August Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Hi chicks! Here we are.....right around the corner from starting a new month! How the time has passed. It's been such a great journey with you all and a big ty to all of you girls for helping me through this summer. You are such a fantastic and supportive group

    Congratulations to all of your in your successess....whether it be in lbs. and/or inches lost, eating healthier, exercising, and/or sticking with it and not giving up and/or getting right back to it..........overall progress! .

    I hope to see everyone from previous threads join in and also we always look forward to having new members so please feel free to join in, all are welcome! .

    Those of you who may not have been here in a while and may like to join in but are hesitant (sometimes it can be hard to come back after being gone a while) jump right back in! : ) Sometimes we get busy with things and life in general and we take off in summer a lot's understandeable. We all start with a fresh clean slate for our new month.

    You know the drill girls! Just state your goal, whether it be a loss in pounds, inches, size, or even an intangible feeling! THe sky is the limit! You need not state your weight if you feel uncomfortable......just your goal, even if that goal is to maintain or whatever the case may be. THough the thread is titled "weight loss" please bear in mind that the underlying overall goal is toward a healthier us and so your goal may not be revolved around weight loss, it may be maintenance or eating healthier...and/or kicking a soda habit or whatever the case may be.

    Our primary purpose in this thread has always been to support one another despite goal variations, etc. etc. and it has been a great journey. I look forward to a new month with you all

    We just state our goal and or goals for the month. We also have a sister exercise thread (august one not up yet) where we state our exercise goals (for those of us who wish to).

    My goal for the month of August is to maintain my lowest last weight, drop a few extra lbs. and continue with my exercising.

    OUr first day of the month starts this Saturday........hope to catch you all here then girls have a super day....hugs
  • Hi everyone, I am new to this site but LOVE the idea of posting my gaol. I weigh 217lbs as of today and my goal is to be below 210 by the end of August. I do not think this is unreasonable and I know that I can do it!! I am so thankful to have found this site for support.
  • My August Goal is to RUN 48 miles, to lose 12 pounds and to do weight training 3 times a week.

    I haven't posted on your challenges but I really would love the extra support.
  • WOO HOO!! August is almost here! Let's do this thing!!!

    Oh how I love new months and the challenges that come along with them! Now how often can you say that?

    Okay, well...I'll shoot for 5 lbs again. I've been averaging 10+, but ya know what, I think I'm going to maybe do some calorie cycling this month and who knows how that will go? I saw this site mentioned on a couple of the boards here:

    I'll keep my same goals otherwise, so...

    Lose 5 pounds (from whatever weight I am on 7/31)
    Try more new recipes
    Eat my fruits and veggies!
    Try calorie cycling
    Include more good fats in my diet

    Okay, I guess that's it. I'm still working on my exercise goals...I need help there! I'm still not sure what on earth I'm going to do!

    sstolte & jeweliek ~ I say this every month and every month I mean it more and more--these are the BEST bunch of girls around! You're going to love this group!! Make yourself and home and I look forward to getting to know you!

    Okay, that does it for me! My nutrition goals are set in stone! Now to work on figuring out my exercise goals for the month...what to do, what to do??
  • well, my first goal for the month of august is to report here everyday.

    but currently my weight is 218 (hoping to be 215 by the end of july, but thats far fetched) . I would love to be 205 by the end of august.
    and have put on atleast 50 miles of running on the treadmill.

  • Wow August already. Oofda (and yes I'm Minnesotan!)

    My goal - synchronicity (if that is a word). I've noticed that I can eat healthy. I can exercise. Unfortuneately I've not been able to do them simultaneously to get the weight loss I desire. So that's my goal
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have participated in the Monthly Exercise Goal thread but have avoided the weight loss thread because I was not in a losing frame of mind. However, I am ready now. My goal for August is 6 pounds. I am truly excited to make this goal.
  • You know I'm in for another month. I love you gals too much.

    August weight loss goals are to lose 10lbs and maintain a 1,000 calorie deficit six days a week.

    FSA ~ Are we gonna do the exercise goals as a separate thread as well or combine them all in one this month?
  • Hey All.

    Thought this would be great challenge to support my other challenges.
    So these are my goals;

    Lose 10 lbs in August.
    Eat OP
    Not get sidetracked on vacation.
    Not let starting school freak me out.

    Thanks. Hope you have a great day. Catch you in August.
  • Quote: Hi Everyone,

    I have participated in the Monthly Exercise Goal thread but have avoided the weight loss thread because I was not in a losing frame of mind. However, I am ready now. My goal for August is 6 pounds. I am truly excited to make this goal.
    you wrote my very words, except i was scared to write a number for fear of failing.

    My august goal is also 6 lbs. Also, 1200 exercise minutes, maintain good eating habits, and start getting some work done fr school.

  • dcapulet & Terapet ~ Well the great thing about making a goal is it doesn't have to be a certain number of pounds. A lot of the girls will put a range. Like lose 3 to 7lbs. You don't have to be exact, or it can just be a maintenance goal. You choose. We will be right here to support you through it.

    inthemidst ~ to the August Challenge. Those look like some great goals.

    UniquelyNormal ~ First of all, I love your username. Second of all, I like your goal as well and know with commitment, you CAN do it.

    canadianangel ~ Hey sweetie Welcome back, I hope things have calmed down a bit for you.

    Sandye ~ I concur. The best group of ladies EVER! I need a t-shirt. I'm a Challenge Chick! boooooooya!

    jewel ~ Sounds like a great goal, and if your looking for extra support, this thread is where you will find it. These ladies are awesome.

    sstolete ~ to the site and the challenge.
  • I'd like to join!

    My goals for August are to:

    Get under 190 lbs. I've been bouncing around 195-196 for several weeks now and it's time to start losing again.

    Exercise 5 days weekly.

    Work on a strength training program!

    Stay within my WW points every day.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Hi everyone!! I am back for another month. I have been lurking in July for the most part but still here. My goal for August is 199!!!
  • I am definitely in!

    I want to hit my mini goal of 158 which is 8 lbs from where I am now.
    I want to walk every day even if its only around the block with the dogs.
    I want to eat all of my serving of vegitable... not just fruits.

    I am excited to be a part of something like this!
    Good luck girls!!!!

  • Hi Ladies!! I'm ready to do this

    My GoALs for August:

    Say "buh-bye" to the 140's
    Weight training 3x/week, cardo 4x/week
    No DRINKING beer during the week Gives me a beer belly!