W.O.W Labor Day Challenge~week 6

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  • girls!

    Am I the only one who has never been to Costco? I'm a Sams Club girl.
  • Hi Shari, We don't have a Sam's club around here.

    Ugg, Tommy fell asleep early last night and so he hasn't really slept since eleven. YAWN!

    Not much exciting here, the scale is sitting at about the same as last week. I am WEEDing pretty good. Getting in all my good calories and leaving out the bad ones. I got a nice compliment yesterday by my DH's Co-worker. That was nice to hear.

    OK I gotta get moving before I fall asleep.

    W 80 oz
    E extra laps
    E 1200 cals
    D Keeping up the good work.
  • Well I am home from my little weekend trip. Had a ton of fun. The beach was great and Lake Michigan is COLD!!! I wore a swimsuit out in public. Aern't you proud of me. I even felt pretty good. Thank God for boobs. It draws some of the focus away from the cellulite ridden thighs.

    Jeni- I worked out on the treadmill one night. Did intervals. 3.5 miles hr., then 2.5 with a 30% incline. Worked for 50 min. Those inclines got tough after a while.

    Shari- No costco around here, but I'm not thrilled with Sam's either.

    I am hoping the scale will be nice tomorrow. I worked out and ate pretty good on my trip. I have my fingers crossed.
  • girls!

    Don't you just love it when you have a good week plan-wise then TOM comes along the night before your WI? >.<

    Here's to a hopefully better week.
  • Mindy, Hurray for swimsuits in public! I'm glad you had a good time on your weekend getaway! Inclines are such good workouts for the booty! I love them!

    Shari, TOM weigh ins dont get me so much anymore, because I expect the jump.

    OK I drank my wine way to fast and so any typo's or weirdo statements I made are from the wine

    Today was good eating wise, I just wish I had the strength to workout after work.