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Tiffrutherf 01-11-2010 12:00 AM

Well I'm going to bed now. Just want to say that I did not eat before I went to bed...I always like to turn in on a full stomach, but not tonight. I'm not hungry, just want something to do I guess...but not tonight..I have been back in forth to the kitchen 3 times..Now I'm taking baby and we are going upstairs to bed..see you ladies tomorrow..SCORE ONE VICTORY FOR ME TONIGHT!

BrainBabiesBe 01-11-2010 08:02 AM

OMG! I did it (???!!!)
I weighed in at **175** this morning. I checked three times and the scale still said 175. I met my monthly goal and have lost 3lbs!

wow. it is actually happening.

Stunned with happiness*,


* I've been really depressed about my weight and lack of progress. I needed this for motivation.

Shrinking Girl 01-11-2010 08:20 AM

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick drive-by this morning. Scale says I'm down to 178.8. Again I will see if this number sticks around. I'm highly skeptical of me losing so much weight so quickly. I mean.. holy crap, I'd love to be in the 170's and if I keep this up I'll be at goal by the end of the month but seriously? Something's gotta be going on that just ain't right!
Have a great day!

shea5 01-11-2010 10:49 AM

I've been a little scale addicted this week, but then my period showed up so I was hoping for a maintain, but I did manage to lose 1.8, down to 253.2, so almost 1/3 of the way to my monthly goal :) can't complain about that, and hopefully I'll see some more of the hard work paying off next week. Great job everyone on your losses so far.

Nella 01-11-2010 11:28 AM

BBB - Congrats!!! 3 pounds is great!!! Keep up the great work!

Tummy - glad you are back home in your element.

Ms. P - Quit being so hard on yourself!!! You've done something amazing!! You've made goal and now exceeding it.

SG - Just accept it hon - you're melting away!!!!

Shea - yay for you!! Keep it up!!

Tiff - You too!! Great job!

Sandye - Where ever you are - come back to us soon!

LTTG - Hope things are going well for you!

Ok, running out of time, so *wave* to everyone else.

I'm closing in on the 150's. I was 162.X for 2 days, but I was up this morning a little. I know why...but I'm not worried about it. I have been taking Sunday as a free day that I don't count my cals. I had more salt than I normally would because I ate out for breakfast & lunch.

I'm trying to get back into my workouts. Been doing some crunches, squats, leg hops, free weights for arms. I'm ready to get some cardio in again. It's really starting to show on me. I weigh 10 pounds less now than I did at my wedding. When we went away for New Years, a lot of family I haven't seen since then said I looked great. I feel good, which is more important, but I have to not get too comfortable, because I want to feel amazing, not just good.

A few small NSV's. I don't really have full length mirrors in my house, but my mom does in her bathroom. Well I previously had not liked what I saw, but my thighs were noticeably smoother on the sides than a few months ago. I never really had cellulite per say, but there were some lumpy things going on. The lumps were all but gone yesterday though. Also, when I lay down now, I have hip bones. I know that sounds weird, but my stomach goes flat enough to make my hip bones stick up higher than my tummy. It may seem weird to everyone else, but it made me happy. The scale to me sometimes isn't near as important as the physical things I see. Oh, and I wore a pair of jeans that I bought well over 4 years ago and have never been able to wear because they wouldn't go over my thighs. Not anymore. Fit perfect in teh thighs, too big in the waist.

So there you go, my weekend in a nutshell. Have a great day ladies!

jessicado22 01-11-2010 01:46 PM

Hiya ladies.....long time no see! I was incredibly busy last month so I didn't have time to get on here much. And then I took some time off dieting for the Holidays. Well, took time off might be putting it mildly as the scale was up to 240 when I stepped on last week for the first time since before Christmas. 240!!!! I weighed 224 before I jumped off the wagon. I couldn't believe it......bad Jessica, bad!!!!! Now not only is the scale up 15 pounds, but I screwed myself doubly because I could have been 15 pounds lighter than the 224 if I had just stuck to my guns. So instead of being 210...I was 240! Crappy decisions really do bite you in the rear I guess.
I heaved my fat a** back on the wagon last week, and when I weighed in today I was down to 231. I have my first tattoo ever scheduled Feb 6th that was supposed to mark the 199 mark. Now I am hoping to have it mark the 100 pounds lost mark, which means I have exactly 4 weeks to lose 21 pounds, which I doubt is going to happen, but I am still going to try my best. Maybe if anything, I will have lost 100 pounds by the time the tattoo is done (it is going to be a whole arm sleeve and going to take at least a few sessions).
Well anyways ladies, I wanted to check in and say hi since I have been MIA forever. As much as I would love to be a regular again this month, I am not sure if I am going to have time. I decided to go back to college this month, and between that and 2 jobs and being a single mom, plus the extra exercise time I am just swamped. I committed to the Biggest Loser Challenge and so am going to try and use my extra time to log in there on a regular basis to hold myself accountable. Hope to have time to make it on here eventually though. Hope everyone else did better than me recently and that you all are getting where you want to be! :)

Ms Perception 01-11-2010 03:00 PM

jessicado-Thanks for checkin' in even if you can't commit here. It's good to know you're back on track and taking care of yourself! Best of luck with college, too!

Nella-I know. I know. I had to have a talk with myself again about appreciating where I am and being patient. I may have been a bit too convincing though. I think my body thinks I'm in maintenance! LOL

SG-Don't make me come over there! ENJOY the scale victories! Don't question them. If you feel fine and you're OP, then you're body is clearly in the mood to reward you. The rest of us wish we were so fortunate!

shea-Good job getting 1/3 of the way! That means you're ahead of the game. Keep it up and you'll keep motivating the rest of us to follow your good example. :)

BBB-WOW!!!! Great job on making goal!! I guess you underestimated yourself. Now that you know what you're capable of, you're well on your way. I'll mark your goal as met (red) on the list. Would you care to make a secondary goal so you have something to shoot for for the rest of the month?

Tiffrutherf- Awesome victory over the late night eating! That is one I had to conquer too. Keep it up!

I'm having a good OP day, but I am still suffering from a larger than normal appetite. I'm not sure why, so it's hard to combat. TOM is here which means this should've gone away, but I'll deal. I'm feeling good about where I'm at and I'm very much looking forward to getting on the treadmill at the school once we move into our house. I think part of my lack of satisfaction I've had with my body recently has to do with missing running and the help it was providing in slimming me down. I'm better with it now since it's only a few more weeks and ultimately, I feel good at this weight. I just would prefer to be down a bit more before I "stick" with a weight.

Ms Perception 01-11-2010 03:01 PM

January Weight Loss Challenge List
If there is anything missing or incorrect, please let me know. :dizzy:

Summer 2010: Lose 15 lbs (10% loss)
Mikan: Reach 150's
JazzyPeggy: Reach 275 lbs
laurie78: Lose 8 lbs and Fit in or be close to size 10
MelO: Lose 8 lbs
Delphi: Lose 10 lbs
DixieMae: Reach 159 (lose 5 lbs)
LouisaH:Lose 10 lbs to reach 203 lbs
Shrinking Girl: Lose 7 lbs to reach 177 lbs
JudiAB: Lose 5 lbs
Tummy Girl: Maintain at or below 135 lbs and body fat of 21-22%
sockmonkey:Lose 10 lbs
PrairieChick: Lose 10 lbs
tigga: Lose 10 lbs
Taurie: Reach 119 lbs
tyla: Lose 5 lbs to reach 140 lbs
Late to the Game: Lose 6 lbs
NebraskaGirl: Lose 7 lbs
Ms Perception: Fit comfortably into size 6's and reach 24% body fat
jellofer2: Reach 228 lbs
busymovinmama: Eat fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains everyday
BeautyandtheBeast: Lose 10 lbs to reach 148.8 lbs
RockyMtnGirl: Lose 15 lbs
Shea5: Lose 14 lbs
Gekster: Reach 271 lbs (lose 7 lbs)
Slimming: Lose 10 lbs
Miss Mallee: Lose 10 lbs
nellonello: Lose 6 lbs
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
bbybear712: Lose 10 lbs
trishn222: Lose 6 lbs
princess2323: Lose 5 lbs
MeoxMix: Lose 8 lbs
shutterbug84: Lose 12 or more pounds to be at or below 200 lbs
jazzafg: Lose 5 lbs to reach 205 lbs
kris2008: Lose 9 lbs to reach 165 lbs
MotherMe: Lose 6 lbs and get into Onederland
canadianangel: Reach 185 lbs and fit into the jeans on the mirror ;)
Hannahs Nana: Lose 10 lbs
jiggles77: Lose 5 lbs
Jessie Rose: Lose 10 lbs and wear favorite jeans without muffin top
rubyru: Lose 10 lbs
Bigmid: Lose 7-9 lbs to reach Onederland
Emilia LaCasuela: Lose 8 lbs
helpmelose: Lose 9 lbs
hotstuff: Lose 8 lbs
Lori Ann: Lose 15 lbs
jleeson: Lose 6 lbs and fit into size 34 jeans
girlieyorkie: Lose 8 lbs
ShellyK0622086: Lose 10 lbs
Sunflower38: Lose 10 lbs
dollypie: Lose 10 lbs
LBLazy: Lose 10 lbs to reach 165.2 lbs
tryintoloseit4good: Lose at least 5 lbs
KimL1214: Get back down to 260 lbs
VickieLou: Reach 220 lbs
Muffentop: Lose 10 lbs to reach 239.2 lbs
christies6pack: Lose 10 lbs
BrainBabiesBe: Lose 2-3 lbs to reach 175-176 lbs
LaurenA: Reach Onederland
bigmomma: Lose 8 lbs
Nella: Lose 8 lbs
ilunikavi: Reach 205 lbs
Scatterheart: Lose 10.8 lbs
Tiffrutherf: Lose 10 lbs to reach 239

hotstuff 01-11-2010 04:15 PM

Down 4.4 pounds for the month!!! I've had to stay away from a lot of activity due to lower back problems but now they're fixed and I'm so happy that the weight I lost was due to eating well and keeping my portions under control (no pun intended)! Today will be the first workout I'll be able to do since Dec 30 but I'll take it easy and work back up to running soon! :carrot: :carrot: I get an extra 600 calories on my cheat day!

Taurie 01-11-2010 04:24 PM

Wow! Everyone is doing so well. It's so motivating!!

mystical 01-11-2010 06:52 PM

Just a quick run by. I won't be here tomorrow going to the city with hubby. I am planning on getting to the bulk store while I am there so we can get all our new foods that the dietician gave us... I will check in later to let you all know how things went with that.. Hope you all have a great night :)

JazzyPeggy 01-11-2010 09:15 PM

I like this thread. My goal is to reach 275. Currently I'm at 280.4 and yo yo'ing between 280.4 and 279.6. I want to average 5 pounds per month in the new year, so I'm going to round January down to 275. I usually weigh in on Sundays.

1/1/10 280.4
1/3/10 280
1/10/10 279.4
Goal 275 or less

BrainBabiesBe 01-11-2010 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by Ms Perception (Post 3088979)

BBB Would you care to make a secondary goal so you have something to shoot for for the rest of the month?

Hi Ms. P:

Hmmm, it's tempting to think "more weight loss" ... but I'll go with "complete entire workout schedule for Jan" instead. Want to be slow and steady with this. I'm still trying to change some really fundamental food-behaviour-emotion patterns.

Thank you for maintaining this thread -- it's a huge help to read what people are doing.


Shrinking Girl 01-12-2010 07:57 AM

Hey Everybody!

I'm incredibly tired, had a rough night last night. I wanted to say jessicado I missed you and I hope you'll check in every now and again!

The scale read 178.8 again this morning so I've updated my ticker. 4 lbs left until goal. Color me stunned. I missed last night's work out due to work obligations and I barely slept last night so I didn't wake up early to go in to Curves this morning. I'm hoping I feel up to it tonight but if not, I don't think I'll beat myself up over it.

I wish I had time for more personals but duty calls. Have a great day!

dollypie 01-12-2010 10:00 AM

Down 5lbs to 191!!!

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