January Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Im in too.
    I've just joined and just decided to lose weight this christmas, so my first goal is going to be 5lbs in january and see how it goes from there
    I'm 210lbs at the moment.
    Good luck everyone.
  • I am in for 9 pounds gone by January 31. I gained 5 pounds in the last week of December, so I'm thinking 9 for the month is do-able. (You know how those quickly gained pounds can go quickly when they are jumped on immediately!) Ready, set, go!!!!

    1/1/10: 174
    1/31/10: 165
  • Hey Ladies!

    Happy New Year! I didn't get to do a work out today considering I'm so tired from last night. However, we're about to go grocery shopping and I'm so excited to start this new year, and new month off. I haven't eaten the greatest today, I've been lounging around too. I just wanted to read everyone's posts and check in!

    <3 We Can Do It Ladies!!
  • I'm just getting started. My January goal is 6 pounds and into onederland.
  • The new year brought me a cold...UGH!! I did manage a brief workout and have planned a good OP weekend of eating. It's ON! I have a few pounds to lose that I managed to eat my way into in the last week or so. I'll start with that and then work on "new" weight. I love it!
  • Hi ladies!

    My goal is to get to 185 and into the jeans that are hanging on my dresser mirror!
  • Count me in... 10 lbs for the month!
  • Starting off the new year with three parties in a row isn't a great way to make a fresh commitment. But I was aware of everything I put in my mouth, and I know that I can make up for it later. We have a full month to make it happen.

    Eye on the prize!
  • hi everyone, i'm new!
    my goal is 5 lbs for january.
    good luck to everyone and happy new year!
  • Happy Saturday everyone!

    The new year has been rung in with a visit from TOM and boy oh boy is he ever mad at me! It's so bad that I'm sitting here wondering if going to work out at Curves is a good idea. When TOM is this bad I usually call in sick to work and everything. I'm refusing to step on the scale also, I'm sure he's brought some water weight with him. So yeah, 2010 not my favorite year so far.

    Here's hoping everyone else has a great weekend!
  • Checking in!

    I'm doing a lot of cooking today for my diet. Yea!

    Jan. 1st - On Plan - Yes; Exercise - Yes
    Jan. 2nd - On Plan - Yes; Exercise - Yes

    I'm off to a great start!
  • Good morning, chickies. Considering what I did to my body the last ten days of December , I am pretty happy with the fact that I gained just .4 for the month. I am back on track now (the sweets are gone), and ready to finish what I started in July. Good luck to all of you! Wait, it's not luck. We are all in control of what we eat and how much (or how little) we move our bodies. So get moving! Don't you want to wear cute shorts come spring time?
  • My goal is to lose 10 pounds, and to be able to wear my favorite jeans without having a muffin-top
  • Off to a good solid start on eating, on plan so far, and with a plan for the rest of the weekend. Now I need to start planning out meals (at home, at work, and for the kids) for my first full week of 2010
  • Count me in too. My goal for January is 10 pounds. I am just starting over and the pounds usually come off pretty fast at first.