W.O.W. BOO! Halloween challenge~Week 5

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  • I'm Gonna Be An Aunt!!!!
    My little (and only) sis is making me an Auntie! I am soooo super pumped! She has struggled with internal illness stuff forever and she was finally blessed with a healthy streak and now a baby on the way! I have to admit I have been eating in celebration (bad me!) but come on! This is fantastic news chickies!!!!!
  • Hurray for Auntie Kris!!!

    I'm glad it is sunday! I am glad it will be a cleaning cycle. I'm not feeling the greatest, but not sick enough to call in. I hate it when this happens. Food and water are great, no real exercise since it is a work week.

    I am very proud of my DH He has been struggling to lose weight for a while now (but hasn't committed much to the eating part). He works out during his lunch break almost every day, but he isn't losing anything. He goes down a pound or two, but then loses focus. So he is taking my lead and he started to interval train yesterday. running for 5, walking for 5. I am very proud of him. . . I hope he sticks to it.

    W 64 oz
    E not much today
    E 1200 clean cals
    D try for no bread tonight.
  • Mindy and JCat- When I look at the weight you too have lost I feel inspired. You guys rock!

    Nix- or should I say "Auntie Nix". Congrats!

    Holy- wish I was close by for a facial!

    Eating this weekend is out the window. But, I did day C25KW5D2 and I think I'm ready for the 20 minute run on day 3. Now, I have to get myself in the food journalling mindset. I just read an article about the benefit of food journalling and I have to stop putting it off. I have two weeks left to this challenge and I have to make it work!
  • Girls, today I celebrate. you know I whine and complain alot. This is hard work and it goes really slowly for me. It is days like today that make it all worth it. I was 177.8 on the scale. I think I have left the 180's behind and am moving through the 170's. Imagine that. ME!! 170 something. Who would have thunk it??

    Then yesterday I got dressed in my new SNUG, size 10 jeans. They are not too snug now. WTH?? Size 10. ME??? I looked in the mirror and had to ask "Who is that?" Seriously.

    Grazer- You said Jeni and I inspire you. If I can do it.....anybody can. Really. I never thought I would be here in a million years. My motto is......Never quit. No matter what.

    Nix- I know what you're saying. It is crazy in my head. Huge congrats on being an aunt. You will have so much fun.

    Holy- Hope you get everything done.

    Jeni- Good luck to hubby. I'm sure you are inspiring.
  • still havent really had the energy to exercise since i started the new job. but am doing good on the eating part. we'll see what happens with the weigh-in tomorrow
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