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jcatron243 08-10-2009 10:30 AM

W.O.W Labor Day Challenge~week 6
Happy WEEK 6!

Getting ready to go to the gym. I missed my class because I didn't sleep well last night, but thats okay. I will get in a good workout anyway!.

Week 1: 151
Week 2: 148
Week 3: 149
Week 4: 150
Week 5: 146!
Week 6: 145!

The scale isn't the 143 I saw on Friday, but I didn't have a good eating weekend so I expected the 145. I am totally happy with it though I am at my lowest weight since college.

W 80 oz
E 60 minutes cardio/20 minute strenght and abs
E 1200 Planned Calories
D house work, eat good clean food

Nixmom 08-10-2009 12:32 PM

SW:203ish... cant see my siggy at the moment
CW: 210 HOLY FAT COW Batman!
GW: 208 (this week)

Hi chickas....

Mtig - saw sunday nights post. Perspective is everything. It can make or break your efforts... and we, my friend, are staying positive no matter what!

K - have to go do employee eval. Wanted to be committed and pop in.

Jen have a fantastic day. As for the rest of ya, look forward to catching up with you!


NurseMichelle 08-10-2009 01:58 PM

Hi gals!! We're getting down to the wire on this challenge!!!! I saw 250.0 yesterday on the scale and then overate a bit yesterday. (WHY!?) But if I get out to walk tonight and drink water water water should be okay for WI tomorrow...oh yeah, I changed my official WI to Tuesdays, we do a "scorecard" at IMPACT...how many meetings we attended, how many days clean, how many days journalling, reading big book, etc etc and I add on my weight at the end, and I've been consistently losing 1-3 lb a week.

Have any of you tried broccoli slaw? I bought some at the store this week after Hungry Girl email sent a bunch of recipes using it. It's loooow in calories (LIKE 25!!!) and high in fiber and protein. I'm thinking about making some for lunch right now in fact, will report back how it goes. And I'll post the recipes if you're interested...but I like the HG website, you can sign up for the daily emails and get tips on yummy, semi-homemade type recipes low cal, WW type recipes.

I wanna buy a bike!!!! We had nice mountain bikes a few years ago and they got stolen out of our garage at the old house and we never replaced them. I think we'll go looking next weekend and hope they are cheaper now that it is nearly the end of summer. Do you gals ride bikes?

I'm sorry too, I haven't read the last few posts of last week, Mindy, how's the doggie? Kris, glad to see you back around too, stop saying crap like fatter than ever...! (Holy Fat batman, LOLOLOL but come on!!!! I'm not gonna let my girls talk to themselves like that! <---that means you too Grazer. And Jeni, I LOVE how you post your week to week progress, it is totally motivating! And if you feel like you're stuck you can see the progression just like that. I'm going to start doing that. Oh wait here it is...

WEEK 1: 259.0
WEEK 2: 258.0
WEEK 3: 254.0
WEEK 4: 253.0
WEEK 5: 252.0
WEEK 6: tomorrow....TBA!....250.5!!! <---woop woop!

Wow, I like that, must remember to copy/paste that each week. And I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut. Thanks for the wake up. Gotta run. Love you all. xoxoxxooMichelle

mtiger 08-10-2009 09:41 PM

SW- 185
CW- 184.4
As you can see I have not made any real progress yet for this challenge. TOM is doing it's thing, but the scale is not going down yet. If I don't see something in the next few days i will be really pissed. I am working too hard to get no where. I've got my heart set on being securely in the 170's when school starts and I am running out of time.

Jeni- You have been doing really well. Keep it up. I know you'r edoing interval training. I did a 3.5 mile walk/jog tonight. I try to mix it up.

Nix- You know you can do this. It just takes true committment. Come on girl!!! DO IT!!!

Michelle- WOW!! Nice job. You are making good progress. Keep up the good work. You should be quite proud of yourself. You are the queen of getting your act together.

jcatron243 08-11-2009 05:38 AM

Michelle, I stole the idea from Mindy. It is very motivating for me to see the numbers actually going down. Your numbers are looking awsome too BTW!

Mindy, keep positive the scale will start to move back down. Drink your water, get in good clean calories. Since I started interval training I have started losing again, I cant believe how hard it actually is. (yesterday I even bumped my run speed up to 6.5 mph) I have lost probably an inch around my hips and legs since I started too!

Kris, Employee evals? eww.

Workday WEED today!

NurseMichelle 08-11-2009 10:12 AM

Good morning girls!!!

I was going to post longer, but check this out!!! I just got an ab lounge at freecycle .com!!! If you don't know what that is, you go on there and sign up and recieve and send emails to a group....Just people giving away for free what they don't want or use anymore. I've given away most of the kids' stuff when they outgrow their toys, clothes, etc but you'll see just about anything on there. And for the most part I don't even try for any of it but saw an ab lounger that needs a little work (a new vinyl cloth but that's it) and got it! WOW! (and on a side note, I also got a bag a t shirts/tank tops size 1x-2x this morning too!)

So anyways the lady wants me to come pick it up here this morning. How exciting!

I did post my weigh in for the morning above....250.5! YAY! 240s here I come! (<again> lol) Love you all! xoxoxoooxo Michelle

mtiger 08-11-2009 08:56 PM

Michelle- YAy for you. What a good day. Aren't you excited to be almost in the 240"s??? You are going to be there soon.

Jeni- I would love to lose from my thighs. That is why I have stepped up my time when walk/jogging. I am trying this plan. Walk/jog moderately, but for a long time one night. The next night work shorter, but harder. We'll see if does any good.

I am frustrated!!! TOM is finishing and still no weight loss. This is when I get very perturbed. Hopefully I'll see something soon.

jcatron243 08-12-2009 11:03 AM

Mindy, It will come off! Your plan sounds good. I hope it works for you like it is for me!

Michelle~ Keep up the good work!

***Proud Mommy Moment***
This summer Makenna has been in the same level working up to swimming 100 yards without stopping. She made it once a month ago, but her coach was right there telling her if she was tired turn over and go on your back. . . She has a new instructor this last two weeks and she is very very picky on technique. Anyway, this instructor has been amazing for Makenna. Last night my daughter swam 150 yards breast stroke/ 100 yards back stroke /100 yards back crawl (um I think that what it was) then 100 yards back stroke-breast stroke combined. She had a break between each time but it was amazing.

Tommy is doing well too, he is jumping off the diving board now (heart attack).

Okay, getting ready to workout I think I am going to start weight training today, but we will see. I need to really work on my upper body stregth I can barely pick up my kids.

W 80 oz
E 45 minute cardio 20 minute weights (Maybe)
E 1200 clean planned calories
D clear out my back room and start getting ready to paint it and move in.

Nixmom 08-12-2009 05:30 PM

WOOT Makie!!! Little fish! You should be proud... come to think of it, I can even freaking swim 100 yards. Go Makenna!

Michelle - how AB you been? HA... I slay myself. Glad that you are getting bonuses on the scale and off. Blessings come when its time, dont they.

Mtiggie - hang tough mamma. I actually just though about you and decided to skip Taco Bell and went home to eat fish and rice. Just do it right. Stay positive and keep at it everyday.

Grazer? Mavis? Shari? Buehler? Bueler? Anyone? Anyone?

mtiger 08-12-2009 09:12 PM

just finished an hour long walk, 4 miles. The scale was at 183.2 today, not my lowest yet, but I am hoping. It has become very difficult to lose lately. I only want to lose about 35 more pounds. this body cannot quit on me now.

Jeni- Glad things are working for you. You might have to coach me through these last pounds.

Nix- Good job on going home for dinner. I had Taco Bell last night. Hey, gordita 310 calories, soft taco 210, and I didn't eat it all.

Keep up the good work ladies. Hope some old, friendly faces drop in soon.

jcatron243 08-13-2009 10:30 AM

Hi Kris! Good choice on fish and rice!

Mindy, I'll be here for you.

I was going through my stuff and found my old records of measurements and what I ate how I exercised. . .That was three years ago this month. I had such great hopes to lose 50 pounds in 24 weeks. :) of course Its taken me 3 years but I hit that mark!

Gym, then to costco, then to swim lessons!

W 80 oz
E 60 minutes cardio/ weights/abs
E 1200 clean calories
D do some weights at the gym (the big muscle guys scare me)

Nixmom 08-13-2009 01:42 PM

Mtiggie - 4 miles in 1 hours... wooowee woman! My legs just shuttered. You just keep being my inspiration... remember you weighed more than I did, and blew right past me, and now I need to be my bench mark, my example. You just hold steady and stay positive k!

Jen - I LOVE ME SOME COSTCO! Haven't been in a while but man o man if I get the chance soon... it is sooo on! My dad got this killer futon couch thing and I WANT ONE!!!!! Its like a vacation to fun land when I get to go there! By the way... isn't August usually a Disney land trip for you????

My weight has done this so far this week.
M: 210
T: 211
W: 209.8
TH: 209.4

I need to be good and get myself to 208 by Sunday. This is ridiculous. I miss me. I am coming after Mindyloo! She is carving the trail, I will head down it kicking up dust the whole way! But I am coming! and Jen... we are headed your way to scale town! Okay... off to find a piece of fruit. All of this virtual walking has made me hungry :D

mtiger 08-13-2009 08:32 PM

Nix- I try to keep all those pleasant thoughts in my mind. It is days like today when that is very difficult to do. I should be losing here, post TOM, but I'm just not. I want to lose more soooooo.... badly. Tonight is a short workout night, so I am doing 30 min. of Jillian's kickboxing. Short and intense. I'll see if that helps at all. Wanna kickbox with me??? I'll kick the pathway for ya.

Jeni- That is so awesome for you. I will need to keep in mind that we may not make our goals in a certain time frame, but we just can't give up. You must look awesome now!!!

jcatron243 08-14-2009 05:31 AM

Kris, I love going to costco. I got lots of good stuff for lunches. DH has to pack lunches for daycare for both kids over the next 3 weeks. (Tommy is now going on the daily field trips too). The lunches have to meet nutritional requirments for the state, so that means fruits and veggies and all that stuff. not the easy sandwich/chips/juice that my mom used to pack for me.

Mindy, your hard work will pay off!

Oh, yeah August 18 is my anniversary, we usually head to D-land. This year we are skipping it since the truck was totalled and we had to put a new roof on. We will go in March again though.

My work week starts today so eating will be fabulous, no workouts to speak of. I will do my abs/strength though.

jcatron243 08-15-2009 05:29 AM

Good Saturday Morning. I hope everyone has a good day today, I will be working. (YUCK)

Battery is about to die gotta run!

W 80 oz
E not much, extra laps maybe
E 1200 clean calories
D get through the day with out falling asleep!

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