July Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Sandye ~ It wasn't me, it was NSM. Me and Jacqui just got a kick out of it. I still get a kick out of it. Oh and the alcohol, yes it is the biggest NO NO EVER while you are losing weight. Here is a little info:

    How is alcohol metabolized?

    The nutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fat can be stored in our bodies, but alcohol cannot. For this reason, it takes priority over everything else in order to be metabolized; doing so means that all of the other processes that should be taking place are being interrupted. Other nutrients need to be broken up prior to being absorbed, whereas alcohol is absorbed as is.
    The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase begins some of the metabolism of alcohol in the stomach. Women have less of this enzyme, so alcohol passes through their stomachs and into their bloodstream quicker than in men. Once alcohol is absorbed, it spreads rapidly into the body water spaces, so the smaller size and higher body fat content of women increase its levels. Women metabolize about 10% of the alcohol ingested, while men metabolize about 30%.
    The liver is the primary site for alcohol metabolism. Alcohol is detoxified and removed from the blood through a process called oxidation. Oxidation prevents the alcohol from accumulating and destroying cells and organs. A healthy liver oxidizes pure ethanol at the rate of about to ⅓ of an ounce per hour, which is less than 1 ounce of hard liquor. A small percent of the alcohol is excreted through the lungs and urine, which can be detected in breathalyzers. While being metabolized, alcohol is distributed throughout the body, affecting the brain and other tissues. Within minutes of being ingested, alcohol reaches the brain and initially gives the temporary impression of being a stimulant. Alcohol goes on to act as a depressant and a sedative, producing a sense of calm. It will also act as an anesthetic and hypnotic.
    When you drink alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will rise rapidly. Within five minutes of having a drink, there's enough alcohol in your blood to measure. The BAC is determined by how quickly alcohol is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted. The following factors can influence the BAC:
    • gender,
    • race,
    • food consumed,
    • chronic alcohol consumption,
    • drinking pattern, and
    • medications.
    The consumption of one standard drink will result in a peak in BAC within 35 to 45 minutes. A 150-pound person with normal liver function metabolizes about 7 to 14 grams of alcohol per hour, which is approximately 100 to 200 mg/kg of body weight per hour. This is comparable to 8 to 12 ounces of beer or half of an alcoholic drink. Controlling the rate of consumption will give your liver time to metabolize the alcohol and limit your BAC. Once you stop drinking, your blood alcohol level decreases by about 0.01% per hour. You are legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.8. Time is the only way to eliminate alcohol from your system, so cold showers and coffee will not sober you up. Trying to get someone who is drunk to feel and appear more alert can cause a false sense of sobriety and result in many problems.

    Gekster ~ It is the ST hun, no worries. I'd keep a daily log and give it a month so you can monitor your fluctuations, and why they fluctuates, that way you don't get discouraged when your up a pound. I'm ALWAYS up a pound after my ST days...always.

    Jacqui ~ Good luck at the cook out. But you know, I have faith that you will make all the right decisions kiddo.
  • Oh and Sandye I always incorporate high calorie days on my days off, because it's my day off, which I have moved to Saturdays this month. I am on a 1200 calorie intake, most of the time, and that's just because I am so Sedentary, but my high calorie days I get 1400 to 1600 calories. Now, I don't have but a very low deficit for the day, but it's good for my metabolism and my sanity. It's the way to trick myself into thinking I'm having a lazy day eating what I want and still be POP. It works for me though. Some days though I naturally have a high calorie day. The more energy I need, I eat period. On my really active days, I need it. I'm not gonna starve myself, I don't care if I've hit my intake for the day, if my body, not my mind is telling me it needs fuel, I give it what it needs.
  • Yep, Sandye's got part of it right, but Delphi's right too! "Woohoo on the Panties!" was created by NSM! Sandye's new panties were the source, NSM was the creator of the phrase, I first pointed out how hilarious it was, Delphi deemed it an official thread catchphrase, and Lewis, FSA, and many of us immediately started using it! It means extremely "Woohoo!" or "Yay!"
  • July Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)
    Weight Loss goals are in this list. Exercise goals are in the sister thread--July Exercise Challenge http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=175369. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

    FullSteamAhead: Get back on track OP consistently; lose between 6-7 lbs
    Sunflowergirl68: Lose 8-10 lbs; drink more water
    NewShinyMe: Keep track of water intake; reach the 160's; stay accountable during the weekends
    Jelder227: Lose 8-10 lbs
    LaurenA: Lose 5 lbs
    Lene1974: Drink 64 oz of water daily; lose 5 lbs
    Velveteen: Reach 85 kg or less
    Delphi: Reach ONEderland; lose 10 lbs
    Jacqui_D: Lose 7-10 lbs
    JoyinSF: Lose 6-8 lbs
    Crazymamaof4: Lose at least 5 lbs; eat even MORE fruits and veggies; try out a new recipe every week; stay POP at least 85% of the time
    Jellybellyjess: Lose 7-10 lbs
    Susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs to be under 225 lbs
    Nellonello: Lose 8 lbs; maintain a 1000-calorie deficit 5 days a week
    Linzluv: Lose 10 lbs
    Mystical: Lose 8-10 lbs
    Robbynmarie_k: Fit into a size 18; reach 48 in waist measurement; maintain a 1000 calorie deficit; reach 220 lbs
    Sugarbaby269: Lose 8-10 lbs
    Stephanielllll: Lose 8 lbs; drink recommended amount of water
    Gekster: Lose 9 lbs; be more accountable on the weekends
    Peachykeen62: Lose 8-10 lbs
    Merose: Reach "overweight" on BMI chart; lose 9 lbs to reach 185 lbs
    Joyra: Lose 10 lbs to reach 145 lbs; lose 10 inches
    CakeBatter: Lose 6 lbs to reach 165 lbs; try to eat "clean"
    JazzyPeggy: Lose 10 lbs to reach 273 lbs
    Ms_Perception: Lose 5 lbs; take a multi-vitamin at least 85% of the time; lose inches, especially around the waist
    Canadianangel: Go gluten-free
    VickieLou: Lose 15 lbs
    SuzyQ: Lose 5 lbs
    Wifey: Lose 10 lbs; drink a LOT of water
    Ashley4012: Eat no fast food; lose 10 lbs
    Annie96: Lose 8 lbs; drink water every day; do not do mindless munching; measure and prepare food to stay consistent with Fitday journaling
    TexSue: Lose 5 lbs; drink 48 oz of water per day
    Glutio: Lose 10 lbs
    Late_to_the_Game: Lose 7-10 lbs; drink more water
    Iamren: Lose 12 lbs
    Janis427: Lose 10 lbs
    Lookingtobehealthy: Lose 6-8 lbs
    JasonsLea: No "pigging out" in Alabama for BFF's wedding
    Ruby5839: Lose 5-8 lbs; stay OP at least 5 days a week
    Blondie32: Lose 10 lbs
    CamiToo: Reach 220 lbs
    LewisEmpire: Drink 64 oz of water every day; lose 8 lbs
    Tracy: Lose as much weight as possible under 277.6 lbs
    SteelersGirlie: Lower number of bad carbs eaten; eat more vegetables; lose 10 lbs
    SkinnyJeansInWaiting: Lose 10 lbs
    Moralia: Reach the 130s
    Candtlove: Lose 10 lbs; drink more fluids
    Just_a_dreamy1: No bingeing; drink at least 6 bottles of water a day; fit into size 7's with NO muffin top; eat as healthily as possible
    Mommaof2lilmen: Lose 5 lbs; drink more water
    Couch: Lose 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) to reach 96.5 kg (212.3 lbs)
    2beautiful2Bfat; Lose 10 lbs to reach 202 lbs
    Paisleyprincess: Lose 12 lbs to reach 230 lbs
    Mothermavis: Lose 11 lbs to reach 145 lbs
    SoulMeetsBody: Drink 10 cups of water a day; try not to "pig out"; lose 4-5 lbs
  • Gekster, when I was working out every day with the treadmill and strength training, I was stuck at the same weight for over a week! Life caused things to change a bit, and I haven't been able to get to the gym in two weeks which means no strength training. In just the first week after I didn't have time, I was down 5 pounds! I'm not telling you to quit, just that working those muscles does cause water retention which is why they say to work different groups of muscles every day to give the others a break and to take a day off every week from training. Know, though, that you're improving your body even if the scale isn't showing.

    I also want everyone to know that if you aren't taking measurements or pictures of yourself, you're cheating yourself out of a GREAT feeling! It may feel awful to be photographed or know that your waist measurement is bigger than your man's, but when you see those numbers change, you will feel this AMAZING high to keep pushing yourself. Plus, when you get all skinny, you'll be able to see how far you've come. I've seen so many people regret not having a "fat" picture when they make goal because they were just so camera shy. It doesn't mean you have to show it off now, but you will want to when you get to show the before and after!!

    It is HOT today and it's only 10a! I've been outside since 8a. I've seeded the bare spots of the yard, started watering the seed, tried to wash off part of the concrete, and removed a TON of rocks around this stupid area around my A/C unit. I'd tried to use the rocks to kill the grass before, but I'd never put anything under them. Now, I'm going to put newspaper and black plastic under some 12x12 stepping stones. It'll be kind of paved then, and I think it'll be a great spot for the trash can!

    My grandmother should be coming over soon, and hopefully we're going to go plan hunting for the front flower beds. Things are coming along!!!! I just need 5 more people connected to my brain, and I'll be done in no time! Pics eventually, especially when I finish my special hidden litterbox project!!
  • I just got back from walking at the track for a half hour. It was the first time actually leaving the house for exercise in several months and it felt soooo good. I was surprised my legs didn't feel as stiff, I had more energy, and I was actually happy to be there! I have been dragging and forcing it inside the house, so maybe getting out in the sunshine is key for me right now.

    Delphi...want to come clean my house? it really could use you.

    CanadianAngel...so sorry to hear about your little girl

    Everyone I want to thank you for your support. I am feeling better this morning thanks to you gals turning my thinking around. I have to just recommit and get going again, and let my memories of how good I felt not long ago motivate me, rather than destroy the new efforts.

    Okay, off to get some work done now.
  • I just got done with my workout and although sore, I am mentally feeling really good. My BF was up watching cartoons (He is 26.. and obsessed) so I got up, sat out with him for 10 min while I checked in here and then put my dvd into my laptop, cleared the living room and started. He just watched for awhile, trying to talk to me, saying he was hungry. I told him half jokingly, half serious that he was distracting and he grabbed his laptop and went back to the bedroom, leaving me to workout. This was the first time I have worked out with him home where we did not do it together and it feels kind of liberating in a way to say to myself that I am putting myself first.

    CMo4- Glad I can be of help I started off this journey having bad days and would not do anything because of it and that would just lead to a binge of depression and self loathing that obviously didn't do myself any good. I have definitely learned to listen to my body and see if it is me not wanting to work out because I am depressed or lazy, or if I am genuinely sick and need a day off. When it is the former I get my butt up and power through it, whether I like it or not and I may even make myself do another workout because I didn't want to do it in the first place. I think these boards have helped me to realize a lot about myself, especially that I CAN do this. Okay, sorry, went off rambling. One last thing though, how dare the queen of 'Drink your water' not get enough water! Drink woman, drink! I always have my nalgene in arms reach and when I leave a room, even if for just a second I take it with me because I am forgetful and will have to hunt the house for it. I love my nalgene

    Delphi- I think it is ST, but I drank like a gallon and a half of water yesterday so it seems that I shouldn't be retaining. Thank you for the encouragement and reassurance. Hopefully I will see a drop tomorrow. And about the yoga, it is The Biggest Loser Weight Loss yoga, so it is like yoga, but you are working muscles and oh my goodness my shoulders are always killing me afterward. I cannot do normal yoga, I don't have the balance for it, but this is more like intense stretching haha. I like it and am seeing more flexibility, I had none to begin with, but yeah, 287 lbs and I can touch my toes!!

    Skinny- Glad you are feeling better and yay for working out outside. It is too freaking hot for that here, so I am envious!

    Glutio- Thanks, I was doing ST before, but it was just kinda okay, I have a weight lets do this and that, but now I am using a video that gets just about everything in one day and I just alternate it with cardio. I am going to start pictures and measuring this week I think. I want those before and after photos! lol

    Jacqui- Good luck at the cookout tonight. Hope you have a blast and stay OP! You will definitely make the 170s.
  • Gekster ~ Man alive have you come a long way in such a short period of time. It is empowering and good for you for putting yourself first. It's not selfish in the slightest. You do yourself an even greater injustice by not doing it, after all that is how a lot of us, got to be in a position where we are over weight. Virtual high fives kiddo. Your post to Sandye said it all...and the moment you do feel discouraged, if I were you, I'd look that post up and reread it. Your inspirational girl. I think one of the great things about this site, but these threads in particular is that, there is this intoxicating affect it can have on you. Success is infectious, as is positivity. I watch it in these threads and I am simply amazed. I LOVE watching everyones progress. I think, at times, I am more pleased with the progress of you gal's than I am with my own. It really is what keeps me pushing myself and telling myself, if you gal's can do it, so the **** can I.

    Skinny ~ Hey you way to go on getting that walk in. I think your right. I have cabin fever a lot here, and rightly so. So I went about two weeks where I had to go outside to walk, even though I was walking laps around my driveway or the house, it was just something different. It is really healthy for your body and mind to switch up routine a bit. And sure, I could use some extra calorie burning activities for the day by an extra house to clean.

    Glutio ~ Well lady can I just say, I am loving your attitude, you are another one that has made great strides and such a short period of time. Just know I'm super proud of you girlfriend and yes you are totally right about the pictures..hehe, I look at mine everyday. They keep me so motivated.

    Alright, so the boys and I went outside for a bit and I found some more limbs to trim and hauled them out to the road and played a little b-ball with Cam and now I am back inside sitting on my rump doing some editing. But the day is going well thus far. Gonna get my butt up in a few to squeeze that EA Active and CT in..so you ladies take care. xxxx
  • Ok, I am up again and feeling a little bit more refreshed. I still will need lots of coffee today

    Where are my manners? to all the new people. Glad you found us!

    : Don't worry, not everyone loses weight everyday. I actually go up and down during the week (when I remember to check), but the downward trend is still there and you'll end up lower than where you started.

    mystical: You go girl!

    skinnyjeans: Delphi is great isn't she? Like she said, you can turn this around. I am so glad to hear you gathered the strength to go exercise. It will get better and better too!

    Ang: Take care of yourself hun, I hope your daughter gets better soon.

    Delphi: I just couldn't resist to see if I could beat you . One of these days I am just going to stay up really really late and come post then hehe. Thanks for the info on alcohol. I had been doing really well at staying away from alcohol until last night. I usually don't even feel like drinking alcohol, I don't know what got over me last night

    LTTG: Welcome and congrats on the drop! (And thanks for giving us such a great daughter)

    Glutio: Great news girl, You are rocking it! And you are right about the great feeling with the tape measure.

    Jacqui:Aw thanks for the cookout.

    Gekster: It's probably just water, there is no way you ate 5000 calories over your budget, but ST does that to you, it will be gone before you know it.

    CMo4: I know I'm late with the congratulations but...Woohoo on the panties on getting to the 150's I am so proud of you.

    Ok girlies, gotta drink more coffee and water and then exercise. I am a couple of days behind with starting the 30 day challenge!
  • I like this idea. I just graduated my youngest son from HS last week and can now focus on my goals again.

    July 1st, I was at 156.2 (was in the mid 140's in April, so am not pleased with that) I am going to shoot for 11 pounds in July, want to be at 145 to start the August challenge!
  • Hi guys! I'm Christina and I'm glad I found this forum
    My goal for July:
    1.) Drink 10 cups of water a day. I work at a summer camp and I often forget to drink water because I'm so busy.
    2.) Try not to pig out. Holidays + Having all this freetime + Friends....
    All together, I want to lose 4-5 pounds. I have EIGHT more pounds to go until I reach my goal, and I want to lose it by the time school starts again...so I figure 4 in July, 4 in August.
  • Good afternoon girlsssssssssss : )

    Welcome aboard to those of you who joined us Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Chicks, I didn't come in yesterday....TOM came and got a good grip on me. I missed my workout and I am going to make this a quickie post because the cramps are kicking in and I need to go do that workout and hopefully give TOM a good kick so it doesnt get me so bad.

    Happy weekend girls. I will catch up with you all soon. Happy July 4th to those ofyou celebrating. I have no particular plans for tomorrow (good thing) but we may be going on a day trip latter part of the weekend.

    Those of you who are interested in calorie coutns, calorieking.com is a great resource. You can look up all alchohol cals and content as well. It lists cals, sugars, carbs, etc. Okay, I better get a run on........chatmore soon.

    Happy new day girls..........let's keep on truckin' for us all through the weekend.
  • Hello again ladies! It's break time for me so I'm here checkin' in!

    ~ thanks for all the info! And thanks for correcting me, I fixed it! In regards to the high calorie days--I've only had one and I'm sure it was grossly over 2000 (the carrot cake day--Mmmm!). I usually get in between 1200-1250 daily and I'm still not entirely sure that's enough, but I'm feeling great and I'm still losing so I'm guessing it's sufficient??? Either way, thanks for the info on that too!

    Jacqui~ thanks for clarifying too! Honestly I should never try to recount things that happened more than 48 hours prior--my memory is shot! Psst...have you eaten all your meals and snacks so far today?

    Glutio~ you are so right! Not having before pics and measurements is a crime! Everyone really must do it, even if they don't want to--for some it's a giant wake up call! I know for me it was. My friend made me take measurements and I was embarrassed and ashamed, but rather than dwell on it, I viewed it as a starting point--and I focused on eating right and exercising so that the next time I took my measurements I would see a positive change! Sounds like you're just pluggin' along with the house! I look forward to seeing pics!

    Skinny~ WTG girlie!! So glad you're feeling better today! I'm very proud of you for getting that workout in!!!

    Gekster~ putting yourself first is key!! I'm glad you did that! Once I decided to workout, nothing stopped me. Hubby used to huff and puff if it interferred with stuff he wanted to do, but he's long since stopped. I keep trying to get him to join me and he still hasn't. No matter, I'm happy that I'm doing it and he'll come around eventually, even if I have to *ahem* talk him into it Now, I wanted to clarify my water situation yesterday...I got in my required 64oz, however, I never finished my 2nd 64oz--so while I technically got enough water, it really wasn't the amount I typically consume. But, I'll take your scolding and let it fuel my quest for water today! As soon as I finish this post I'll be filling up my bottle again and I WILL finish it all!!!!

    NSM~ glad to see you're up and around! Have a cup or two for me will ya? Man, sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing cutting out my 2nd cup o' Joe!! Thanks for the congrats!

    Mothermavis~ You've found the best bunch of chickies around! Make yourself at home!

    Soul~ as well! Yes, do be sure to drink your water! Being outside in the heat will suck it straight out of you!

    FSA~ Man, stupid, stupid TOM!!! I hope you kick his arse!! Glad to see ya girlie! Have a great weekend if we don't see you around!

    Well girls, as I mentioned, I'm taking a break. Got most of the house cleaned and went out and hauled 6 or 7 wheel barrows full of dirt today. I'm leaving the rest for hubby--I'm done! I've got half my water in for the day and am about to refill the 'ol bottle and head upstairs to start packing suitcases for our trip.

    We have a cookout planned tomorrow with my ils and then we're heading to my neighbor's house where there'll be TONS of food and yummy treats. I plan on ignoring them all and just hang out until the fireworks are over and then head straight home. We will be leaving insanely early (to get as many miles in as we can while the kids *hopefully* sleep) so I'm going to try not to be up too late. Wish me luck!

    Okay ladies, off to get my snack, refill the bottle and pack--or wait, I have laundry to fold too...well, either way, I'm off to do something! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and that you're drinking your water!!

    I'll catch y'all later!
  • Mothermavis!! Congrats on your son's graduation! And good for you concentrating on yourself now! I've added you to the list! Good to have you and good luck!

    Christina! We're glad you found us too! I've added you to the list! Good luck!

    FSA, I'm sorry TOM is giving you trouble today. I do hope you are able to get your workout in like you want and I hope you feel better soon!

    Crystal, now I really like that--you putting yourself first!! Good for you!!

    Delphi, yay on having a good day! And where did you get that info on the alcohol? Thank you for sharing that! I drink rarely anyway, but that makes me definitely want to refrain while I am trying to lose weight!

    SkinnyJeans, I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    Glutio, you are so right! We all really should be taking measurements and pics. I usually take the measurements. I haven't gotten brave enough to take the pics!

    NSM, definitely drink your water!!

    Thank you girls for the words of encouragement and for tonight's cookout! I purposely ate a late lunch today, a huge salad--honestly I ate it out of a serving bowl!--and I have my veggie tray all ready to go! And I just found out my son and his girlfriend and my daughter and her boyfriend will be joining us! I am such a family person and that just makes my day!
  • HI Girls! I have already finished my 8 glasses of water today, so from here on is bonus, I might shoot for 12 total today.....

    FSA- sorry to hear TOM has ya, I am fighting his evil powers myself. GO and get that workout in, it helps. Have fun if you do get out this weekend, I am kinda stuck around the house this weekend, because I am on call, and not very happy about that. Oh well, I guess someone has got to do it......... I am just praying the weekend goes by fast.

    WELCOME to all the new joiners! We are glad to have you here!

    Delphi- sounds like you had some fun, in this nice weather!

    Gekster- YAY for you on the workouts, the best part of retaining water is when it goes away, and take the pounds with it! Plus, you will be feeling all the toning you doing! Keep at it girl!

    Skinnyjeans, If I have learned one thing about being down in the dumps, it is the girls on this forum are instrumental on helping get you through. Just mention you are not feeling up to par, or discouraged, and you find so many people ready to help pull you back up on the wagon! No judgement, just other women who have been there, done that! So glad to hear you are doing better, keep up the good work.

    Glutio- I see a BIG diff in your face pics! YAY!!!!! Have fun playing in those flowers!

    OK, I am off to do some housework!!!!!!!!