July Weight Loss Challenge

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  • MOM!!! I'm so glad you've joined us!! And I just love how excited your Sandye is about it too!! Like Ms_P said, we love her around here! You did a wonderful job in raising her, because she is great! I've added your weight loss goals to the list on this thread and your exercise goal to the list on the July Exercise Challenge thread. Good luck!

    Iamren! I've added you to the list! Good to have you and good luck!

    Janis, okay, chickie, I got ya! Good luck!!

    Glutio, got you too, girl! Congrats on losing 11 lbs in June! It sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you!

    Cake, it's so good to have you back! Good job watching those points!
  • Put me down for 6-8 pounds this month...
    Good luck ladies...
  • Thanks for the warm welcome, Jacqui! Yes, she is great, but I can't take the credit. She is her own wonderful self!

    The June weight loss team lost a total of 105 lbs.

    Girls, I just calculated the met goals (plus the additional for those of you who exceeded it) and also added in those who reported a loss. THere were plenty who didn't report in and I bet this number is even higher but it gives us an idea. Congratulationsssssssssss ladiessssss

    I better get to bed, I have my workouts to report tomorrow
  • girls!

    to all the newbies.

    Two days and already seven pages??? I already feel guilty cause I know I won't be able to keep up and do personals.

    July is going to be hectic for me. I have one of my BFF's wedding and my birthday. Plus, I have to find another place to live by the end of the month and still more job hunting. Right now, I need to come up with the money for this month's rent, the plane tickets, and boarding for Pullo. My head is spinning!

    So I really have no weight related goals this month. I will do a exercise goal: 780 mins. The bare minimum, three days per week. Oh, and no pigging out when I'm in Alabama for the wedding. Let's hope I can do that!

  • Hi Lea, hi sweety always nice to hear from you. Don't feel guilty about the personals, we are such a large group. The fact that your posting is great. I had a lot going on June and being OP inbetween helped me a lot. Sounds like your very busy, keep us posted and you hang in there....your a versatile chick
  • Late to the Game- Welcome! So glad to see you made it. CMo4 has been saying wonderful things. We have a great group here!
  • Happy 1st of July! I too struggle with personals as most of the time I am posting from my blackberry...

    I'm looking forward to an awesome month with you chicks!! Starting the month @ 87.7 kg so I'm confident I can hit 85 by the end!!
  • I hope it's not too late to join (seeing as how it's already July 1st!!), but I could use a challenge to motivate me for this month.

    My goals:
    -Lose 5-8 lbs.
    -Be OP at least 5 days of the week

    Exercise Goals:
    -Work out in the morning at least 2 days of the week
    -Stay on track with the C25K program

    Good luck, ladies!!
  • Good Morning Ladies

    First of all, let me say Welcome to Late to the game, ruby and looking! Good to have you ladies aboard.

    I can't tell you how excited I am this morning. I inched towards Darth Scale and I eased on, fearing my fate, when I saw 202.8 this morning. I swear ladies I saw the light and could have swore I heard angels singing Hallelujah.. I seem to be in this pattern. I have a good swoosh at the first of the month then I stall out for a week due to pre-TOM, but I'm cool with that. So it is indeed a great start to the month, with my loss and to come into the thread and seeing Sandye's mom on board. A great day indeed!

    For those of you that can't do personals, do not fret...we understand. I do them because I have the time to do them and I understand that most do not. I'm just thrilled you ladies show up and hold yourselves accountable by continuing to come and post your progress.

    Looking, honey, don't ever feel like you have to stay away simply because you took a wrong turn. That's what we are here for darling. Support, encouragement and if you need a laugh, we can provide that as well.

    Gekster ~ Hey there hun, how was your weekend?

    FSA ~ Wow those are some great stats! Thanks for all you do darling.

    Sandye,Sandye,Sandye ~ Soooooooooo, I break out the clean cuboard and you break out with MOM ..eh? Reinforcements..eh? Nice! I am so happy for you sweetie and moreover mom. I just think that is so awesome and I know you are thrilled to have her here with you and we are glad to have her as well.

    Glutio ~ You had a great month last month and I want to see that same dedication this month. You are well on your way darling.

    Tummy come back to us. I miss ya girly and urockmom and supachix! Welcome janis, iamren and cakebatter.

    So jacqui, my two pounds do count for July..right? Since technically it's July. i sure hope so. I actually took my measurements this month, I'm gonna start doing that the first of every month. Alright ladies, I need to get off here and get motivated. Today's strength training and I need to get to that. So you ladies have a supergreat day, remember to drink your water and don't forget your smiles.
  • Good morning ladies!
    I'm a solid 234 this morning and ready for July
    My end of the month blues have pretty much evaporated. Thanks again for all the

    FullSteamAhead -
    Wow that's a lot of poundage!Thanks for keeping track of things & all your hard work.
    I just KNOW you'll make Onederland by your B'Day.
    Ruby -
    It's never too late
    Hope your month is wonderful
    Glutio,Geskster,CM4,Jacqui_D & everyone else-
    I almost never have time for personals. But I do have time to read your posts and send good vibes out your way.
    Here's to a great month
  • I had insomnia last night. SInce I was up so late I got hungry of course. I ate one serving of Frosted mini wheats. 4 points with milk but since it was after 12 it takes away form today's points. Either way I am screwed. THe suckie part is I can work out today or the rest of the week due to my race ont he 4th. DOnt want to wear out the old legs ya know???

    Jasons lea - I am gonna suck at personals too. THis is group is huge and if you only check once in the morning or evening you get EONS behind.

    FSA - WoW what a large number. I surely hope to contribute to that number this month. I have a trip to Puerto Rico to prepare for. So let the pounds fall where they may.... Yes I still WI on thursdays. TY

    Jacqui- TY. I am so glad to be back. You ladies are so awesome!

    Crazymama - How cool is that to have your mom with you!
  • Good Morning just wanted to drop in before work and say Hello. TOM just arrived so I am sooooo tired and in pain. Work is going great and I am excited to hear about all the losses. I am eating good and have been getting in some exersize this week but not like it should be. It has been really hard to adapt to the changes. But I am still hanging in here. My wieght is right at 199 to 200. Maby after TOM I will see some loss. Well I hope you all have a great Day.
  • cake ~ Don't fret, just do the best with the points you have today.

    Susie ~ Thanks dear! I am soooooooooo glad you are feeling better and ready to take on the world..eh? I know you guys have lots of animals but do you guys have horses? Just wondering? Can I ask what got you out of the funk? Or did you just need a new day?

    Blondie ~ Heyyyyyyyyyy sweetie. Sorry to hear about TOM, but at least he is here and you can get it over with and have a clear shot at the month. You have yourself a great day as well.

    Well I finished up my ST and man it feels so good. I have question for you taller ladies. I have the awfullest time doing lunges. I feel like I have to spread eagle just to get in proper form to do the dang things. What gives?
  • I haven't done any challenges yet and am not sure exactly how this works, but count me in.

    My goal is to hit 220 pounds by the end of July.