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Boy, tons of post today. After going up to 182 yesterday, (for no apparant reason) I am back down to 180.6 today. A little better, but still over that dang 180 mark again. I didn't work out on Thanksgiving, but serioulsy, a 3 pound gain. Making dinner now. Reheating some stuff and pork steaks.

I did brave the morning on Friday. Didn't really get much. Went to see Blind Side with my family (good movie). Went to a dog show today. that was fun. I want one of everything, except terriers. I love dogs.

Jeni- Twilight for me....Yuck!!! Just can't get into it.

Michelle- you are keeping so busy. Do you have time to breathe???

Off to check on dinner and laundry. I hate cleaning.
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today is a new day and ive started it off right counting my calories and in a min im gonna start my workout with wii fit...

michelle... I wish i could have gotten someone to face the madness of black friday for me. As it is the only person who went was my friend and i dare go, even my own sister couldnt be swayed to come with it was crazy i dont blame thoes who didnt want to go here in hawaii at our three walmarts i heard there were fights... luckly i ws gone by then but wow ...

jeni... yea.. another twilight fan . i agree with you twilight was okay i wish they could have put a whole bunch more things in it but hey they only had 2 hourz to work with i enjoyed new moon and cant wait till ecilps but as much as i want to see it i hope they arnt rushing the movies release.. i want to enjoy it and i want them to make it very good better then the last..
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hi there...happy to say that the scale was still at 160! (i almost can't believe it considering my splurges...) i won't use that as a reason to splurge again though hopefully it doesn't creep upward over the next couple of days somehow. i did get a workout in although i wasn't very happy with it. i was short on time and didn't push myself as much as i could've. tomorrow i don't have time to do the gym, and then next week my morning part time work starts again. i'm going to have to be disciplined to get my exercise in. i know i can do it, and i've done it before...but i've also made big slips when i make this transition. so get on my case if i start saying how i'm being lazy about the gym!

michelle-congrats on getting your license! onward to what comes next!

zoo-hope you finish your paper up quickly (i'm with you on the procrastination...)

emily-sorry to hear about your husband being gone for so long...good news about your weigh in though

jeni-hope your workout went well. sounds like a busy day for you (like always).

tiara-i'm jealous of your wii fit-i want one so badly (and rock band! ) i hope it is a good motivator for you!

mindy-glad to see the 3lbs was temporary we'll both get into the next 10lb zone soon!

grazer-hope you're feeling better from your fall...i do stuff like that all the time and i definitely sympathize.

shari, mm, popcorn, hope you had a great holiday weekend!

WEED for this week:
W-easier to get it in when i'm at work so i'm feeling good about this (64+)
E-i'll have to plan to get my swim time in...make it count!
E-plan is the key word this week i guess...make sure i have healthy quick things ready to go
D-plan ahead
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Wow you gals are doing good with your personals, I'm too tired tonight to go back and read all the posts, plus I have a houseful of kids (sleepover tonight, whoopee, right?) but just wanted to brag about my bowling tonight.... 166-205-213!!! Woot Woot!!! My best bowling since I got sober. (and pretty close to some of my best bowling, ever)

I did read the first Twilight book. I thought it was meh, boring through long parts and SO good through other parts. Skimmed some of it, and couldn't put it down in other parts. When I got through it, I was glad I read it but didn't really feel like I needed to keep up with the series. Maybe now I will. Plus I don't know much about these actors playing these parts that in the book described them as being so beautiful and perfect looking, thought it would be hard to match the actors to the characters. Didn't see the first movie either. So I'm on the fence.

OMG OMG OMG My ten year old son just told me he has a crush on a girl!!! They are having the sleepover and talking about who they like and he asked if it was okay if he likes someone, I told him of course, it's normal at this age to start liking girls and he said he did, a girl named Isabella in his class! My BABY BABY!!!! Here we goooooo. Pre-teen stuff. He is hoping she comes to his birthday party tomorrow, I'll letcha'll know. (we are having a bowling party)

Well I better get some rest. Love to all. Oh and to everyone who overate at Thanksgiving, including myself, let's let it go, it was a "special occasion" and start anew now. I forgive you, I forgive myself. Let's move on. Take care. xox Michelle
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Good morning - quick check in today after a several day absence.

I was very good on Thanksgiving morning - walking 4.5 miles. But I have not had time to exercise since then. With the boys home and a dog trial on Friday my routine got all out of wack.

Weight is up 1 lb for the week and since I weighed in yesterday I was so depressed about it that I just thought "screw it" so I ate horrible yesterday. I have decided not to fight it today as we have eating out plans twice more today.

So I am NOT doing a WEED today.

I will start again tomorrow.

Official weigh in - 157.5

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Good morning everyone. Sunday already? I did get in a great workout yesterday it felt really good. I cant wait till todays! (although it won't happen till noon).

I don't have too much planned for today, but working out cleaning house and reading.

W 100 oz
E 45 cardio 20 weights.
E 1200 cals
D relax.
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Post here!!
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