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Jacqui_D 07-01-2009 08:51 PM

Blondie, I'm sorry TOM has you down, but I think it is excellent that you are planning to work out during your lunch time, when you have to go through so much just to do that! Now, that's commitment to a new healthy lifestyle!! Just outstanding!! :carrot:

LTTG: If Sandye worked your butt off, it could be that you're holding water, especially if you didn't drink enough! Your muscles need water to repair themselves, so your body will hold onto it to do that. If you're not drinking enough water to replace your body's needed daily supply, it will hold on to any it can get! Likewise, if you are not eating enough calories per day, your metabolism will slow down to try to hold onto the calories it has for fuel. It can be very stingey about that! So eat and drink enough! Otherwise your body will think it's in a desperate situation and will conserve!

Candtlove, :welcome:!! Glad to have you! I've added your weight loss goals to the list in this thread and your exercise goal to the list in the July Exercise Challenge thread! Good luck!

SkinnyJeans, it sounds like a good plan!! :yes:

Jacqui_D 07-01-2009 08:52 PM

July Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)
Weight Loss goals are in this list. Exercise goals are in the sister thread--July Exercise Challenge http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=175369. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Get back on track OP consistently; lose between 6-7 lbs
Sunflowergirl68: Lose 8-10 lbs; drink more water
NewShinyMe: Keep track of water intake; reach the 160's; stay accountable during the weekends
Jelder227: Lose 8-10 lbs
LaurenA: Lose 5 lbs
Lene1974: Drink 64 oz of water daily; lose 5 lbs
Velveteen: Reach 85 kg or less
Delphi: Reach ONEderland; lose 10 lbs
Jacqui_D: Lose 7-10 lbs
JoyinSF: Lose 6-8 lbs
Crazymamaof4: Lose at least 5 lbs; eat even MORE fruits and veggies; try out a new recipe every week; stay POP at least 85% of the time
Jellybellyjess: Lose 7-10 lbs
Susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs to be under 225 lbs
Nellonello: Lose 8 lbs; maintain a 1000-calorie deficit 5 days a week
Linzluv: Lose 10 lbs
Mystical: Lose 8-10 lbs
Robbynmarie_k: Fit into a size 18; reach 48 in waist measurement; maintain a 1000 calorie deficit; reach 220 lbs
Sugarbaby269: Lose 8-10 lbs
Stephanielllll: Lose 8 lbs; drink recommended amount of water
Gekster: Lose 9 lbs; be more accountable on the weekends
Peachykeen62: Lose 8-10 lbs
Merose: Reach "overweight" on BMI chart; lose 9 lbs to reach 185 lbs
Joyra: Lose 10 lbs to reach 145 lbs; lose 10 inches
CakeBatter: Lose 6 lbs to reach 165 lbs; try to eat "clean"
JazzyPeggy: Lose 10 lbs to reach 273 lbs
Ms_Perception: Lose 5 lbs; take a multi-vitamin at least 85% of the time; lose inches, especially around the waist
Canadianangel: Go gluten-free
VickieLou: Lose 15 lbs
SuzyQ: Lose 5 lbs
Wifey: Lose 10 lbs; drink a LOT of water
Ashley4012: Eat no fast food; lose 10 lbs
Annie96: Lose 8 lbs; drink water every day; do not do mindless munching; measure and prepare food to stay consistent with Fitday journaling
TexSue: Lose 5 lbs; drink 48 oz of water per day
Glutio: Lose 10 lbs
Late_to_the_Game: Lose 7-10 lbs; drink more water
Iamren: Lose 12 lbs
Janis427: Lose 10 lbs
Lookingtobehealthy: Lose 6-8 lbs
JasonsLea: No "pigging out" in Alabama for BFF's wedding
Ruby5839: Lose 5-8 lbs; stay OP at least 5 days a week
Blondie32: Lose 10 lbs
CamiToo: Reach 220 lbs
LewisEmpire: Drink 64 oz of water every day; lose 8 lbs
Tracy: Lose as much weight as possible under 277.6 lbs
SteelersGirlie: Lower number of bad carbs eaten; eat more vegetables; lose 10 lbs
SkinnyJeansInWaiting: Lose 10 lbs
Moralia: Reach the 130s
Candtlove: Lose 10 lbs; drink more fluids
Just_a_dreamy1: No bingeing; drink at least 6 bottles of water a day; fit into size 7's with NO muffin top; eat as healthily as possible
Mommaof2lilmen: Lose 5 lbs; drink more water
Couch: Lose 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) to reach 96.5 kg (212.3 lbs)

Jacqui_D 07-01-2009 08:58 PM

Ruby, that's so sweet, and you are welcome! It's my pleasure! :) No doubt your weight is up because of the PMS. That ALWAYS happens to me! But good for you doing that shred today, girlie!! Way to start the month off right!! Woohoo!! :cp:

Moralia 07-01-2009 09:34 PM

I did well today! Got in my workout, and got in about 1 1/2hrs of housework... I'm going to stay off the scale till Monday then see where I'm at!

Good luck this week ladies!!!

LINZLUV 07-01-2009 11:01 PM

Jacqui D, I would like to revise my loss to 10 lbs, I think it is more reasonable and do-able. I seemed to have plateaued a bit, so I need to work extra hard to get that scale moving down again. So please change it from 15 to 10 lbs goal. Thanks!

Jacqui_D 07-01-2009 11:40 PM

Linzluv, you got it! I think that's a smart move! :yes:

Moralia, good job!! :cp:

stephanielllll 07-02-2009 12:14 AM

How was everyone's day today? How did everyone do? I stayed on track with my pts but didn't quite drink enough water. I will drink more tomorrow and make up for the glass missed today!

Good Night, Steph

just_a_dreamy1 07-02-2009 12:45 AM

I love the energy and support in this thread! I definitely want to be a part of it :D

I don't actually have a pounds goal for this month. I don't own a scale, and I think that focusing on my weight would actually have a negative impact on me at this stage in my journey.

Just to give a little background information, I've been struggling with binge eating for over a year. Today is #10 of no bingeing. I'm still in the beginning stages here, so my goals for this month are:

- No bingeing.
- Drink atleast 6 bottles of water a day.
- Fit into my size 7's with NO muffin top. There's only a little left!
- Eat as healthy as possible.

I'm so exhausted, and all I want to do tomorrow before work is sleep. However, I think sleeping in for a reasonable amount of time and then getting up and going for a brisk walk would probably make me feel a whole lot better. Please help me convince myself to get up, get ready, and get outside tomorrow - no computer time until I get back!

Thanks, chicks!

mystical 07-02-2009 12:57 AM

ruby5839 I see you are in Toronto I am in Mississauga, I too almost passed on my exercise but I managed to do my cardio today. Good job and keep up the good work.

My eating has been pretty good but not perfect today but at least I am starting out the month with a goal and a place to be accountable for my actions.

girlonfire 07-02-2009 02:19 AM

Today was hard because everyone in my family wanted to go to California Pizza Kitchen, but I ordered a Thai crunch salad and had them take off all the crunchy wonton/rice noodles and the peanut sauce on the side. So I think I did well :) And I did 60 min cardio with 15 min strength training

Mommaof2lilmen 07-02-2009 02:40 AM

July Weight Loss Challenege
I am new here and REALLY love the idea of an all commmunity support challenge!!! I stumbled upon this weight loss community and thought it was soooo cool to have all of this support and how everyone came together for each other!!! Just what everyone with a challenge needs!!!Sooo here is my July Challenges...
My goal this month is to lose 5 pounds, start walking EVERYDAY, and to drink more water because i have been seeing a dietician and my hydration levels are not where they should be at all.
I have alot more goals but i don't want to overwelm myself.:D

Couch 07-02-2009 03:09 AM

I'm back for July:D I did consider not joining, as I don't generally do well with timed goals, but it went well last month, so I'll give it another shot.

I'm aiming for 96.5kg (212.3lb) this month, which is down 3.3kg (7.3lb) from the 1st. It's not a crazy high goal for the month, but I picked it because it's half way! Which is exciting, even though the ten year old sitting in the backseat of my brain whining "are we there yet" is peeved. Most of the time I know that this is a life long change, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to be thin NOW.

Lewisempire 07-02-2009 06:21 AM

Wow- I beat Delphi this morning!!!! Deeeelllllphhhiiii where are you?????? LOL
I am up and on my way out the door to work. Oh JOY! Will chat when I get home. I was POP yesterday, even with dominos pizza at my friends house. I took a huge bowl of watermelon, and ate only 2 slices of pizza YAY! Had all my water yesterday, and then some. So today I am down to 204.5, hopefully it will stick!!!!!!! Today, I will POP. You all have a great day!

Delphi 07-02-2009 06:23 AM

Good Morning Ladies! :wave:

Couch ~ Welcome back!

momof2 ~ Welcome aboard. Those goals sound great.

peachy ~ Way to go on getting that workout in.

mystical ~ The accountability factor has really helped me with my weight loss. ;)

justadream ~ Yup, there is plenty of energy and support here. Welcome!

Stephanie ~ I had a great day thank you. No worries about the water, just try to get more water in tomorrow. ;)

Moralia ~ Good job :carrot:

ruby ~ I tell people all the time the secret to my success are these challenge threads. There is no way I would have come so far, so fast without the support, encouragement and accountability. Plus these ladies are just so darn awesome. Good for you for popping that video in. Eventually, that will become a habit, it has for me. When I get stressed or something, I exercise and I feel loads better than I ever did stuffing my face with food.

skinnyjeans ~ Well that is encouraging for you. You know what you have to do and that YOU CAN DO IT. :) I don't think it's about balance at all. For me, it was about implementing changes that not only affect me but my children as well. I was gettting up at 3:45am every morning just so I could exercise before the kids woke up and so what I was doing didn't interfere, but it does these days, but my kids are the ones pushing me and don't mind one bit, I love the success. When you take time to focus on yourself, everyone around you notices and benefits from it as well.

candtlove ~ :welcome:

LTTG ~ Ouch. I agree with jacqui, that weight is probably just water retention. You keep doing and the weight will come off even if ol' Darth Scale doesn't translate it. :hug:

blondie ~ Well I'm glad you liked that first day at work but yeah it does suck having to take all that stuff off. Look at it this way, at least you don't get strip searched like everyone else coming into the prison. ;) Anyways here's to an even better day at work tomorrow. :)

Glutio ~ Pharmanex is the company that I get my vitamins from and where my friend bought my gowearfit. The model I have looks identical to the bodybugg, but it is only marketed by Pharmanex with "their" weight loss plan. So my subscription is with them, but I really love the interface and never have any issues with them. Customer service issues are taken care of via a phone call and VERY quickly. Hey and you are more than welcome to join us on the cleaning..more the merrier..*runs off to find bleach* ;)

Cami ~ No worries, my girl gekster explained it. but if you have any more questions, ask way dear and have yourself a great day.

joyra ~ :bravo: on that two pound loss. That's awesome.

LE ~ Yeah, menu's are no help to me. I don't cook. I can't cook and I have no desire to cook. I just despise it and have no clue why. But I'm glad you found something that works for you. :hug:

Lene ~ Baby, I'm as twisted as they come, but my sarcasm and humor offset all the weirdness I do believe. :lol: Are you still taking those vitamins?

OH MY WORD ladies, that's a whole heap of personals. I stayed up late, which for me was 10, watching LOST again. Which again, to reiterate, is awesome. ;) Amazingly, I feel alright this morning and I'm not dragging so that's a good thing. I do have to get out for a bit this morning to run errands, which I'm looking forward to.

I'm down just a hair from yesterday which is a shocker as I did ST yesterday, so I was all like YAAAAAAAA! This morning. I wish TOM would come on. I'm just three away and I tell ya'll what. I don't care if it's 199.9...I'll take that as onederland...

Anyways, I have to get my butt moving, you ladies have an exceptional day. Not just any day, but a great day, an awesome day, a bow chicka wow wow day and enjoy it!

Delphi 07-02-2009 06:24 AM

LE ~ :lol: :lol: I've been here since five..so it took me about thirty minutes to write my post. :lol: But I was here ..hahaha! You have yourself a great day as well.

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