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Well we did take care of the leaves but turned it into something fun and had Connor out 'helping' and jumping in the piles. Got some good pics of the kids too.

W - 80+
E - raking leaves and mowing the lawn (my arms are already sore, sad huh?)
E - 24-29 points
D - knock another thing off the list
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One Day At A Time
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Just wanted to keep in touch, pop in and say HI!

I'm feeling a lot better emotionally today. Still smarting a little but doing better. Will be a lot better next week. Still doing well eating, haven't exercised since wednesday but I'm pretty busy so I wouldn't have anyways. Just glad not to be eating my arm and leg.

We made it to page 6! It's been awhile since we've filled up that many pages.

Mindy, hope you are okay. I'm thinking about you. Sounds like you're really struggling lately with something. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself.
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Popcorn!!! congrats on that loss You are on


Emily~I'm glad you got those leaves raked, and making it fun is even better!

Michelle, I hope you get back to the gym soon, you know how good you feel when you do!


So I had a 2 hour stretch today where I was watching my machine work (to make sure it worked right). I had to literally stand there (it was a 4 hour job and was given 2 breaks during the whole time) and stare at a moving conveyor for that time. so I got in some standing crunches, wall push ups, squats, other fun standing in one place calestenics. YAY!

WEED is going well and so far no halloween candy for me!

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Been doing alot of thinking today, trying not to fall into a pocket of deep depression. TOM is basically over and if this morning was any indication, tomorrow's WI will not be pretty. It's all my fault of course. I lost complete control this week. Tomorrow is a new week, I suppose.
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popcorn ... wow u did great keep up the good work,

well today i got in some boxing i let all my stress come out and i feel a whole lot it helped i also did very well on drinking water i drank about 100floz... im gonna try to do that everyday..
ok everyone have a good day 2mo
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hi everyone...

popcorn, congrats--6.5lbs is amazing!

welcome christie

hope that everyone is doing well and enjoyed their saturday. mine was definitely a relief, but i'm really looking forward to tomorrow--should be even more relaxing. i'm a little nervous to weigh in tomorrow...i don't necessarily know if the scale has moved or not, but i feel pretty good about my efforts this week (minus one day). i can feel myself getting stronger again, which is really inspiring.

so, weigh in or not...i'm doing this! (remind me this tomorrow if i'm whining).

here's weed for tomorrow
W-64 i've actually been getting my water in the last few days...getting better at this...hope it helps my stomach
E-try to swim tomorrow, if not--nordic track
E-so far, on plan...feeling hungry though tomorrow more veggies
D-focus on progress...also work on the ol' to-do list

talk to everyone soon, take care!
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Morning ladies. Hows things going?

I am feeing pretty good around here (although I need to get in a good workout

W 64 oz
E extra laps today,
E 1200 cals
D Personal responsibility, change only what I can change.
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Good Morning everyone.

WEED yesterday went well. I was even on time for my seminar.

I find the weekend mornings harder to get up and exercise. I don't want to eat two breakfasts but I think that staying in bed later I am so hungry before I get going to exercise. I always feel better afterwards though.

I do like this WEED thing though because it really helps keep things in shorter more manageable goals and allows for day to day flexibilty.

I have to eat dinner at a friends house tonight so it is going to be a little tough.

WEED today:

W- 64 0z.
E - yoga DVD
E- 1200-1400 calories
D - be on time again for seminar.
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Mornin' weedies....

Just had to post my weigh in for the other challenge I'm in and thought I'd drop in.

1st thanks for the kudos on passing up stuff friday. I made up for it this weekend, and it aint over! Birthdays, celebrations, and holidays kill me in November. We have 5 birthdays, wedding day (THURSDAY - OMG!), Thanksgiving... ugh.... anywho... going into Week 2 down a little... so I guess either my metabolism has kicked up, or I didnt eat as much as it felt like I ate. Anyway...

I still need to catch up on all the new girls. It sounds like there is a wave of progress afoot here in WEED land... that is fantastic! Catch you girls on the new thread dark and early tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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Mtig- Not sure what is going on but I'm sending you a great big Cyber Hug!!

Nursie- I've been in the worst mood all weekend. PMS, frustration, stinkin' thinkin- its all there for me!

Popcorn- You rock!!! WTG!!!

JCat- Only you would think of ways to sneak in exercise at work- WTG! I don't think you were over reacting to the other board. When I only need to lose 10 pounds that was the hardest part of weight loss; which shows 'cause I ended up gaining 15!

This weekend has been a bust. Worked Friday night and Saturday. Too much careless eating and no exercise. Gotta get to exercise class tonight. I'm thinking about joining ww rather than following points on my own. I know that I am doing something wrong.

With all of that said, for tomorrow:

W- get back on it


E- c25k

D- be honest with you
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Hey everyone, I'm down 1.4 as of this morning. My official weigh in is tomorrow so I'm hoping to be down a full 2 lbs, but we'll see. I've been doing pretty good with water, and ok with eating (only 3 meals this week were a off plan). I started out good with exercise this week, then pulled some muscles so I decided to take a little break. I did do a lot of walking with my mom yesterday in the city though.

Here's my goals for tomorrow:
W - 64 oz
E - 30 minutes cardio
E - 1200-1500 calories
D - wash clothes and get some school work done
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Sorry to say that the curve ball is not an easy one. I am still realing and not ready to talk openly about it. It involves my daughter. It is causing a lot of pain and confusion right now.

I am trying to eat and workout, but I am so upset, that food is really the last thing on my mind. I made a BIG step in dealing with the situation today. There is so far to go that I can't even see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Not yet anyway. I'm trying.
Keep praying for me because God knows i need it.
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Is it too late to join? I hope so because I really need a group like this as I try to get my life back on track and learn how to be a working mama and still be healthy. I'm finding balance is not a virtue of mine

Anyway, I live in NC and was well on my way to losing weight about a year ago. I was very active here at 3FC and had taken off about 40 pounds when my hubby started struggling with his work and his pay dropped. I started working from home and suddenly I was working so much everything else slipped and I am now heavier than I have ever been in my entire life!

I am an all-or-nothing addictive type personality so I kind of replaced a food addiction with an exercise addiction and then a work addiction, and now I am trying to balance everything and it doesn't come naturally to me. I am going to figure it out somehow!

I like the WEED system because it keeps me right on track with my goals, which I will just post in the new post for next week if you all let me join
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yea today im 246.4 i lost 4.8 of my halloween binge. slow and steady i will get back to my starting and crush my 10 pound goal for this month.

purplefirefly..... welcome this is a great support system i hope you will enjoy it as much as i do. i wish you well on your journey...

mtiger... im gonna keep you in my prayers...

zoochick777... wow keep up the good work ....

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Checking in a little late today, no weight loss but I am not gaining and it is my special time.

W-68ounces struggled with this today
E-I did great yesterday, 30 day shred and walked 3 miles, (I take Sundays off)
E- staying with in my calories 1400-1500!!
D- rest, it's going to be a crazy week

Thanks for letting my join, it so great to see so many people loosing weight the health way and making life changes, not just dieting!!

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