October Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Hi girls, big hug to you all. I will be coming over to our thread shortly but wanted to get this up for us. I hope everyone had a great September and wishing you all a successful and happy new month. Here is to a new month for us all.

    Hope to see everyone from our previous months and also any newcomers who may be joining us, all are welcome : ).

    You know the drill girls! Just state your goal, whether it be a loss in pounds, inches, size, or even an intangible feeling! THe sky is the limit! You need not state your weight if you feel uncomfortable......just your goal, even if that goal is to maintain or whatever the case may be. THough the thread is titled "weight loss" please bear in mind that the underlying overall goal is toward a healthier us and so your goal may not be revolved around weight loss, it may be maintenance or eating healthier...and/or kicking a soda habit or whatever the case may be.

    As for me chickies, my goal for our new month is to get back to my shedule...I just need to focus on that right now and things will begin to fall in place for me. Talk soon

    We will be putting up our sister thread, "October Exercise Challenge" shortly and eveyone who is interested is welcome to join in . Exercise goals will be listed in that thread (other goals here) for those of you who will be joining there.

    Note: We keep a members list with our goals and if/when those goals are met, we put red print and goal met next to our goals. You can take a peek at the end of last months thread to see what it looks like. Please don't feel bad if/when you may not reach a specific number, goal, etc. Always remember that making positive changes along the way (the journey) are wonderful accomplishments in and of themselves .

    Monthly weight loss challenge FAQ's

    Do we weigh in on a certain day and how frequently? We don't have a specific WI day and WI on the day we choose. Many of the girls WI on the first day of the month and that ends up being the WI day for the month while others get WI at WW (weight watchers) on specific days, etc. How frequently we weigh in is a personal matter and specific to each of our own indivual needs. Daily WI's for some of the girls work great for them, while others prefer to WI weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

    Do we need to post personals? etc... Absolutely not ladies. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't . We are a large group and it is difficult to post personals sometimes. THe time just does not exist sometimes. If you don't have time for personals it's okay.....post away

    What does OP mean, DH, etc. ? We often use abbreviations here. OP means on plan. DH means dear husband, DD means dear daughter, DS = dear son, WI means weigh In, TOM means that time of month, lol means laughter out loud, and kwim means know what I mean.

    Is everyone on a specific plan? We all have various plans. SOme of us are on WW, south beach, are own plans, etc. Though we do believe in and follow the guideline of not going below 1,200 cals a day and along these lines also strive to follow the site guidelines .

    What day do we count our loss, the last day of the month or the first of the following month? Either way. Most girls report their loss the last day of the month and if they have another loss that following morning (on the first) they either add it to the current months total loss or roll it over to the new month. Think of it as a bonus day .

    See you all soon chickies hugsssssss

  • Ok thanks goodness! I was just trying to figure out who was going to do this! Glad you're back hun

    Oh the goal side of things, I'm up to lose 10lbs again, to hit 153 that even sounds skinny!
  • My goal for October is to hit 191 which will pull me out of the Obese category and into Overweight.
  • FSA Glad you are back

    Ok I did not reach my September goal so I am going to try and set a goal I can reach LOL I lost 4 lbs in Sept so I will set a goal of 6 lbs Since I have put some good healthy changes in my life I believe I can reach that.

    October Goal Lose 6 lbs
  • Hi all! I've a bit hit or miss here @ 3FC but also in my entire WL program. So I'm checking back in and recommitng to the monthly challenge

    Goal is to reach the 83 KG range. Today's w/i was 85.8.
  • Count me in

    I didn't quite reach my September goal, but came close. Tomorrow is my final Sept. weigh in and I'm hoping to see 130 or 129 which would be 3 or 4 out of the 5lb goal I set. I also didn't make my exercise goal due to getting sick for a week, so only got in half the minutes I wanted. Now I'm ready to start fresh again. I started a new workout program, Shaun T's Insanity. Actually just finished the fitness test and did really well, very proud of myself.

    Goals for October
    To be anywhere between 120 and 125lbs
    Eat healthy and post my menu everyday
    Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • count me in..... I've got my sights set on onederland! So goal weight would be 199.
  • Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to make my September goal but am looking forward to October. I want to lose 4 pounds.
  • Yay! I'm so glad you got this baby up, FSA! What would we do without you? Oh that's right..we were all wondering what to do without you. LOL Missed you!

    My October goals are:
    1. Reach 139 pounds (that's my 30% mark and puts me a couple pounds into the healthy BMI range!)
    2. Plan meals
    3. Drink my water and take my vitamin!
    4. At least 4 Fruits/Veggies EVERY day

    September was the first month I felt I wasn't drinking my water as much as I should. I don't know what it was, but this month I'm making it a goal to keep it on my mind more.
  • Velveteen - Welcome back!! We missed out late night poster!
  • K....my October goal is 234!
  • MsP~ say it isn't so!!!! You not drinking your water?! And aren't ya gunna add "Take my vitamins" in there somewhere?

    Yeah, just call me the Goal Police!

    FSA~ So glad to see you hun! I hope you're around more this month because we sure did miss ya!!! Hope everything with the family stuff (rotten stuff btw!) gets sorted out.

    I'm in again--as if I would drop out or something!

    October Goals:

    Avoid all Halloween Candy like the plague--just figured I should say it out loud
    Continue with trying new veggies/fruits/foods/recipes
    Plan my meals more (Might be calling on MsP and Tummy for help! )
    Up my fruit/veggie intake (really need more fruit!)
    Get to 135
    Start Living Maintenance Baby!!!

    I can't wait for another great month with a wonderful bunch of girls!!! Bring on October!!!!!
  • Sandye-It's weird 'cuz I think I just have needed more water this month and haven't been as good about taking it with me everyhwere and stuff. And the vitamin habit has gotten a good start (maybe I will add it again, just in case...hmmmm) and I didn't want to have a million goals, but thanks for looking out for me, chickie! I love ya for it!!
  • I did not hit september goals. but its going to be a whole new month

    1200 min exercise.
    hit 249
    run 5k!!!
  • I'm in again (and didn't make my September goal...) One of these months I will make my goal! Anywho the goal this month is to lose ten pounds. I'll update with a stating weight on Thursday morning.