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Ms Perception 01-04-2010 12:47 PM

For those who asked...it's NEVER too late to sign-up for these threads! You'll be added to the list the next time I post it (every few days), so :welcome3:

Normally, I'd attempt to welcome new people by name, but this challenge has exploded with new and previous participants (more of whom I'm hoping to see..I'm talking to you SANDYE and FSA) which has made that quite a challenge in itself. :) I love seeing so many on here and hope that doesn't intimidate some into not posting. Just let us know how it's going when time permits. We're here to support each other and learn from those who've experienced things we're going through and all that jazz.

SG-I'm glad the compliments are flowing in now. It is so much easier to notice changes when you're not with someone everyday. You're finally getting the kudos you deserve! :) You're welcome for the list...it's a doozy this time. Gotta love the new year and the new commitment it brings to healthy living!!

Bigmid-No problem! 1.6 gain from the holidays isn't bad at all. I wish I could say the same!

tyla-Keep up the good work! It's nice to have the list so we're all reminded what we're shooting for. It was another member's idea 6 months back or so and we've stuck with it because everyone seems to really like it.

As for me, I'm still working on holiday weight. Today was a serious workout day, trying my new ST'ing (2 thumbs up!) and including 30DS and WATP for cardio. I'm sure this will help me replace the fat with muscle. I'm looking forward to finding the weight that's right for me so I can rebuild my wardrobe!! (So shallow, I know! LOL)

sockmonkey 01-04-2010 03:20 PM

Hi all! So, I was up 2.2 lbs after the holidays and all the eating I did but the good thing is, I am back down 1.4 lbs as of this morning. I've had a rough start and plan to start exercising again today and really start counting my calories on the daily plate. Good luck to you all!!!

Taurie 01-04-2010 05:03 PM

I'm down 1 lb to 123!!

Slimming 01-04-2010 06:03 PM

I'm still 212 and holding...this scale better move soon or else....

jellofer2 01-04-2010 06:48 PM

ok. So my head is back in the game. Have done POP today. My unit at the hospital has started a biggest loser challenge which started today and ends on March 31. The biggest percent of weight lost is the winner. There are enough of us in that the prize is 150$. That is something to work for. A coworker of mine has challenged me She thinks that she can beat me. She is doing a largest loser challenge at her gym. But I know what works for me and now have the motivation to keep it up. I am meeting with the doctor tomorrow. I need to let him now that the carbs that hed put me on 3 weeks ago were too much for me to handle. I am going back to my atkins ways and going to start increasing my carbs by 5 each week. Then I can get control. I see the trainer saturday and have physical therapy tuesday and thursday. I have worked alot these past few days and then my grandmother was in the hospital since thursday. So if I wasn't at my hospital to work, I was there with her. But we figured out what to do with her and things will be good. TOM is gone, but not without a path of destruction in his wake. 242.6 this am. But that is ok. I only put on 2.6 pounds over the holidays. So I have proven to myself that I can maintain. Now we step it up and I shall overcome. Onderland here I come. I want to hit it by the 31 of march. I think that that would be enough to win the challenge at work.

Best dishes to you all. I am off to class now.


Dixiemae 01-04-2010 09:24 PM

Still holding at 166.2. Grrrrrr the scale better move soon or I will have to sacrifice a red ripe tomato (old joke from another thread). Im determined to get to 159!! Holidays are past. Exercise has been good. Why isn't the scale moving?

Muffentop 01-04-2010 11:58 PM

Happy New Year!

New to the site... but would like to participate in this challenge. I think I'll set my goal at a 10 lb loss. My current weight is 249.2

jellofer2 01-05-2010 12:34 AM

Welcome Muffintop!!! Good luck on your 10 pounds. These monthly challenges are great. Tons of support also!!!

MsP---thanks for putting out list of goals together!!! What a PITA that must be. Glad to see you again this month. Happy New you!!! and Year!!!

DixieMae--are you eating enough calories. Drinking enough water? Also, be patient. When we worry and fret over the darn scale (and I say this with experience) I think we tend to hold on to weight. Plus your body needs to readjust. It will happen for you.

Good night all!!!

Shrinking Girl 01-05-2010 08:26 AM

Hello Everyone!

tyla Woohoo, keep on keepin on!

bigmid Hey, that's a thought... I should start going to the bathroom on the other side of the school and up the stairs! Nice!

LaurenA WooHoo! That's the ticket, let's get the holiday weight off without kicking yourself repeatedly for putting it on... it IS the holidays after all and as long as you take it back off... then I think everything is peachy keen!

Gekster Sounds like you're off to a great start! Care to stock my fridge with fruits and veggies as well?

MsP Totally not shallow... totally practical. I'm so tired of only having the minimum of outfits to get me through the week. I can't wait until I start maintaining somewhere so I can buy me some clothes!

sockmonkey Glad the weight is moving off you fast!

Taurie Congrats on the loss!

jellofer Welcome back to the game, chickie! I hope you blow that challenge out of the water and shock the heck out of your coworker!

Well, I'm nearly out of time but wanted to check in. TOM, bless his heart is on his way out and so I saw 182.something on the scale today. I'm so happy I could sing! I'm glad to be back at work and back to my normal eating pattern...sooo much better!
I bought a pair of size 14 jeans the other day. They don't fit... nearly do but not quite yet. It's the first time I've bought a size ahead but I felt like I needed a motivator. It's odd how it's my belly keeping me from fitting into smaller clothes now, it was never like that before... always my big thighs but that running stuff sure has reshaped my legs!
Ok ok, I'm out of time. Have a great day everyone!

Dixiemae 01-05-2010 09:10 AM

Thanks jellofer2~I lost a chunk of weight and was so thrilled. I thought I would sail through the 60's decade and get stuck in the 50's. I forgot to be patient. I am too eager for results. Im active enough but may not be getting the calories I need. I will check in with sparkpeople and track calories there. I think it was Tummy that uses that sight. Thanks for the heads up jello I need it. I don't need to get discouraged now. I have lab work coming up next month and need to keep my nose to the grind stone! I hope you ace the challenge at work. $150 is a motivator and you can do it. Let us know how it is going.

RockyMtnGirl 01-05-2010 09:32 AM

Good Morning Girls!
I'm down to 137, so that means 12lbs more to go this month!
I try to do 1200 calories a day, and yesterday I somehow only hit 1000, I know one day wont kick your body into starvation mode... but if I continually hit 1000 for more than a couple days will it kick into starvation mode at 1000 calories?

Gekster: I always keep my fridge stocked with veggies and fruits, things I can grab quickly and eat and it helps me so much! Yummy! I also have a love of tomatoes and I keep those to eat like apples, lol.

LaurenA: Dropping 5lbs this month is something you can definitely do and then you'll wont have to thing about that holiday weight ever again!

dollypie 01-05-2010 09:42 AM

Good Morning Everyone,

Well two days in a row and I made it to the gym, not to mention we were not running late for drop off and I didn't forget anything. I even remembered by healthy snacks and all. Now I need to stick to plan today!

hotstuff 01-05-2010 10:49 AM

I'm down! OK, most of it is water and salt weight, but I'm down!!! Still waiting for my ticker to be active but I've taken off my holiday weight from 177 to my pre-holiday weight of 173 and now to 171.6 this morning! On top of it all, I was told yesterday by my chriopractor that I have sacriliac joint dysfunction - basically I overstretched the muscles near my pelvic bone. So, counting calories and eating a balanced meal has been super important!

Congrats to everyone who's doing well right now and I hope you all are getting rid of your holiday weights!

Bigmid 01-05-2010 11:06 AM

Morning all, wow some great results for some of you already WTG so early in the month. I only weigh in once a week, I think I could become obsessed or depressed if I stepped on the scale everyday. I had a good OP day yesterday and now I need to get my butt in gear and start back with the exercising.
Shrinking Girl - you should totally try the other bathroom and just see how much it adds to your workout....LOL

Ms Perception 01-05-2010 11:10 AM

Wow, ladies! So many are doing so well!! Don't be discouraged if you're not yet. It will come! Perserverance is the key.

I am SORE today from my new ST'ing which is awesome. Now I know it's working me nicely. Today is a busy day, so this is just a fly-by post to say howdy and I'm reading and keeping up with everyone. Keep up the healthy choices!

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