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jcatron243 08-24-2009 10:28 AM

W.O.W. Labor Day Challenge~~WEEK 8
This challenge is coming close to the end! Lets finish it with a BANG!

MM~ :hug: I'm glad to see you! Sorry your babies have left the nest.

Week 1: 151
Week 2: 148
Week 3: 149
Week 4: 150
Week 5: 146!
Week 6: 145!
Week 7: 143!
Week 8: 147 EWW

Ok I expected a jump in the scale, but 4 pounds? I am going to hit the weed extra hard today. I hope the weight comes back off soon. I know it is all water weight, but still ERR.

Getting ready to head to my workout. I will post more later.

Workout is done. I did 45 minutes cardio and 20 minutes on the weight machines. I realized my fear was unfounded, the torture devices weren't all that bad to use. I also came back home and did some core workouts. I feel great! Ok time for some protein for those muscles and then deep cleaning!! WOO-HOOO

NurseMichelle 08-24-2009 01:42 PM

Hi girls!!! Hope you all had a fab weekend!!! I was happy to see you MM too! Now that our babies are in school (I know, not the same thing, I'm sorry you're feeling lonely without them) we can really commit to working on ourselves. I think I'm going to have too much spare time on my hands. I graduate IMPACT this week, and CHANCE will go down to 2 days/week in two weeks, so I'll have some time. Can't believe it's back to school time though.

Here goes....

WEEK 1: 259.0
WEEK 2: 258.0
WEEK 3: 254.0
WEEK 4: 253.0
WEEK 5: 252.0
WEEK 6: 250.5
WEEK 7: 250.5
WEEK 8: 249.5 see below...LOL

We went walking on the trail yesterday and I think I can get back there tonight after dinner. Will post my wt in the morning. fingers crossed! xo

mtiger 08-24-2009 07:44 PM

SW- 185
CW- 183.8 Jumped from 182 yesterday. Do you think this is mid-cycle gain???

Jeni- I feel your pain. I jumped from 182 to 183.8 today. Mine must be mid-cycle. What about you???

Michelle- Good luck with your programs. Sounds like you are finishing up and will be back in the saddle before long.

MM- OMG!!! I remember those days. My DD was the only one to go away to school, but I was a mess. It gets easier,.....eventually. I will not lie and say it happens quickly. It takes time. It is good that they are close and can come home. They will too. That's good. Hang in there!!!

So today was my first day back in my classroom. Moved all my stuff and got most of it put away in the new room. My friend helped. She is helping again tomorrow, with posters, bulletin boards etc. That teamwork stuff is nice. I will help her when it is her turn to move.

I am so.... hoping that getting back into work routine will help me jump start the weight loss. Got a lot of comments today from people at work. And just think... I only lost about 10 pounds this summer.

jcatron243 08-25-2009 05:27 AM

Mindy, yes it is mid-cycle gain for me. 10 pounds is an awsome loss for the summer.

Michelle, get in that me time. Tommy wont be able to start pre-school until next year because his birthday is in October. Once they are both in school I may switch to nights. We'll see.

Workday for me today. I am thinking about a quick workout before swim lessons (if I can convince my kids to do the daycare room).

mothermavis 08-25-2009 06:15 AM

Morning all, thanks for the welcomes back.

Mindy, what grade are you teaching this year?

Michelle, almost graduated, good for you!!

JC, you are rocking!! Both my kids were home an extra year because of fall birthdays too. It helps boys a great deal to wait the extra time.

I did semi-OK yesterday, ate too many sweet & salty granola bars, but no dinner, so calories were ok, but nutrition was not. I'll be better today.

Getting my sneakers on and going for a run right now. Then off to work !

W 100
E Run this am, walk at lunch, might be all for today. Need to take Jeni's weight suggestion.
E Plan and no granola bars!!
D We are in this for the long haul!

Nixmom 08-25-2009 09:42 AM

okay, I'm rushing like usual. 210 again this AM. TOM on the way. Haven't gotten a chance to read, breathe a minute or think for that matter. Tonight is an at home me time night. I will be back then~ :hug: to all! I cant wait to sit down with ya!

NurseMichelle 08-25-2009 09:53 AM

So I updated my weigh in but I have to confess....:D I stepped on and off and on and off the scale til I got the number I wanted....LOL it said 250.0, 250.5, then 249.5 so I quit. ha ha, who cares really anyways? (ME, of course but still!)

UGH, why do I do this every stinkin fall???? I loooove candy corn, the candy pumpkins and nice salty peanuts, all tossed and shook up in a big bag (totaly Payday bar) and have it all over the house in little decorative candy dishes. But I pick at them EVERY time I walk past them....how stereotypical dumb stuff we do. We should know better than to stuff our favorite candies in PLAIN sight. Do you guys do stuff like that? Then I end up feeling all nauseous and even dizzy over the sweetness.

MM I know whatcha mean about the granola bars. They are candy bars for dieters. I prefer the Fiber One bars myself, but again, they are like candy (read: CRACK) for me. How is the running going for you? I wouldn't stress too much, even getting a walk in today will be good. Baby steps, right? (and get those MMunches in!!! I still think of that! Plus now I have an ab lounger to do my MMunches on:)) xoxox

Jeni, that was a strange weigh in for you. We both know it's just water, but still...odd. Or maybe your muscles are swollen since you started lifting? I love that you're doing weights in addition to all your cardio, you are going to be so SCULPTED! You should post a pic of yourself with your new bod. (is that creepy/stalker thing to say? LOL) What are the night shift hours? I thought of you...bought some Craisins trail mix the other day. And you have an ab lounger too, right? I am LOVING mine. xo

Mindy...I know this is a hectic time for you!!! If it's hectic as a mom trying to get two kids ready for back-to-school, I can only imagine what it's like for the teacher! We met our 4th grade teacher yesterday, she's that old-school (no pun intended) stereotype older lady with a bun and glasses type. She seems strict and all business, but I think kids need that! Happy to hear you got lots of comments!!! Yeah, ten pounds over the summer IS a big deal, but I bet it's how you're shaping up, your figure is changing, that everyone notices. xo

Kris, you come in here and drop that bomb on us about planning a wedding and now where are ya? :hug: Hope work isn't stressing you out too much. come let us know how you're doing. xoxooxxo (ETA....posted at the same time!!!!)

And hellllllooooo out there to...e32, Grazer, HolyT(I'll facebook her and have her pop in, and maybe do the next challenge), AUD (yes, we still think about you!!!), RowdyBliss(get your butt back in here too!), Shari, Jaya, oooh I stress, afraid I forgot someone HUGELY important. If so, I'm sorry. Love you all xoxoo Michelle

JasonsLea 08-25-2009 01:43 PM

:wave: girls!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been off the wagon for a while, but I'm slowly getting back on. Friday, I decided to cut out soda, cold turkey. I mean, all the sugar and empty calories just isn't good for me. I had a massive headache on Sunday from the time I woke up till I went to bed. I think it was from soda withdrawal. But I woke up Monday and I felt much better. Been soda free 4 days and counting!:carrot: I've also made a routine of taking my vitamins with a container of yogurt as soon as I roll out of bed every morning. Also brought a box of those Bran Buds by All Bran and been putting a serving into my protein smoothie every morning (51% daily fiber in just a 1/3 cup!). I have two water bottle, 34 and 32 oz, and I've been drinking at least three a day along with a cup of coffee with Splenda every morning.:coffee: I've been trying to get to bed at a sane time (no more 3 am!) and doing the whole 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Washing my face twice a day instead of just in the morning and doing the same with brushing my teeth, even using that mouthwash that's been sitting on my counter for the last couple of months. Using sunscreen in the morning and a face cream at night. Just....trying to take better care of myself with what I have, ya know? My phone has been off for like two weeks, my mama's finances are tight too. Should be on Friday hopefully. I applied for partial unemployment, hopefully I get something. i'm going to try for food stamps. The VA has a freeze on hiring until October so there's no hope of going fulltime till then. I'm just trying to make it.:^:

Sorry for the rambling!


mothermavis 08-26-2009 07:34 AM

Morning all, almost late so not a lot of time.

Did much better food wise yesterday, today we are having Olive Garden for lunch. I am having Portabello mushroom Ravioli, will have to build dinner and breakfast around that. Got all my exercise and my MMunches (Michelle!) in yesterday.

Today hoping to repeat!

W 100
E Crunches are done, elliptical is done!
E OP as above
D Suck it up, try to have a positive day!

jcatron243 08-26-2009 10:39 AM

Good Morning everyone! I am so excited to see everyone!

Kris, I hope you get your "me" time. Get some sleep, get some WEED, and slow down!

Michelle, I'm glad you saw the numbers you wanted. I do have an ab lounge, I like it but it rarely comes out of its corner any more. I will get a good pic and post it (no its not too stalkerish :) The night hours are 4 pm to 4 am. I'm thinking nights just because the less stress of management.

Shari~It sounds like you are working on you and that is so important. You will be suprised what not drinking soda will do for you!

MM~ It sounds like you are getting back into your routine! Good job!


Well, the scale was back to 143 this morning. It was water weight from too much salt mixed with mid cycle gain. I double up on my cranberry pills and drank a gallon of water I was going all night long! But it worked. I am getting ready to head over to the gym for my workout, then I am going to load up some clothes and take them to my sister for her son. I haven't seen my mom or sister in at least six weeks so it will be a nice long visit.

Did I tell you that my sister (the divorced one that ran off to AZ) came back in June and now is married again? Her new husband still is in AZ but I guess will be moving back next june.

W 100 oz
E 45 minutes of cardio/ 25 minutes of weights/15 minutes abs
E 1200 good planned calories
D not fight with my sister and mom

mtiger 08-26-2009 05:42 PM

Okay. What gives?? It can be really quiet around here and then when I get busy at work, you guys get busy on this thread. I know I need to get back in the routine of things again. Like right now, I am rushing to say hi and then have a million things to do. (I am not getting on facebook again....my newest addiction)

Glad to hear some good things from you all. I will take some more time over the weekend to report more fully. But quickly, still hanging at 182, not 170 anything. :( Guess I'll just keep working and hopefully something good will happen soon.

Check ya all later

4th grad by the way and I currently have 35 students. Our district has lost their friggin minds. I'll tell ya more later. Gotta run.

jcatron243 08-26-2009 08:17 PM

35 kids Mindy! That is totally ridiculous. I hope it thins out for you a bit.

Nixmom 08-27-2009 10:16 AM

Hey mammacitas!
I wrote a marathon post last night and then the freaking site wouldn't let me on. So its saved on my laptop and I'll post it at lunch or tonight when I get home.

I am going to be a "witness" at a wedding today for a friend at work. They are doing the county clerk thing. Other than that, I am trying to keep up with my work load and stay sane. I have been working the business every off day I have from work. This week is kids - think we are going to Oak Glen (orchard, bakery, and restaurant) to walk around and burn some energy with them.

209+ this morning, told BF I gotta start walking again, even if it means late dinner or we eat separately. I can't feel like this any more! May get my chance tonight to take the pooch on a stroll!

jcatron243 08-27-2009 10:39 AM

Good Morning. I messed up. I completely forgot my kids have a dentist appt today and I didn't get up and work out. the appt is at 1030 but the office is an hour away. then we are doing a few other shopping stops. Man.

I will keep up with my food and water, but man no workout :( If we make it home early enough I will go before swim lessons.

mtiger 08-27-2009 05:07 PM

Jeni- I hope things change, but our district is just being stupid. They have idiots making decisions. They refuse to open up any new rooms until we prove the kids are there. they will make us wait until school starts. RIDICULOUS!!! We have teachers without classrooms and teachers laid off. Man, it sucks.

Nix- That's right girl. Just start moving that butt. A little time for yoursel is neccessary.

My room is just about ready. Next week will be filled with meetings. The next week will be full of kids. I wanted to be in the 170's before school started. Don't thing I will make it. Althoug, I was 182 today. We'll see.People at school notice the 10 pounds I lost this summer, so that is good. YAY!!!

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