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jellofer2 01-28-2010 02:20 PM

Thanks Mystical!!! Glad to hear that your knee is finally ready. I know the feeling with bum knees. Got one of my own!!! It feels so good to just get on the treadmill and go. run like the wind.

Nella---thanks for the wishes. I think I finally got my brain back in gear and can see the 220's in my future. 235 on the 31st. that is the plan. Focus, stick to the eating and the workouts and it will come.

Have a great day ladies!!!

LouisaH 01-29-2010 12:59 AM

Hey everyone. Good to catch up on everyone's progress. So I ordered a scale on ebay on the 21st. The next day, I got the tracking number from UPS, but every time I went to see the progress there was no info. They just put it in the mail TONIGHT. And it's not scheduled to arrive until the 3rd. Grrrrr.

But my unreliable scale is acting annoyably reliable today and reading 206. I think I saw 205 last week, and I've been exercising and eating religiously (okay, I'm not religious, but if I were, this is how I'd do it), so it was looking like I might go beyond my goal. Now I'm hoping just to make it! I am not going to let myself get discouraged, because I am seeing and feeling results physically, so screw the stupid scale. It's not my friend anyway. I really just want to reach my final goal by my birthday in November, so if I don't do it by July, I'm not worried. ****, I'll be happy to get there whenever I get there!

I had a beer tonight. It was sooo good. Just one. Mmmm. American Pale Ale. Still under calorie goal for the day. Congrats to everyone who has already reached their goal, and good luck everyone else. Let's slay these last few days of January!

Shrinking Girl 01-29-2010 08:24 AM

Hey everyone! I will be back to post personals later but I had to come in and say that.... as of this morning.....

I've lost 50 lbs!!

jellofer2 01-29-2010 08:56 AM

Nice job Shrinking girl!!! You are 1 pound away from goal!!!! That has got to taste better than any food we could eat!!!! I am proud of you!!!

LouisaH. Hopefully your new scale will cooperate. I got stuck on a plateau for almost 3 months and it was rough. What saved me were the physical changes that I was seeing in my body. Keep working hard and the numbers will follow.

Well ladies, 235.6 this am!!!! So 233 is my documented goal for this month and that is the aim. I really do think I can hit it this month. I also missed out on the 5 lb challenge. But I have posted a goal weight of 230. OMG!!! I haven't been there for ever. LIke 10 years for ever!!!!

I do have to say this though. I am a bit nervous about being smaller. What is it gonna feel like? How am I gonna look? Will I have what it takes to keep it off?

Does anyone else ever have these questions?

Best Dishes to all my peeps!!!

Summer2010 01-29-2010 10:04 AM

Good morning everyone,

Shrinking Girl, congrats on losing 50 lbs. That's awesome. Keep up the good work!:hug::carrot::dizzy:

Jellofer, thats great! You are almost there, almost to your goal. You can do it.:carrot::carrot:

Well, today at my WW meeting, I was up 2lbs..WTH??? Yesterday on my home stace I was 234.8 and this morning I was 237.2. Must be water weight because I stayed within my points yesterday...it's impossible that I ate 7000 calories to get 2 lbs. The scale is playing tricks on me...nonetheless, it'sfrustrating as ****. My TOM just finished and I am so mad!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Bigmid 01-29-2010 11:27 AM

Hi everyone I have been MIA for over a week now and so far have only read this one page. I will read up but I will say congratulations to everyone who has losses and to those who already made goal for the month. Congratulations to Shrinking Girl for the 50lb loss...WTG
I am now where near making it for January it took me til this week to get back in the game from Christmas. So now I sit right at the lower end of where I started. But at least I am back at it now and February will be a new month with new goals. Have a great day everyone, I'll be back after I've read up.

Tummy Girl 01-29-2010 11:57 AM

Let's see how fast I can type, ready set, go!

Nella - Well at least you sound happy :) attitude makes so much the difference. Oh yeha it's almost February and time to put that stuff in working order, awesome!

Helpmelose - :wave:the nitty gritty end does take awhile, I feel ya there.

Summer - Congrats on those 7lbs chickie. That's a marvelous hunk of weight and probably some to spare. WTG.

SG - A few things...first you're butt is second to none, vanity (aka butty confidence) is sexy so shake that thing. Second, omg, that's 50lbs, that's 10 dancing fatties! Remember when you had 1? Wasn't that long ago if I do recall. And lastly, yes you do look skinny, that side shot, brilliant, I'd get you a parade if it's wasn't so frickin cold out there. And yes, it's started in full force but I'm a huge nerd, I love studying, learning and getting good grades :o It's a curse, lol. Had some tests and things so far, working through some big assignments and trying to balance family, me time (running :))and school is the biggest challenge. It's good practice for when I head back to work in a few years. Missed you and Sandye is MIA right now, I'm getting worried, I will email her, ok done.

Nella and Dixiemae
- Awesome, a pair in the 150's so exciting, congrats to ya both!

Jellofer - So glad you made it back out, that carb ocean is sticky! I think the answers are, it's feel awesome and scary, it's goona look sexy and hot, which is scary and if you can get it off you can keep it off, beacuse you'll just be doing the same things anyway. MsP mentioned fanthom fat awhile ago and I've since looked into it too, it appears that those of us who were heavy through adolescence have a harder time accepting thinness later in life since so much of our self image is cultivated through those years. I have trouble thinking I'm thin, I don't think fat anymore for sure but pictures of me now I find shocking, I'm not prepared that I look this thin. It's a weird issue, but I'm working to get everything in line as part of my thin forever plan. Cuz if I don't feel I'm thin then God knows I'll find a way to get fat again.

- I hope you make it, you are doing great keeping at it, yeah you!

Louisa - You're right, the scale is just a tool that tells us information, it's neutral, I say that in my head everymorning, lol. I have no doubt, that by July you'll be celebrating the milestone that SG just hit or beyond and wondering where the time went.

MsP - missing you and hoping that move is going as smooth as moves can go.

Well that's all folks, must head off to the treadmill location with daughter in tow today. She likes to draw while I run, it's pretty cute to see the pictures of me running. She likes to make huge ears like dumbo right now, no wonder I'm so slow! I'm enjoying this 3 year old stuff, it's hilarious.

Two days to give it our all ladies. ttfn

Nella 01-29-2010 01:29 PM

Shrinking Girl - :hug::D:bravo::cp::cb::dance::dancer::high:

And all the other good stuff!!! Amazing job!!! You work those new pants girl!!! We are all so proud of you!!!!!

jellofer2 01-29-2010 04:12 PM

Shrinking girl---I just took a trip to your blog. How awesome!!! Vanity is sexy so work it!!! I am able to buy some of my clothes right off the rack and only have to get xl. and not from the fat lady store!!! Woohoo!!!

Awesome job to all you losers out there. February is gonna be a huge loser month. I can feel it and the planets are finally getting their acts together.

2.4 lbs until the end of the month. I gotta do it. Went grocery shopping this am. Godd times. Kicked it with the trainer. My DH and I booked our 10 year anniversary vacation to disneyworld. We leave 4/29/10. I am pushing for onederland by then. Happy day. The best part about it.....I get to buy all new clothes. Nothing I have will fit. Even with a belt. The belt wont fit. :)

Tummy- thanks for the pep talk. My trainer and I talked about that this am. I said I still feel I look like I did 43 pounds ago. He says nope. You are your own worst critic. So with that I bought and XL tshirt today and felt somewhat better. I have this total body image issue going on right now. I get so frustrated going shopping and trying on clothes. I feel very sefl conscious and have issues with my husband and I. SOmedays, I see the change and others I feel I look the exact same. I will try and figure out how to post some photos. I have a new chicken in the crock pot recipe going on. So it smells super. I have to figure out the cals and carbs and such. It is lower in carbs, but I am not sure about the rest of the data.

This weekend should also finally show a a change in my numbers for the biggest loser challenge at work. I will finally put up a minus!!!! How big it is we shall see!!!

Love and light to the peeps!!!

Taurie 01-29-2010 05:39 PM

Ahhh, I wish I had time to catch up! Maybe Sunday. In the meantime have a great weekend and I hope you all have big losses on the scale. x

mystical 01-29-2010 08:02 PM

Do well today, but TOM has come and I can feel the weight just coming on I am back up by 3 lbs so hopefully it won't be to bad tomorrow... I am hoping that it will be down for the end of the month weigh in wish me luck either way I am feeling so much better, more energy, and I am so proud of us for making better choices in our life and we are finally getting everyone feeling better. The only one that can't do so much is my son with the broke arm so I am thinking he can just get on the bike at the gym and keep up with the cardio at least and maybe some lower body weights

I be back later to do some personals... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

Shrinking Girl 01-29-2010 10:31 PM

Hey Chickies!

Whew, what a loooong day! Finally have a moment to catch up on the personals...

Nella yay for getting into the 150's! I also have some pruning sheers if you need some help with those thorns! Thanks for the compliment also, I think everyone I know has seen that shot now, I'm just so pleased with it lol.

Dixiemae Happy Birthday! Anymore when I am faced with cake I have a moment where I remember this scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic where the big magazine woman had come to Rebecca's parent's house to offer her the job... and the mom offers her cake and she like has this ridiculously small sliver... cracks me up every time.

mystical Glad to hear you've got the ok to work out again, that must be a relief.

LouisaH Keep your eyes on what's changing with your body and you'll be fine... sometimes those numbers stick like they've been superglued but all we hafta do is keep on truckin and they'll move eventually!

jellofer Isn't it crazy how we get used to being large and it starts to define who we are? I've often wondered how I'd feel if I were to achieve what Tummy and Sandye have and I'd be scared to death I couldn't maintain it. This is why I've always said I"m not doing anything in this "diet" I don't plan on keeping up for the long haul. You'll be fantastic being smaller, you'll see! Also.. I totally remember the day I bought a regular XL... congratulations to you!!! It's a big moment! Careful or you'll end up shell shocked at the number of store options you now have for buying clothes!

Summer Ugh, I hate it when the scale jump up like that... and it nailed you on weigh in day, too... sucky. You're right, it's probably water weight so drink lots of water to flush it all out and you'll shock them by being down 4 lbs next week!

Bigmid As I always say... if you can't make goal... at least your numbers went in the proper direction!

Tummy OMG, can you believe I forgot to put that 10th dancing fattie out? How could I forget??? It does seem just like yesterday when I put my first one out having decided to do one ever 5 lbs instead of 10 so I felt like I was making progress! You girls have made all the difference! I'm so glad that someone else out there is a big nerd like me who loves to learn! You kick butt at your program because I know you're going to be GREAT when you complete it (you know, because you already are!).

Man, it feels good to be back here. I missed you girls! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

LouisaH 01-29-2010 11:24 PM

Happy Friday! It feels like a day to celebrate for some reason...probably because it's been such an emotionally depressing week. But I've always loved a Friday. Thanks everyone for your encouragement.

SG--looking hot! How proud and awesome you must feel. It shows in your enthusiasm. You are a rock star!

Jellofer--I think I'm right there with you for the 2.4 to go for the month. I'll be sending the good vibes out for both of us!

Mystical--I know the feeling. But it sounds like those upward pounds will drop right off and more, what with your extra energy and being so committed.

Tummy--remember, Dumbo can FLY, so you're good to go!

Bigmid--everywhere you go, there you are. And now, you're here with us, so let's all go there together, because we're heading in the right direction. That would be forward!

--did you steal my scale? I swear. WTH indeed. Let's see what next Monday says, because the month ain't over 'til it's over!

I realized that the UPS email I THOUGHT was my scale coming was something else. The scale may or may not be coming at all. On the upside, the unreliable scale has been acting far more reliable the past few days (or at least consistent), so I'm going to stop wrestling with it, and try to sweet talk it into telling me what I want to hear. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Taurie 01-30-2010 04:24 AM

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say that my scale in now teetering on 120!! Don't think I'll make my goal of 119, but I'm sure I'll be there early Feb.

Tummy Girl 01-30-2010 10:49 AM


Jellofer - that's a great idea, put on clothes that didn't fit before. And you are doing awesome, 43 lbs doesn't fall off by accident but it sure does take some getting used to.

Taurie - Yeah! Congrats Taurie that's fantastic. You never know what tomorrow might bring, maybe a new weight decade!!

Mystical - darn TOM, at least you'll get a nice whoosh when things are over with all that nice healthy eating. How long does that cast have to stay on?

SG - Oh that's better, 10 little fatties, they are hard to count though, with all that dancing they're doing, lol. I have to agree with your strategy too, weight loss is really the same as maintenance with a few less calories. I literally added an extra snack to my day, after dinner, that's the only difference. But I guess the biggest difference from my previous attempt at weight loss was I did crazy stuff to lose it so there was a point that I needed to "stop" And stop meant getting fat again too. It's so nice to have you back :hug:

Louisa - That ebay person needs to get a fire under his(or her) butt my goodness. But at least you're earning some nice numbers regardless, that's gotta feel good.

I'm heading off to write a research paper on the differences between dynamic and static stretching prior to power, strength and endurance pusuits. Oh feel free to envy me, it's alright. And when that outline is done I need to study up on the skeletal system to get ready for my test next week.

On the unfortunate side of life, I have some kind of hip/hip flexor/upper thigh inflammation going on that was a bit bothersome yesterday during my run but it loosened up as I went. It appears that today it wants me to really notice it so I will be taking a break from running for at least a few days to rest, ice, repeat. I'm not scheduled to run until tuesday (a massage on Monday, woohoo!) and I hope that it feels better by then. I'm going to be mindful of resting it, don't want to jepordize my marathon efforts that start end of February.

Scales up a couple today but that's what happens when you have popcorn for snack ;) Have a great Saturday and finish this month strong!

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