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Tummy Girl 01-09-2010 01:19 PM

Morning Ladies!

Tyla - it happens to everyone, it's all in how you handle the setbacks that separate the losers from the bigger losers. You're still diong good, you just had a moment when you didn't make the best choice, heck I used to do that with boyfriends all the time!

LouisaH - Isn't that the truth, it's nice to have an outlet here to blabber on about this or everyone in our lives would poke their ears out.

Tiffrutherf - Congrats on the baby first of all and way to go on getting on top of things so quickly, my c-section was three years ago and I just finished getting off that baby weight, lol.

Kris - That's fantastic! 3 pounds in a week is marvelous, don't forget to give yourself credit too, that's 10500 calories of deficit and that sure doesn't happen by accident.

Jellofer - I think we need to talk with your body

SG - :carrot::carrot:on that dancing fatty and doing so well. Sounds like the brains not catching up with the pants size yet, lol, it takes a long while for that to happen, I think, I'll let ya know ;)

VickieLou - :wave:

RockyMtnGirl - WTG on 4lbs in 9 days, brilliant! All that running around is sure paying off, lol.

I'm finally unpacked and laundry is almost done, just the sheets and things today. I feel about a million times lighter today after my first day back to unprocessed, whole happy food. Even eating carefully (most of the time) I almost looked pregnant when I got home from all the bloat, it was terribly uncomfortable. It will still be a few days until I'm back in fighting form as they say but I'm hoping to get over to dh's work to bust out some running on that treadmill later this morning which always makes me feel a ton better.

School starts on monday too so that will be interesting to incorporate into my schedule but hopefully I'll be learning something useful, then I can share it here.

Alrighty talk to ya later!

Ms Perception 01-10-2010 12:35 AM

Tummy-Glad to have you back! Did you get lots of compliments on your new bod? I bet it was wonderful!

Tiffrutherf-Welcome and congrats on your baby and the weight you've already lost!!

Today we had a nice day with my folks and I was pretty good with food. It was a rest day for exercise, though there was lots of laughter to burn cals! :D I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We're going to see the progress on our house and drop off the last few light fixtures that we chose that need to get installed. We're closing in on the home stretch...just a couple more weeks and the house should be very near completion!! YAHOOO!!!!

Slimming 01-10-2010 03:16 AM

Checking In...I'm down 2 lbs. So, I'm 210. I'll take it!

Taurie 01-10-2010 04:57 AM

Delphi - sorry to hear about your loss. it's hard no matter what the circumstances. don't be hard on yourself for feeling the way you do.

TummyGirl - Welcome back! Hope you had a good holiday.

LouisH - cooking meals and eating with coworkers sounds fun... but also challenging to keep it healthy and light.

Taurie 01-10-2010 04:59 AM

Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm down another to 122 lbs. The real challenge will be to get past 121 as I always seem to get stuck there.

Dixiemae 01-10-2010 12:06 PM

Weighed in this morning.
sw 166.2
cw 164.4

almost 2 pounds. Yeah slowly getting there. My daughter weighs 154 an inch shorter than I am. I get an idea what I will look like when I get there. I am sure the doctor will want me to loose more pounds. One step at a time. I will know more when I have my next lab work up.

Tummy Girl 01-10-2010 01:24 PM

Morning Ladies,

MsP- Oh how exciting, I bet it feels like a hundred years you all have been cramped up in the MIL's. Not only will it be nice to have it done but think of all that space, lol. yes, it was a crazy blur of visits and seeing countless people but it was great fun. There was a number of people who didn't recognize me until I spoke and then just stared and couldn't believe it. My dh's grandmother was the funniest, she would interrupt herself all the time and comment how it didn't seem like she was even talking to me. I did have a few "you're too skinny, don't lose more" but I'm firmly rooted in my health and exercise so I'm not worring too much about them. How did your Christmas visiting go?

Slimming - Wicked awesome, doing fantastic, congrats!

Taurie - Wtg on the 122, and this time may be different, you might just blow threw that 121 this time. Holidays were great but it's so nice to get back to routine, I missed running so much and control over my food in general, I do love routine :)

Dixiemae - Congrats on the 164, fantastic! Being that we're the same height, you'll be in the healthy BMI range at 154 so how much farther does the doctor want you to go? But I guess it does depend on that bloodwork, lol, I'll just answer my own question.

Did something this morning that I haven't done in almost a month, I ran outside! Yay, it was so nice to get off that treadmill and just enjoy the great outdoors at 7am. We're in the midst of a warmer spell, and it was 15F this morning, gorgeous, didn't even need gloves. Also the nice thing about outside is that I can get my run finished first thing instead of waiting for dd's nap time, total bonus.

That's all for me this morning, time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations and tidy up some. Still haven't gotten back to my 135 lbs from before holidays but it will come, I just seem to have lost my patience! Have a great day ladies.

Tiffrutherf 01-10-2010 01:53 PM

Tummy and Perception- Thank you for the big welcome:hug:!! I have been on the weight rollercoster for a while but when I got pregnant the message really hit home.
I am 5' and I have not been under 235 in 12 years. Well when I got pregnant with my last DD (I'm 36 so I'm done) I had gestational Diabetes and I weighed 295. I had to have a c-section above my belly button because my "apron" prevented them from getting to my old c-section scar. I was so ashamed. On top of that, I had to go to the University hospital because the doctors in my town were to scared to do the surgery:kickcan:...

Surgery was risky because of my weight and health. I vowed that if baby and I made it off the table alive, I would do something..I was not longer going to let my weight control my life or take it from me.

For 12 years I have given up on dressing nice, I wear sweats everywhere. I try not to go out too much because I'm just so ashamed and when I do, I try to go unnoticed, no fancy clothes make up, nothing that makes me stand out. I pray to God that we (my husband and I) don't get invited to weddings where I have to meet new people..I have been a prisoner of my body for 12 years (and 3 kids didn't help).
So when I came home I weighed 260 post baby a awesome jump start.. I decided to breastfeed with that, and just plain running after kids, got me down to 250..

Yesterday and today I worked out, but my eating habits need work (and since Im the cook..well)! So thats where I stand now!!

girlieyorkie 01-10-2010 02:05 PM

Congrats to everyone who have met their goals for the week.:congrat:

I was aiming for at least 2 pounds weight loss this week, but I only managed 1.8 pounds.:mad:

Well, I just need to try harder next week.:(

:goodluck: to everyone.

LouisaH 01-10-2010 05:18 PM

Sabotaging myself: we had a party yesterday. Having people over is the only way we can get the house clean...but I didn't put enough healthy food out for myself. So I consumed way too many calories (and wine) and didn't have time to exercise (that getting the house clean thing, plus party food prep). Today I'm back on plan, but sheesh, why do I keep doing this to myself?

I managed only 1.2 pounds this first week and am hoping I can get a higher weekly average than that or I'll never get rid of 10 this month!

Bigmid 01-10-2010 09:21 PM

Delphi- so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you and your family.

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days I have caught up on the reading but will start our fresh as far as the writing of events. You gals have been so busy losing weight I can't keep up. That's awesome, keep it up you can all do it.

As for me only down .6 this week. I don't seem to be motivated yet. I need to get out of this funk. It is purely mental I know that, it's time to get my head in the game and then my body will follow.

trishn222 01-10-2010 09:45 PM

down 1.6 this week only 4.4 to goal

jellofer2 01-10-2010 09:58 PM

Tummy---- My trainer had a talk with my body yesterday. We both think I haven't been eating enough. So I am trying to be more concious of what I am doing thru out the day. Just about made my quota for today. So, I will just have protein water tonight or protein soup. Something before bed so that I don't wake up starving. Worked out hard yesterday and today. Todays calories out 3016 total calories in 1680. I am hoping for a decrease tomorrow. Because I have burned way more than I have consumed. But apparently my body likes to hold to this weight. Trainer asked how the first
40 pounds came off. I said it was pretty easy. He says the next 40 I am gonna earn 1 by 1. But it is all worth it. I love the changes that I am seeing except for the hangy skin, but that will tighten up with STing. Which I am addicted to. DH bought me a new yoga matt and 10/15 pound kettlebells for my birthday. My parents also bought me the Ali Vincent book. She was the first female winner of the biggest loser. I have read the whole book and it was just what I needed. She said losing weight is a simple mathematical formula. Calories in versus calories out. We shall see what the scale holds for the morning. I will make 228. What I am afraid of though is my muscle development. Is it slowing me down? Or was I truly not eating enough? I had some strawberries this weekend. MMMMM! First time in 5 months. :)

I am so excited for your new house MsP. I remember what it was like when we were building our house. STressful, but very exciting.

Best wishes to all of you. We can do this.


Ms Perception 01-10-2010 11:05 PM

Well, I didn't make the progress I hoped for this week. I just figured I'd get back down to pre-Christmas weight no problem. No such luck, I guess. I hear ya on the lack of patience, Tummy. ;) I then told myself, "You weigh what you did in high school, woman. No worries!" It'll come in good time.
Yesterday at my parent's I ate fine, but probably over did it on calories. It was hard to keep track. Today I was okay, but we ate out for lunch and I'm guessing it wasn't as lo-cal as it should've been. Also, I was busy watching the Packers lose their play-off game, among other things, so I missed my workout. Due to space limitations, I can't do it once the kids go to bed. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. I have good healthy things planned for the next few days to be on track and make sure I head in the right direction.

tyla 01-10-2010 11:52 PM

Louisa and Tummy Girl, thank you soooo much for your words of encouragement. Just to let you know, I got back on track yesterday and today and feel so much better for it. I now have that momentum going again.

Ms. Perception, please change my original goal from 10 lbs. to 5. I think I got a little too ambitious. Thanks for all your hard work.

Congrats to all who lost weight this week, and good luck for continued success!

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