August Weight Loss Challenge-thread 2

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  • Hi ladies, we will be posting here in our new thread for reasons mentioned in our original thread. This will ensure our thread continues to run smoothly.

    Have a great weekend and here is some for us all. Chat soon
  • Our August members thus far... We have a sister thread titled "August Exercise Challenge" for those of you who would like to join us over there as well.

    FullSteamAhead: get to last lowest weight and drop a couple of lbs.
    sstolte: get below 210
    jeweliek: lose 12 lbs., run 48 miles, weight training 3x/wk.
    crazymamaof4: lose 5 lbs--MET GOAL!! try more new recipes, eat my fruits +veggies, try calorie cycling, + include more good fats in my diet.
    canadianangel: report here everyday, be 205, minimum 50 miles running on treadmill.
    UniquelyNormal: eat healthy + exercise.
    TERAPET: lose 6 lbs.
    Delphi: lose 10 lbs., maintain a 1, 000 calorie deficit 6 days a week.
    inthemidst: lose 10 lbs., eat OP, not get sidetracked on vaca., + not let school freak me out.
    dcapulet: lose 6 lbs., maintain good eating habits, start getting some work done for school, 1200 min. ex.
    Darby1: lose 6lbs. to get under 190--MET GOAL!! Lose another 3 lbs. to get to 186.5. ex. 5x/wk, work on a ST program, stay within WW points every day.
    nellonello: get to 199
    ajowens: lose 8lbs. to get to 158, eat all vegetable servings, + walk everday.
    misspiggy408: say "buy-bye" to the 140's, wight training 3x/wk, cardio 4x/wk, + no beer during the week.
    UrthWurm: lose 6 lbs., eat more fruits and veggies, exercise 3x/wk, walk 1x/day.
    Miss Mallee: lose 5lbs--MET GOAL!! eat balanced meals, + start exercising regularly again.
    NewShinyMe: eat OP 6 days/wk, journal food intake, keep track of water intake, + stay accountable on weekends.
    LateToTheGame: lose 7-10 lbs., 3 days ST + 3 days cardio.
    MountainChick: lose 5-7 lbs.
    BlueIsis: 2x limit eating out at restaurants, no ice cream or alcohol, reach 120's.
    mamatoni: lose 11 lbs. to reach onderland, ex. 5x/wk. No dessert with the exception of elephant ear at fair.
    merose: lose 7lbs. to get to 174.
    ernurse: lose 2 lbs. per/wk, stay within WW points, 4 bottles water daily, + give support at site daily.
    MsPerception: take a multivitamin most days, get into the 140's.
    Wifey: lose 10 lbs. +drink a lot of water
    Pucedaisy: get down to 145.
    wanting2b140: lose 10lbs. to get to 228
    chunksoflove: lose 12.5 lbs. to get to 240.
    Ruth135: lose 3-5 lbs.
    Tummygirl: Lose 8lbs. to hit 177.
    bbee: Lose 6 lbs.
    Aclai4067: By Aug. 7- no longer morbidly obese--MET GOAL!! [COLOR="Red"]By Aug. 13- reach 10% target--MET GOAL!! [/COLOR]No candy through Aug.21 (started July 21)--MET GOAL!! Down to 255 by Aug. 31.
    princess2323: start exercising again, workout 1 hr. a day, get eating in order, + get into the 140's.
    iamren: lose 9lbs.
    Shrinking Girl: lose 6lbs, goal weight for end of August is 217.5
    Sunny Gee: lose 5.5 lbs. to get to 157.5
    Jacque9999: see 125 sometimes in August--MET GOAL!! try new foods! + tone more and lose more belly fat.
    susie martin: lose 10lbs. and do a daily chick check in.
    ladyfyre: lose 11lbs, take my lunch to more fast food, get to the gym 3x/wk, at least a 1/2 hr. of daily exercise and never be rushed in the morning.
    loriehohlf: no post weight in off plan eating, track what I eat, continue with my activity and keep losing.
    HeatherEljohari: goal weight of 169.8, 3x/wk at the gym...60+mins. a pop. 40 15 lb. weights, + 40 sit-ups.
    KEmery08: venture into the 150's + get involved in some sort of ex. class.
    lookingtobehealthy: goal weight of 225.
    nellonello: get into onderland.
    khunter: lose 7lbs. to get to 145.
    Mystical: lose 6-8lbs.
    BKKchick: lose approx. 5 lbs. to get to goal weight of 114.5
    gillychicks115: lose 5lbs, keep it off, + start strength training more.
    rcrough: drink 2.5 liters of water/day, stay OP, + no mindless snacking.
    mars540: lose 10lbs., fit a size 8 by Sep.1, + no excuses.
    shasha17a: lose 8 lbs.
    naz: lose 10lbs.
    75togo: lose 8lbs. + ex. 45 min. 4x/wk.
    Phenomenal Woman: lose 6 lbs. + ex. somehow everyday.
    sotypical: Lose some weight.
    Ja23: Lose some pounds.
    smileydd: to go from 251
    echo: lose 8lbs.
    glutio: lose 5-10 lbs.
    jessicado22: get into the 260's. Fit into small size 20 pants.
    twilightfan: Lose 10 lbs.
    Lisan1128: lose 5lbs.+ exercise 4-5x/wk.
    Hotsplashes: get out of the 180's
    MrsVegan00: lose 7-10 lbs., keep up running with DH, stay on fiber and cut out junk food like chips, and drink lots of water.
    holamamacita: be 195 lbs.
  • Hi Girls,
    Thankfully lost most of that weight, just a .2 up now. Hopefully that and more comes off today. Otherwise I'm only going to be down a .4 for the week.
    Well I gotta get to some chores and picking out a new color for the bathroom that dh is going to graciously repaint for me.

    You chickies have a great day!
  • Hey Chickies!

    Thanks cmo4 and FSA for your kind words. I wish today was better but unfortunately it really isn't. Weigh in at Curves did not go well. I got measured and recorded but THEY HAVE LOST MY ORIGINAL SHEET. So no one knows what my original measurements were. The first month the lady didn't tell me I needed to get it done BEFORE I worked out so I didn't get it done and now this month, they've lost my sheet. I'm.... beyond words. Crushed I guess. I am down to 219.5 and I'll take a 4 lb weight loss for the past month (slowly but surely) but honestly... I'm frustrated at how slow it's going and I know I could lower my calories and lose more but I and determined not to lose more than 10 lbs of muscle in this process so I won't do that. But still, I guess you pay a price for everything.

    I will stop whining now.
    Well, I won't... but I will save your ears/eyes and just simply complain to my cat... he's a good listener as long as I'm giving him a little behind the ear scratch at the same time.

    Hope everyone is doing great.

  • Doing okay - doing my check in
  • Hello Chickies!

    Hey I can do this with personals! lol

    FullSteam: Thanks for keeping us organized and up to date!! And I needed the will power dust.
    Ruth: Congrats on losing! And on getting your bathroom painted. I am hoping to get that done in a month or so! Will be so much better than having patches of color all over the wall.
    ShrinkingGirl: How frustrating for them to lose your measurements. I bet you would have been so happy with those results. Slow loss is frustrating but hang in there!!! Try to remember what you are doing. You are making good habits and muscle!!!
    susiemartin: Hey there!

    I had a good day yesterday them dh and I went out to eat. Gotta stop doing that. Today I have been back in control and even though we are having company tonight I am staying OP!! I tried on a pair of size 14 jeans and they fit. but I decided when I could finally wear them (I live in Georgia) they would be too large.

    Have a great day!
  • Shrinking Girl---hang in there!
    Great for you to have the willpower! I lose motivation if I don't see weight coming off fast enough, so when I didn't see any results but a pound or two after doing 1500 calories for a month, I reduced to 1200. Kudos to you for having a plan and sticking with it.

    Congrats IntheMidst on your jeans fitting! Just think, if your size 14s are too large, the next step is a size 12, which isn't considered "plus" size anymore! Man I can't wait until that're motivating me!

    The scale was up a little bit the other day, so I decided to make a few changes and am not weighing myself hopefully will see a result tomorrow when I weigh in for the Christmas challenge. I can stick with most of my dieting plan very easily (calories, water, exercise), but I have an extremely hard time with not eating late. I hardly eat breakfast, then eat a large dinner and snack late, which I know is a I didn't eat last night and am trying to do it again tonight. Hopefully I will see a loss tomorrow to motivate me to keep up the habit!
  • Ladies, my weight is up today for the second day in a row (total of .8 up from my ticker). I admit I have not eaten POP for supper the last couple night. Pre-TOM got the better of me and I made bad choices. Tonight is a b-day party for my kid's cousin turning 7.....a pizza party! Seriously! What have I done to deserve this?! LOL I just had a really unpleasant first couple days of TOM, worst I've had in probably a year, so it really threw me. I will bounce back and keep moving forward. I'm so happy to report the cramps seem to be gone and I feel almost back to myself again (still a touch less energetic). My dad, fil, DH,DS and I spent 3 hours clearing trees from our land this morning. (We're hoping we can build this fall/winter.) It was sweaty, hard work, but it's kinda fun as we see it become more liveable space!
    Sandye-I just made zucchini bread today! I also love baking that stuff. I came home from clearing land for a few hours and my mil had made choc chip cookies. I had a small one and walked away. Then baked my healthified version of zucchini bread and had one slice of that.
    So, a cookie and slice of bread with milk made up my afternoon snack. If I can eat reasonably at the pizza party (is that possible?!? LOL) I'll call it a successful day!
  • This week was crazy busy with volunteer work. I am on the organizing committee for a local triathlon, which was today. I have spent everyday this week working at getting things ready. I started today at about 7am and finished at 5pm. Spent the entire day on my feet in hot muggy weather. I was carrying, running, cheering, etc. and I can't ever remember feeling so tired. My feet, ankles and hips feel like the bones are compressing. I can\t even walk anymore.

    If I didn't lose weight this week, I won't be able to lose any at all. I will wait until the morning to weigh in.
  • Just checkin' in. Twas a horrible day for me. I have really screwed my hand up and just felt like I had flu symptoms this morning. So I went back to bed for three hours. Didn't get up until three. But I felt a wee bit better, so I took a HOT shower and then did my C25k..which was great. I feel loads better but my hand is still all cramped up..can't even hold onto a bottle of water. Sandye, I am drinking all my water..more so the past few days then I have for the past thirty. I think I'm getting rid of the water slowly but surely as, the weight is going back down in two to four point increments everyday...

    Good to read everyones news..just wish I felt a little better..but you know, I did my workout regardless. That made me feel much better and I think I'm gonna start doing my c25k on my ST days, so I can heal on the same off day, so I'll be changing mine to M,W,F...I think it was throwing me off a little doing it the opposite days...and I'm just gonna walk on the opposite days...hopefully that will be a little easier on these ol' bones. You ladies have a great evening.
  • Delphi-What happened to your hand? Sorry to hear about's gotta stink. Great job working through it though! I'm SO glad my crappy feeling day was mostly on my planned day off from exercise. Hope the water keeps coming off for ya, too! It's no fun having that bloaty feeling.

    ladyfyre-Good luck with the scale tomorrow! You deserve to see good results. What a job helping organize a triathlon! I've done a couple of them and it takes a lot of people to make them run smoothly, so on behalf of those who know....Thank You!!

    I made good choices at the b-day party tonight and feel good, so I hope the TOM weight leaves me soon. I feel way better now than I've been feeling, so no worries there. I got exercise in today, ate pretty well, and have been trying to drink extra water just to help out with everything else. Better get good sleep tonight...week 8 of C25K is no cake walk!
  • Thanks MsP. To be honest, it's from all the Rock Band. I spent a good portion of the evening playing last night, as I had company over and my hand just cramped up to where it kept me up most of the night. A friend told me, it's called Repetitive Stress Disorder...or something like that. Good to hear you made groovy choices at the bday party and hopefully, that TOM weight will leave you soon.
  • Hidey Ho Fellow Challenge Chicks!

    I took the advice and got Fiber... it's working!!lol

    Book signing was good. Until one lady decided to say "You are MUCH BIGGER than I expected. But good for you being a big girl and doing things most girls your size wouldn't dare try."

    But I replied politely that your size doesn't make who you are.. that even the most beautiful and thin person can still be ugly on the inside... It was a nice Win for OUr Side!lol She slunk away... the other people at the book signing were smiling grandly at me.
  • Hello Ladies small and smaller I am on a good start I have lost 10 pounds in the last 10 days
  • hi all!

    Delphi: RSD... no joke. hope you heal soon.
    Smiley: wtg!
    shrinkinggirl: hugs. Hang in there, you can do it!
    FSA: thanks for the will power dust. how do i get some extra?
    Hots: high five. nice one.
    ms.p: good work!
    Lady: good luck on the scale

    I personally am skipping weigh in tomorrow... we are leaving at 7:30 am, and i don't want anything to make me feel bad before vacation. plus, a number on the scale is not going to dictate my mood for the next 8 days. There will be treats, sure. but there will be exercise and some salads and better choices. And who could ask for more on vacation?