeks. Last night, though, I had some walnuts sitting next to my chair and I started eating them. I probably ate a cup, which is over 650 calories just in nuts alone! Obviously, that put me way over my normal calorie range. And this morning, I was in stronger ketosis than I have been ever AND I lost a pound. I think sometimes you have to eat a little more to shake things up.

    I do NOT normally lose this much in 6 weeks, I'm averaging about 1.5 lbs. a week but I gained some in December from a trip and I think it was partly water weight. But I'm happy anyway.

    Edited to add about exercise: I started (on March 10, 2009) with a personal trainer 2x per week plus 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week (walking and recumbent bike mostly). I did this up until about October 2009 when I traveled for a couple of months. Now I am doing an hour-long fitness class 3x a week that combines cardio and weight training, but the weight training is not nearly as harsh as with the personal trainer. I think I will have to up the weight training at some point as I think muscle mass is really key to weight loss.

    Thanks for asking! CJ
  • OMG ladies! I am so sorry I've been absent. My computer died...BOO!!!! So I've been out of touch and it has been so hard! So I'm back now. Peggy, can I weigh in tomorrow morning and send it to you? I've been crazy busy and just got back in to town...

    Life is crazy! I'm going to catch up on reading all the posts. I've missed everyone!
  • **This Week's Stats**

    No. Of People Weighed In 6
    Total Loss 4

    This Week's Biggest Losers
    Latchkeyprincess 3.6

    I think most of us lost our way on this last week.
    But a new challenge has begun.