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  • Hi all,

    I'd like to join the challenge. I managed to lose a half pound over the last two weeks - hey, it's only half a pound, but over the holidays so that feels pretty great. I'm at 205 which means I am 5.5 pounds from onederland which is SO close but I've been inching down forever. First I wanted to be in onederland by Labor Day, and then by Christmas...so I'm trying to not set a specific date on this and just focus on making good choices so I don't disappoint myself.

    I've got a New Year's Day fondu party tomorrow, but after that all of those out-of-my-routine holiday events should be behind me and I should be able to get back into routine. I've been at this for a year and I have lost 31 pounds so I know what I need to do to make this work, it's just a matter of doing it consistently. My plan:
    1) count calories and shoot for 1500-1550 a day.
    2) write things down - it's a drag, but it keeps me accountable and on track.
    3) be consistent with my workouts - I've done well in this regard and have gotten into running in the last month (I'm on the running thread regularly, too) and I also lift weights. So though my weight loss has been slow I've been losing inches and wearing smaller sizes and increasing muscle, which feels great. I am shooting for 4-5 times a week, which mostly involves planning my day to carve out time to get to the gym or get on the treadmill (way too much ice and snow to think about outdoor running at this point...)

    Great job to all of you - I'm glad to join you and hopefully all of us cheering each other on will get us to that '1' on that scale soon! A lot of us are so close! Let's make 2010 a great one!!!
  • its been a while since I posted an update

    SW: 220.8
    CW: 210.7
    GW: 199

    Happy new year everyone!!
    how is everyone else doing?
  • Hi, just a quick check in I haven't posted for awhile.
    I think I maintained over the holidays but won't know for sure until tomorrow. Have a great day
  • SW~236

    #'s till ONEderland~36.7
  • I'm in. ~199 is my May Day Challenge GW anyway and then depending, it could be 9-19 pounds to my ultimate goal weight (180-190).

    SW: 229lbs.
    GW: 199lbs.
  • haha it took me a good time to realize what onederland is good luck everyone on getting there!! Just imagine how AMAZING it's going to feel when you see a 1 instead of a 2.

    Good luck!!
  • I'm IN! Oct 4, 2008 I hit my alltime adult low of #179.5 on my wedding day. Then I gained the "Newlywed weight" and when I found out I was pregnant on December 29th, 2008 I was back up to #195.5! Well after the baby was born in August - I lost almost all of the weight and dropped to #209... Since then I've been sitting on my butt, unmotivated and EXHAUSTED so I crept back up to #225.2 as of the 1st. My goal for the year is to lose #1 a week. I'm keeping it low, as I don't want to be discouraged... but my ultimate goal is #125-#135.

    SW (1/1): #225.2
    CW (1/3): #222.8
    GW: #199
  • Alright, friends...the holiday break is officially over and it's Monday morning...how is everyone doing? What's everyone's plan for the first week of getting back into the routine?

    I weighed in at 207 this morning but I know I can get back to my ticker weight of 205 pretty easily by avoiding sodium and drinking lots of water. Saturday I had a good hard 4 mile run (including some incline intervals on the treadmill) and yesterday did Level 3 of the 30 day shred (Lord have mercy!) so today is a rest day exercise-wise, but I'm planning for tomorrow to be a 3.5 mile run and strength-training day. (I'm shooting for 11 miles this week spread out over three runs)

    Keeping on track food-wise and just had my oatmeal with cinnamon and almonds for breakfast, which is my fave way to rev up my metabolism for the day ahead.
  • Quote: Alright, friends...the holiday break is officially over and it's Monday morning...how is everyone doing? What's everyone's plan for the first week of getting back into the routine?
    I have been off plan in a backwards way. I work in the schools, so I have been off all winter break. Getting back into the routine of school will help with my odd problem. I tend to undereat on the weekend. I try to eat six mini meals of 200 cal each, but on weekends (or all break) I get up so late it's more like five mini meals and that's 1000 calories or less for the day. Not good. Not good. In fact yesterday, I tried my best to really stay on track and eat all six meals, and low and behold, I was hungry when I went to bed! To me, that's a good sign. It means my metabolism is working...I think.

    Today I had to get the kids up and out the door. They're in a different district than I am, and my school is still on break today! Ah, the house to myself! So I got that first mini meal in and am feeling good!
  • Well I have 9lbs to lose to get to onederland so I hope by the end of the month I will be there. Today starts me back to a normal routine after the holiday so that's good.
  • How is everyone doing? I was able to get three miles in today. Im very proud of that. I hope all is well
  • I got to the gym last night. I walked an hour today. I bought the wave exercise thing. Will try it out as I watch the BL tonight. Started Calorie counting but went over amount I planned to eat today. So will just re-start tomorrow. Since I don't want to skip supper. Will try to get in extra water today. Maybe, that's part of the problem, I'm not drinking enough water.
  • scale said 205.5 today - so only 1/2 pound up from where I was before the holidays. Happy with that level of damage control, would love to get below 205 this week or early next.

    Matilda - way to go on your 3 miles!
    Vickie Lou - yes, water is super important.
    Eliana - yes, great to be a little bit hungry when you go to bed and then be hungry for breakfast in the morning. When I do that I feel like I am really working with my body's systems, and not against it.

    Have a great day all!
  • SW: 218
    CW: 206.8
    GW: 199

    Wow. I hadn't realized how much progress I'd made toward this challenge. 6.8 pounds to go!
  • Weigh in day is today for me! I'm happy to say I'm down #3.2 from last week.

    SW - #225.2
    CW - #222
    GW - #199